OLTL Update Wednesday 8/18/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/18/04

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Lindsay is drinking at the bar in Rodi’s as Natalie is getting off work. She sees Daniel and Nora entering the place as she is on her way out the door. Dan and Nora talk about their weekend getaway, discussing how she became ill while they were supposed to be having a good time. She promises him another trip, and tells him what a really good guy he is, thanking him for taking care of her while she was sick. They agree that they have a future together, and kiss. Lindsay sees them and isn’t very happy about it.

John is in his office, on the phone to Antonio. He asks if Carlotta has been found, and then tells him they got a positive id on Octavio’s body that was found in the alley behind Capricorn, saying he just doesn’t know whether to arrest Sonia or RJ.

RJ is asking Sonia why she doesn’t trust him, and as she remembers her conversation with John yesterday, tells him she trusts him as much as he trusts her. He questions her about her private life, and when he finds out she’s single, kisses her.

Jessica arrives at Lion’s Heart, and Tico enters the room and apologizes for her wait. The room is arranged for a romantic meal, and she points out that he told her dinner was casual.

David asks Adriana if she is pregnant and she says she thinks so and that she’s scared. He tries to comfort her, while she begs him not to tell Dorian. He says that he thinks her mother is the perfect person to talk to about this, because he certainly has no clue what to do for her. As she continues to ask him not to tell Dorian, she walks into the room, holding the box to the pregnancy test and asking for an explanation for it. She wants to know if this is why Adriana has been so upset and emotional about River. Adriana says she was too afraid to take the test, or to talk to her mom about it. Dorian holds the girl and promises that things will be alright.

Natalie is alone in the pool room at Rodi’s, reading a letter from Viki. It tells her that no matter how far apart from her Nat may feel, Viki always feels close to her.

Roxy shows up at Rodi’s looking for Natalie and winds up talking to a male bartender about things.

Lindsay watches Nora and Daniel talk, flirt, and tease each other. She walks up and makes a lawyer joke about interrupting them before they can “get into each other’s briefs”.

Sonia hits RJ and tells him that being “unattached” doesn’t mean she is “up for grabs”. He says he just wanted to test whether or not she was really involved with Antonio. She is not happy with him, but he just reminds her to keep her distance from the cop. AS she leaves, she tells him she’ll be in touch.

John gets a call from the cop he has trailing Sonia.

Tico tells Jessica that the set up is not meant to be romantic, but to help them relax and enjoy the meal. She asks if the setup would be the same for Antonio, and he says yes, but with fewer flowers and beer instead of champagne. She declines his offer of a glass of bubbly, saying she can’t drink it while she is worried about Antonio and Carlotta. He commiserates and empathizes with her situation, blowing out the candles, removing the champagne and flowers from the table and asking her if that is casual enough for her to stay for dinner. She agrees.

Jessica is admiring a sconce in Tico’s living room, and he tells her how he acquired it. The butler announces that Tico has a phone call, and he leaves Jessica in the living room and takes the cal. He is not happy with the person on the other end of the phone call, telling them that any error from this point on is unacceptable, and setting the person to work on something.

Evangeline shows up at Capricorn to see RJ

John is at the bar in Rodi’s, talking to Sonia, asking her questions about the dead body he found, wondering if she knows anything about it. He asks if El Tiburon is involved in the bombing, too. She says she doesn’t know if El Tiburon even exists, and evades answering any of his other questions. She excuses herself, and John takes the glass she was drinking from to use for getting her fingerprints.

David excuses himself from Dorian and Adriana, saying that his absence is probably the best thing at the moment, but that he will be there for Adriana. Dorian walks him to the door, and he holds her as she starts to cry over Adriana’s potential problem. As he leaves, he assures he she can handle the situation. She returns to Adriana and asks about hers and River’s relationship. Adriana says they were only together one time, before she had caught him with Shannon. Dorian tells her daughter that she knew River was pressuring her to have sex, and admits she should have done something about it, but Adriana takes responsibility for their having sex; she says she feels alone now that he’s gone to New York, but Dorian promises she is not alone at all. Then, she announces that it’s time to find out for sure if Adriana is pregnant, and holds up the pregnancy test.

Tico and Jessica are eating, and he is telling her about his plan to raise some money for medical research into heart disease in women, in honor of her mother. She is stunned, and tells him what a good idea it is. She talks about how grateful she is to have her mother with her, and that if they can help even one person, that would be great. Tico says that he is always looking for ways to repay her for having saved his life and this charity event will be only the beginning, she tries to downplay what she did for him, but he insists that she is wrong, that he percieved her as an angel when she rescued him.

