OLTL Update Friday 8/13/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/13/04

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Starr has no appetite for the ice cream sundae her parents are buying her because Travis has had to go back to New York. David walks in and Blair goes up to talk to him; David is not happy to be working for Todd.

Daniel asks John if he has seen Nora, and tells him that she doesn’t’ seem to be anywhere. He lets his concern show.

Nora and Bo are freezing, trying to keep their circulation going by moving around. Nora begins calling for help when through the door, she hears a gunshot.

Antonio calls John into his office and shows him the letter “September 17, 1976” , then lets him read an article relating to the date. Jessica explains the significance of the date, and Antonio says he is going to ask Carlotta for information and if she can’t help, then he’ll go ask Tico.

Tico has an evil smirk on his face as he looks at something in his hands.

A Dr. Damon arrives at Asa’s mansion and Kevin says he is there because the Board wants him to take physical; he suggests that Asa take one as well. Asa realizes that the man is a psychiatrist and is angry that Renee and Kevin seem to think he is not all there. He insists that he faked the symptoms

Starr is asking Todd to give Travis’s mother a job, but Todd points out that he doesn’t’ even have one at the moment. Starr thinks her dad’s reticence is due to the fact that he doesn’t want her having a “love life” or growing up.

Blair offers to talk Todd to get him to back off a bit on the magazine. He mentions that he is going to talk to Tico about launching a Euro Craze and Blair wants to go with him. She goes to tell Todd that she is leaving, and Todd reminds her that it’s almost time for “Operation Eviction” on Asa.

Bo tries to reassure Nora that the manager of the meat locker hasn’t been killed, that they probably heard a warning shot. He begins telling her about a barbecue to try to make her feel warmer, but she has a hard time sticking with it. She tells him that if he’s going to do something, he should do it soon. He looks around and thinks, then realizes that he needs to find a way to get in touch with someone at the police station.

Jessica and Antonio arrive at the Diner looking for Carlotta. The waitress says that Carlotta cleaned out the register and left with a suitcase. Jess and Antonio leave, as Todd walks back in. Mrs. Bigelow arrives, and he asks her if he will be able to take Asa’s estate today or not. She informs him that there is a problem.

Evangeline walks up behind John and he knows it’s her without looking; he recognizes her perfume. She tells him that she is still working on Kelly’s divorce case and they discuss the damage parents seem to inflict with custody battles. Van switches the subject, asking him if he learned anything from RJ that morning, but he is giving up no information whatsoever. She tells him that his closed-mouth attitude is a challenge to her. She has brought lunch.

Asa kicks the doctor out of the house and continues to insist that he is perfectly sane, then leaves the room. Kevin and Renee discuss the divorce and custody battle and he expresses his belief that Ace will be with him soon.

David and Blair arrive to see Tico; Blair is impressed with the changes Tico has made to Lion’s Heart. David begins selling the idea of Euro Craze to Tico, telling him he could make a huge profit from him. Tico says he’s more interested in buying or funding a newspaper in Llanview. Blair says it sounds more like he’s interested in politics, which he doesn’t deny.

Bo and Nora are hearing more gunshots and she is scared until she realizes that if the gunmen come for them, Bo will shoot them coming in the door. They kind of joke a little bit, trying to keep their spirits up. Bo brings up that the store on the other side of the meat store is owned by the father of one of Matthew’s friends and thinks that by drawing attention to a shared pipe will get them some help. He begins tapping out a Morse Code request for the man to call the police.

David continues to sell Euro Craze to Tico, who expresses his greater interest in the newspaper idea.

Todd asks Mrs. Bigelow what the problem is with taking Asa’s mansion. She explains the difficulties and legal procedures for exerting Blair’s claim over the 12 acres that her hers. Todd wants to know if there is a way around Asa’s right to dispute the claim and she says yes, they could get him to sign away his objections to the divorce decree and

John is talking to Evangeline about his parent’s acrimonious divorce, and how it hurt him and Michael. He remembers sneaking out of bed and sitting outside his mother’s bedroom, listening to her cry, then go back to bed when she stopped. Evangeline says that explains John’s quietness and patience. He denies it, and she mentions that she is probably not the first person to mention that he’s not big on expressing himself. He agrees, but says that he is working on it with her. They talk about a date of some sort. Daniel interrupts them, and is still concerned that he can’t find Nora. He decides he is still going to the shore without her, leaving a note for her saying that she must have gotten cold feet.

