OLTL Update Tuesday 8/17/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/17/04

By Nancy
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Sorry this is so short! A longer one will be put up later in the week.

Tico has someone checking on Duke’s relationship with Todd. He doesn’t want any interference from Todd on his plan for the Buchanans. Jessica goes to Angelina to try to find out where Carlotta is. Angelina doesn’t know her whereabouts, but assures Jessica that no harm will come to Carlotta. Todd and Blair are invited to join the country club after Mrs. Boar is informed that Todd knows that her husband violated SEC laws. RJ phones someone to investigate Sonja. He doesn’t believe that he can trust either Sonja or Evangeline. Adriana is worried that Carlotta is missing. Dorian goes to the diner to try to track her down. She runs into Blair – they are civil to each other, but it is apparent that both want more. At La Boulee, David quizzes Adriana on her diet of toast and milk and multivitamins. He guesses that she’s pregnant. Evangeline informs Kelly that Kevin has been seen with a number of beautiful women including one that was seen leaving the Buchanan Mansion the morning after a date. Kelly is distraught and breaks down when Dorian tries to prepare her for her court testimony.

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