OLTL Update Thursday 8/12/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/12/04

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Rex shows up at Natalie and Paul’s place, saying he just wondered what they had been up to. He’s a little snarky to Paul, but Natalie overlooks it.

Daniel and Nora look forward to their “get away”, then she and Bo and Matthew plan an evening together, as well. Nora is going shopping so they can have a cookout, but Matthew contrives for her and Bo to go together.

Carlotta tells Angelina that her very presence in Llanview will be disastrous. Antonio overhears the last part and wants to know what that means.

Tico asks Jessica what she knows about El Tiburon (The Shark). She tells him the few things she knows, including that he is possibly the one that ordered the murder of Manuel.

Natalie suspects that Rex wants to borrow money and he denies it, although adding that the blind trust is the worst idea he’s ever heard. Paul calls Rex a freeloader who was constantly hounding Nat for money and that’s one of the reasons she locked her money up. Natalie leaves the room to take her shower and Rex invites Paul in on some sort of plan to make lots of money; while suspicious, Paul is tired of being at Kevin’s beck and call, and quick cash sounds good to him.

Kevin is kissing a woman goodbye; she has obviously spent the night. After she leaves, he calls his lawyer and threatens him: get the sale of “Craze” undone as fraud, or he’ll get a new lawyer who can accomplish that.

Rex’s plan is to steal some paintings from a gallery, sell them, and pocket about 10 thousand dollars each. Paul is not crazy about the idea, but he and Rex leave the apartment together to discuss it further at the horse races. Paul says he has a line on a horse that can’t lose.

Jessica is telling Tico that she has found some articles from a Puerto Rico paper about Antonio Espinoza, who was a 50’s boxer who went by the name “The Shark”. He is Manuel’s father, Tico and Antonio’s grandfather. The news stories say El Tiburon was a frenzied fighter who responded wildly to “the smell of blood”, but became a nonviolent man after his boxing career ended. Tico comments that his father would never tell him about his grandfather, that the topic upset El Toro; he asks if he can keep the clippings. He is grateful for the information on his grandfather, but points out that he can’t be the same El Tiburon who is trying to take over the Santi organization because his grandfather has been dead for some time.

Antonio is pressing Angelina for the truth about what she was discussing with Carlotta and what other stuff she may be withholding. She says they were discussing Tico and Sonia and children in general, and that her demeanor is due to nervousness over the re-location to a new town in a new country with so many new people. He seems to buy that for the moment, then notices her locket; it holds a picture of Isabella. As they talk about Tico’s mother, Sonia walks up, obvously making Angelina nervous and scared. Antonio plays off that he was talking about the Santi history with Angelina, nothing important. Sonia offers to tell him all she knows, but he says that Angelina has more information on the older history of his family. Sonia invites Antonio to the Hookup, which she has renamed Caliente, to discuss things there. She escorts Angelina out of the diner, inviting Antonio to check out the changes she has made at the club.

Jessica has accidentally given Tico a clipping relating to his mother and brother’s deaths, and she apologizes, saying she didn’t want to upset him. He says that he was too young to really understand when they died, and he is okay with it. He explains that Angelina kept his mother alive for him in her stories, but that he always wondered what it would be like to have his big brother. Jess then tells him that it turns out his grandfather, El Tiburon, was a ladies’ man and a good dancer, mentioning that this must be where Antonio gets it. Tico gets up to dance with her, too, turning on some Latin music.

Rex and Paul return to the apartment from the tack, Paul’s horse having lost; they are talking about Rex’s art theft plan. Rex tells Paul not to take too long to decide if he is in or not. When Paul walks into the apartment, Natalie is angry. She opened Paul’s bank statement and found out there is not as much money in his account as there is supposed to be and wants to know why. She points out that she put up with stuff like this from Roxy all her life, and she won’t deal with him doing it, too. He says it’s a bank error and he’ll get it fixed, but when he leaves the apartment – presumable to go to the bank - he wants to know where he is going to get $950 today.

Matthew is on the phone asking Starr for help in getting his parents back together. He says that since the advent of Travis, she seems to have forgotten him.

Bo and Nora are in a large, walk in freezer checking out frozen packages of meat, looking for the perfect steaks for their cookout. He is reminiscing about his childhood with Clint and the family barbecues they used to have, calling them “good days”. As the butcher comes in and is talking to them, two ski-mask wearing people with guns are approaching, but they can’t be seen by Bo, Nora, or the butcher. As the owner goes to get the steaks, the masked men grab him and lock Bo and Nora in the freezer. Nora is afraid that she and Bo will freeze to death if they can’t get the door open, and Bo can’t get a cell phone signal to call for help.