Bo is still tapping out the Morse code and Nora is worrying and pacing. She asks Bo, if they die, what will happen to Matthew. Bo refuses to concede the possibility that they could die. They talk about how wonderful their little family is, and how lucky they’ve been to have it.

Antonio is at Tico’s, blustering and threatening his way past the butler, and demanding that Tico tell him where Carlotta is.

Bo and Nora are still reminiscing when John begins pounding on the freezer door and lets them out. John confirms that Bo’s Morse code idea worked.

Tico denies knowing where Carlotta has gone, but offers to help Antonio find her. Tico asks why Antonio thinks he would know where Carlotta had gone, but Antonio doesn’t answer, instead demanding to talk to Angelina. The butler finds that she’s gone.

At the police station, Bo and Nora thank John profusely for rescuing them. Suddenly, Nora realizes that Daniel must be looking for her. John gives her the note that Daniel left for her and she is upset that he thinks she is with Bo rather than going with him. John tells Nora and Bo what Matthew told Daniel about her whereabouts.

Todd and Mrs. Bigelow are finalizing their plans as Blair and David return to the diner. Todd tells Blair that there is a problem with their plan and she feels they might be better off to just give up on that house and get another, but Todd won’t hear of it. He feels the Buchanans have gotten by with too much for too long and it’s Todd and Blair’s turn. She agrees that she is with him in the quest for the mansion, and they leave the diner.

Jessica asks if “we” are sure that Carlotta and Angelina are together, and he admits they aren’t, but wonders where she might have gone or how she got there, accusing Tico of loaning her a car or something. Jess and Antonio leave, as Tico reassures them that they will find Carlotta. As they leave, Tico gets a phone call, but waits to be sure that Antonio and Jess are gone before confirming for his caller that everything has gone according to plan. Outside, Antonio admits to Jessica that he doesn’t believe or trust Tico.

Nora tells Bo that she is going to the shore to surprise Daniel. She thanks him again for being “terrific” during their ordeal. She leaves Bo’s office and John walks in.

At the Diner, Mrs. Bigelow is approached by David, who asks why she is putting lemon on her pie; she tells him it’s because she is supposed to give up sweets. She knows who he is, which surprises him, but she explains that everyone associated with Todd is important to her. She asks how David likes working for Mr. Manning and David tries not to commit to an answer. Mrs. Bigelow points out that Todd can be full of surprises.

Blair and Todd are surprised to find that Asa has the same security code on the mansion as when Blair was married to him. Todd leaves, telling her to put the plan into action. She calls for Asa, who is not happy to find her there. She lies, telling them they had a meeting and that she had called him earlier. He pretends to know what she’s talking about and says that yes, their plan against Todd still interests him. Blair says that, before they get to that, she thought Asa might want to take a “little walk down memory lane” and opens her coat to reveal that she is wearing only very sexy undergarments beneath it. Asa is dumbfounded and begins to step toward her just as Todd walks in on them and says – in a very flat, stilted manner – “Aha. I knew you were cheating on me with him.” Blair asks him what he is doing there, and he admits that he followed her. Asa throws them both out of the house, but Todd insists that Asa called him there. Asa tells him to leave and put some clothes on that “she wolf”. Todd and Blair behave is if there is nothing wrong with Blair, that she is wearing clothes instead of underwear. Asa continues to see only the underwear (which is really all she’s wearing); Todd and Blair leave, laughing once they are out of Asa’s sight.

Antonio goes back to the diner looking for his mother, who is still not there. Jessica suggests calling John for help, or helping herself, and Antonio goes nuts on her, yelling that she needs to stay out of it, it’s his mother, that if the Santi’s are involved it’s too dangerous for her, and that John can’t help him.

Kevin walks into the foyer at the mansion where he finds Asa, who for no apparent reason insists again that there is nothing mentally wrong with him, then walks away. Kevin looks a little puzzled, then answers the door. It’s Tico, who introduces himself and says that he has an “offer that will change your life.”


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