OLTL Update Monday 8/16/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/16/04

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Paul stands outside Natalie’s and his apartment and calls Rex, asking when the “job” is going down because he needs the money. He enters the apartment, and lies to Nat about the bank statement again, but she tells him it’s a lie.

At Capricorn, Rex tells RJ to get off his back; RJ sees Sonia kiss a man who slips something a bulging manila envelope into her purse.

Evangeline is in John’s office, trying to convince John that she has the perfect listening device for spying on RJ: her.

Todd is giving a man instructions on doing something with Asa and the Buchanan property. Blair wants to know what kind of job Todd has set the guy on, and he calls it Phase 2 of Operation Eviction.

Kevin is asking Tico about his proposal when Asa walks in the room. Kevin tells him what’s going on and Asa says he never trusts proposals from strangers. As Asa leaves for his afternoon walk, Kevin tells Tico they can have a drink and discuss the offer. Tico is pleased.

Kevin is telling Tico that as long as Governor Brooks is in office, certain things will never happen. Tico says that he can get Kevin on the ticket as Brooks’s running mate and that within 2 years, Kevin can be governor; in 10 years, he can be a candidate for the presidency. Tico tells Kevin that he can see and feel his ambition, his hunger for power; he says he has the connections to do what he says if Kevin is interested.

Paul tells Natalie that he spent their $1000 savings on the horses, and she furious. She tells him that she won’t live that way again and she is done. Paul begs for another chance, saying he has a job with Rex, and Nat is immediately suspicious. She tells him that if this job turns out to be shady, she will leave him.

RJ serves a drink to Sonia and the man she was kissing. She introduces him as Adam. RJ walks away and opens the envelope that Adam had slipped into Sonia’s purse, which he lifted when he served them. It is a wallet and checkbook belonging to Octavio. As he is looking at the things, Sonia walks up and demands them back. He tells her that he realizes what she has done: eradicated any evidence of Octavio, his presence in Llanview, and any clue who he may have been working for or with.

John tells Evangeline that he is not going to allow her to get involved with RJ and Sonia and she insists that she is the perfect plant. She lays out how it would work: she and John stage a fight and she goes to RJ where she pretends to be jealous over his and Sonia’s relationship. If she were to “confess” some feelings to RJ, he would trust her and reveal what he’s really up to. John says it sounds like a movie plot, not real life, but she insists that she can be very convincing. John is concerned with her safety, but she tells him she will worry about that, and that he should have faith in her. She wants to know if RJ really could have murdered someone, if she could have overlooked that aspect of his personality in all their time together. John gets a phone call and has to leave. He invites Van to meet him at Rodi’s later for a drink to discuss her idea and asks her in the meantime not to do anything stupid. She says she won’t, but as he is leaving, she is thinking to herself that this is the only way, and calls RJ asking to see him.

Paul is acting as if Natalie is wrong about Rex and his job opportunity, but she says she recognizes the “lying Paul” and will not put up with it. Rex arrives to see Paul and realizes that she is angry and asks Paul; what he told her. Paul says he told her nothing and Rex puts the responsibility on Paul to make sure Nat doesn’t figure out what’s going on. If anything goes wrong, Rex tells him, it will be Paul’s fault.

Asa is on his walk when he hears noises. He thinks it’s a dog, then realizes it might be a wolf or coyote when he hears howls, and hurries away, frightened.

Todd tells Blair what he has set up for Asa, and she is laughing, telling him this whole plan turns her on, and she starts to kiss him.

Tico is telling Kevin that yes, even though they are complete strangers, he will back him politically. Kevin asks what Tico has to bring to the table, given his family name and background, implying that Tico would be more of a liability. Tico admits that he would have to be “behind the scenes”, but that he would do whatever is necessary to get Kevin to where he “belongs”, not saying that Kevin would then owe him, but it’s obvious that’s part of the idea. Tico is telling Kevin to think about his offer as Jessica walks and asks “What offer?”

Nat is at Rodi’s talking to herself, trying to convince herself that Paul is on the up and up this time, when John walks up. She wants to know how much he overheard, and he says “Enough.”

RJ and Sonia are at the bar in Capricorn, she mentions that she is surprised he handles such “low level” things, but he says he is deliberately keeping a low profile. He leaves her at the bar and takes a drink to Evangeline, who is sitting in a corner. He says he is happy to see her, but she wants him to send his “girlfriend” home. RJ is surprised at Van’s jealousy.

Tico tells Jess that he and Kevin were discussing a business proposition, then asks if she has heard from Antonio regarding Carlotta’s whereabouts. She says no, then he explains to Kevin what is going on, with Carlotta and Angelina “missing”, saying they probably went to Puerto Rico to visit. He then excuses himself, leaving Jessica and Kevin alone. She tells him she is there to see Asa, not him, and as they make small talk, Asa comes in looking distraught. Jessica is concerned about him as he tells them there is a wild animal loose on the premises.