Lindsay joins Daniel and Nora at their table, and begins being obnoxious, talking about how Nora always wants her “leftovers”. Nora begins explaining that she knew or was with most of Lindsay’s exes long before Lindsay “slithered” into Llanview. Lindsay is obviously drunk, and won’t let up, no matter what Nora or Daniel say to her. Daniel explains that he and Lindsay broke up because she wanted to be with Rex, and Nora points out that she would never be with Rex; she will leave all the “little boys of Llanview” for Lindsay. Angry, Lindsay throws her drink on Nora.

John finds Natalie in the pool room at Rodi’s, and asks about the letter she is reading. She explains that it’s from Viki and he wants to know if they’ve patched things up. Nat says no, that Viki isn’t happy with the way she’s living her life. John defends Viki’s concerns, but Nat is not happy with Viki’s questioning Paul and disapproval. John points out that Nat and Viki obviously love each other and Natalie is surprised that he was aware of it. She mentions then that it’s kind of strange that they are “hanging out” as friends at the moment. He asks if they are friends now, and she says they are. They toast friendship.

Jessica sees a picture of Tico’s mother at 18, and he tells her about it. It brings them around to the topic of dancing, and he asks if she will dance with him now to practice for his charity ball. She attempts to demur, but he is insistent, and she finally gives in. As they dance, Tico holds her close, touches her face, and moves in to kiss her. She is not resisting…Jessica’s cell phone interrupts them. It’s Antonio, but she can’t hear him at all. Tico tries to comfort her worries as to whether or not Antonio is okay. Sonia walks in on them and seems flustered. She goes to look for Angelina. Tico begins to apologize to Jessica “about before”, but she cuts him off.

RJ is surprised to see Evangeline, and she says that she dropped by “spntaneiously”. She mentions that it looks like he’s already had company, and he plays off any involvement with Sonia, trying to find out fi John has mentioned his supposed connection to the woman. She insists that a police officer would never discuss a case with her. He changes directions and starts to question her about her “break up “ with John. She gives him her explanation, saying it just didn’t work.

Natalie is telling John how Paul’s friendship with Rex is actually good, that she has at least one family member who likes her boyfriend. She shifts the focus on to him, asking about his relationship with Van. He says he doesn’t know what’s happening, and ends up wishing her luck with Paul, saying he is sincere about that.

Dorian makes Adriana an appointment for tomorrow, but tells Adriana that she needs to take the test tonight. Adriana thinks Dorian is, at one point, suggesting that abortion may be an option if the test is positive, and the girl is taken aback. Dorian says that was not what she meant to imply, just that they could handle this situation together. She sends Adriana to take the test.

Lindsay continues to be annoying, and she and Nora are on the verge of a physical fight when David shows up and drags Lindsay away. AS they near the bar, Roxy and Lindsay get into an argument and Roxy tells Lindsay to back off Rex. They nearly fight, also, until David breaks them up. Roxy invites David to Foxy Roxy’s for a “metrosexual make over” and leaves.

Natalie and John are still talking about his relationship with Van when she shows up. She and John go off together, inviting Natalie, who declines. As John leaves he asks Nat to say hello to Viki next time she sees her.

Tico is still apologizing and Jessica says she is going to go back to the loft to wait for another call. Tico wants to know if she wills till work with him on the charity ball, and she says yes. Angelina comes downstairs, Sonia trailing and insisting that she wants an answer from the older woman. Tico steps up to them, telling them to calm down. It’s apparent that they don’t want Jess to know what the discussion is about.

Natalie is on her cell phone, looking at the letter. No one answers, and she ends up leaving Viki a voice mail. She says that she is responding to the letter and invites viki to call her back.

Daniel is telling Nora that he was surprised how glad he was to see David, and then asks what she thinks Lindsay’s problem is. He mentions that he kind of feels bad for Lindsay, and Nora asks when he became so nice. He credits his nicer personality to dating her, and they kiss. John and Evangeline come into the bar and are surprised to see Dan and Nora together. As Nora and Van chat, John takes Daniel aside and they discuss the dead body and where the case is going.

Sonia explains to Jessica that her problem with Angelina is a family matter, and Jessica leaves. Angelina then tells Tico that the argument is about a member of the kitchen staff.

Dorian and Adriana sit on the steps in the foyer, waiting for the pregnancy test to develop and show an answer. Both are worried, Adriana is obviously scared.


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