Natalie is talking to Rex, feeling bad for they way she jumped down Paul’s throat. She says that she has been defending him to everyone, but she doesn’t trust him when it comes down to it. Rex says it’s understandable, and that he would be suspicious in her circumstances. Nat wonders if maybe the rest of her family is right about Paul, but Rex says they aren’t. He reassures her that Paul is not after her money or he’d be gone by now. She compares Rex and Paul, saying they are very similar in a lot of ways, including having big hearts. She asks what he is doing about RJ having taken UV from him.

Paul shows up at Kevin’s and asks for a few minutes to talk. He tells Kevin what a good employee he is, how accommodating and useful he has been so far, and asks for an advance. Kevin is not happy that he has just moved in with Nat and already needs financial help.

Antonio checks his mail and finds a letter that puzzles him.

Tico and Jessica are still dancing. When the music stops, she asks him for a drink of water just as his cell phone rings. He leaves the room and Jessica sees Sonia mistreating Angelina through a window into the foyer. She rushes out and asks Angelina if she is alright. Sonia is surprised to see Jessica and says so as Angelina excuses herself to go upstairs. Sonia tells Jessica that Angelina has a heart condition and has forgotten to take her medication, explaining that she was trying to help Angelina along, not hurt her; she then goes upstairs to “check on her”. Jessica goes back into the living room as Tico returns with her water. She asks him – off the record – if Sonia dislikes Angelina. He says that Sonia loves the woman like a mother, and wonders why Jessica is asking; she is hesitant to tell him what she saw.

Natalie and Rex are now discussing his work on the Love Center and he says he will put in more hours than required by his community service. She asks if he’d like to have been an architect, and he says yes, but it’s too late now. She tries to convince him that he can still do it, but he is not really interested. As he leaves, he tells Natalie that he has her back and not to worry about Paul.

Paul is explaining to Kevin that he is just broke due to the move and needs an advance. Kevin is not impressed with the situation, is not giving an advance, and warns Paul that if he does anything to upset Nat, he will answer to Kevin; then he throws Paul out. As Paul leaves Kevin’s, he calls Rex asking to meet.

Antonio wants to know where the suspicious letter came from, but no one knows. Daniel arrives, and asks him if he’s seen Nora. Antonio says no.

Nora and Bo are banging on the freezer door to get some attention, but no one is responding. Nora becomes philosophical, asking if they are jinxed; Bo says no, they are cursed. As she goes back to yelling for help, she realizes that the butcher could be dead and no one is coming for them. Bo says that, if the guy managed to call the cops, the police could be there right now. Nora is not comforted by that as, if the butcher dies in some sort of stand off, no one would know to look for them in the freezer.

Kevin shows up at Natalie’s house with the trust documents for her to sign. He asks if she is sure this what she wants to do and she says it is. He produces the documents and she signs, saying that now no one can say Paul is just after her money, and he thanks her for helping him “protect the family” from Todd. He also tells her about Paul trying to get an advance from him, but mentions that Paul told him he wanted the money to take her out for the weekend. She expresses surprise, and Kevin offers to help her find out the truth about Paul if she wants.

Rex and Paul meet at the diner, and Paul agrees to participate in the art theft Rex has planned.

Jessica is telling Tico about seeing Sonia and Angelina argue, and Sonia grabbing Angelina by the arm. Tico blows it off, saying they are like mother and daughter, but Jessica isn’t so sure of it. He says it’s a cultural difference but that Sonia would never harm the older woman. Tico walks Jessica to the door, thanking her for the articles and information. After she leaves, he becomes quite angry, shouting up the staircase for Sonia.

Jess shows up at the police station, saying she has a surprise for Antonio, but she never gets around to telling him what it is. He shows her the odd letter he got, mentioning the perfume on it, saying it smells familiar. Jessica looks at the letter, which is just a date: the date of Isabella and Manuelito’s death, which is what she tells Antonio.

Tico and Sonia are arguing over her treatment of Angelina; she explains that she found the woman talking to Antonio at the diner, which could ruin everything for them. He warns her to treat Angelina with respect.

At the diner, Carlotta grabs all the cash from the register, and runs out the door in a big hurry; after she leaves, Angelina arrives looking for her.

Daniel calls Matthew looking for Nora; the kid lies and says that Nora left a long time ago with his dad for the weekend. Daniel is nonplussed.

Nora is becoming tired and wants to nap, a sign of hypothermia. Bo keeps her moving and she suggests banging on the pipes to get attention, then realizes that she can’t feel her fingers. Bo wraps her in his suit coat and holds her, trying to warm her up. She says she doesn’t want to die this way…


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