Blair is cackling over what will happen at Asa’s house when he tells them that he thinks there are rabid dogs on the property. As Todd begins to talk about the plan, she tells him to stop talking, removes his shirt, and starts to make love to him on the floor.

At Lion’s Heart, Tico finds Angelina in the living room. He wants to know where she has been and she says shopping. He tells her he loves her and that she needs to trust him; she avers that she always has.

Van is telling RJ about a supposed problem with her and John, that their relationship isn’t working. She apologizes for her wrong assumptions, such as assuming he was behind the attack on John; she says she was misguided about that. He questions her motives, and she tells him there are none. He tries to figure out what she is up to, and she reassures him that if they have no future, they can still be friends. He takes her hand and says he’s missed her.

Natalie tells John she is worried about Paul and Rex being “friends” because of Rex’s habit of looking for the “quick buck” – never being concerned with the legality of the means - and not wanting Paul to get sucked into that kind of thing. John agrees that it’s reasonable not to want to live with a criminal, and that her concerns are sensible; he suggests she do whatever she has to in order to prove to herself that Paul deserves her.

Rex is explaining how the theft will go down, and he and Paul get into a discussion about some aspects of it. Paul says that he has lots of experience in this area and that maybe Rex should listen to him, but Rex doesn’t want his input and says the deal is off. Paul insists on being part of the job and if he’s not, he’ll tell what he knows to anyone who will listen, including Natalie and John McBain.

Asa is trying to convince Kevin that there is a wolf on the property and is trying to take a gun back outside, when the phone rings. It’s Todd, playing a tape recording of a wolf, but when Kevin takes the phone to hear it, there is nothing there. Asa insists that it was the wolf on the phone, that someone is trying to play him for a fool. He leaves the room as Jessica and Kevin look concerned.

Todd and Blair are laughing hysterically over their prank phone call, howling and rolling on the sofa, giggling like crazy.

Natalie is getting ready to leave Rodi’s when John invites her to play a game of pool. Evangeline arrives just then and Nat declines the offer. John cautions her to keep his advice in mind. As Natalie leaves, John asks Van to play some pool while she tells him about her chat with RJ.

Sonia is talking to RJ, asking about Evangeline and her possible motives for “sniffing around” him at just this point in time. He realizes, he tells her, what Van is up to, but that perhaps he should be more wary of Sonia than Evangeline. He warns her that if she starts “playing games” with him he will be the one to finish them.

Jessica tells Kevin that she is very concerned about Asa, and he admits that he is too. He is also upset that Asa has refused to see a doctor, but tries to convince them both that he will be okay; he has to be. She tells him that he is beginning to sound like the old Kevin. As she leaves, she tells him she will call later to check on Asa.

Rex agrees to keep Paul in on the plan, if Paul agrees to follow orders. Natalie arrives and asks what is up with the “job opportunity”; Rex tells her it’s not a sure thing and excuses himself, but Nat follows him out into the hall and warns him not to involve Paul in anything illegal. She tells him to stick with his pride over the community center work, and to not do things he’ll regret. He tries to blow her off, but she reminds him that she knows him too well, and reiterates that she doesn’t want him getting Paul into trouble.

John tells Evangeline that he knew she would go to RJ despite his cautions, and she tells him about their conversation, including the part where she said she missed him. John asks if that was true, and she points out that she is there, with him, son RJ. She asks if he is going to help her improve her game, and he tells her to bend over.. the table. As she is lining up her shot, she tells him what she plans to do with RJ, and he leans over to tell her that he doesn’t like the whole idea.

Paul and Natalie are still discussing his having blown the money at the race track. She is still berating him somewhat over this, and he begs her not to be down on him, saying it would ruin his life if he didn’t have her. He asks if she believes that he loves her and she admits she does, adding that what she loves about him is how he accepts her for what she is. She says she will do the same for him by letting him tell her what Rex is trying to drag him into. She promises not to get mad, and to just accept the situation, but that he needs to tell her the truth or else what they have means nothing.

Asa is upset when he has been brought back to the house with an injured ankle. Kevin tells Asa that he wants the older man to have a check up and agrees even to take him to Texas to see a doctor he likes. Asa switches the subject, asking why Tico was there, and Kevin says he is thinking about a return to Texas.

Adam is reporting to Tico, telling him that Todd had met with Duke Buchanan several months ago, which concerns Tico.

Todd is explaining to Blair that they made their phone call to Asa on a “throw away” cell phone so that it couldn’t be traced to them. He mentions that Kevin will be bringing Duke back to Llanview soon, and Blair wants to know how that affects them.


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