OLTL Update Wednesday 8/11/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/11/04

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At the Love Shack, the men are practicing for the strip show, while the women cheer them on. Mark and Ron aren’t there yet. Nick refers to Mark has “Nancy” and “she”, when Mark shows up and overhears him. He explains that he didn’t come out of the closet just to go back in, and he won’t let Nick’s attitude and name-calling intimidate him.

In John’s office, he and Michael discuss the body found in the quarry. Michael says he has had a look at the body and talks about a plate in the guys arm and explains how it could be used to ID the body. John suggests that Michael look into forensics as a career. He also notices that John is in an unusual good mood and wants to know why.

At Carlotta’s café, Evangeline is having her morning coffee when Dorian approaches her. They discuss Kelly’s mental and emotional state and the effect Kevin’s news about the court date had on her. Dorian tells Evangeline that she will make sure Kelly is ready and strong and stable for court, and that Van’s job will be to make sure the judge knows what kind of a low-down, dirty, dishonest creep Kevin really is. Dorian then goes the counter and she and Carlotta discuss how Adriana is still not over River.

Adriana is crying, praying not to be pregnant and deciding that she must be and she has to tell River. She picks up the phone and calls River; she ends up speaking to Rev. Carpenter, finds that River isn’t there, and declines to leave a message.

Sonia answers the door and lets Jessica in. Angelina is there and Jess explains that she is interviewing Sonia. The phone rings and Sonia ends up talking to John, who is insistent that she needs to come to the PD for a talk. Sonia tries to get Jessica to leave with her, but Jess wants to stay and interview Angelina. Sonia is not happy with that idea, and tells her no.

Adriana shows up at Tico’s door, distraught, upset that River is off auditioning for Julliard and that if he is accepted, she doesn’t know what she’ll do: “I just can’t do this all alone!” Tico holds her and tries to comfort her.

At the Love Shack, Nick is still arguing that Mark –the “sissy”- should not be dancing with the others. Someone says that a lot of people are interested in seeing this show, and the guys are a little upset that the word has been spread. Mark mentions that the music they are using isn’t the best; Nick asks if he would rather use show tunes, and Mark points out that hip-hop music might work better and keep them from looking lame. The mail comes. The group breaks up for a bit, and Mark approaches Jen to thank her for sticking up for him with the rest of the group. Marcie is reading her mail and becomes very upset. Crying, she rushes out of the house.

Michael is tells John that he overheard about a Santi hit man was seen in town lately, wearing a cast on his arm, and that this could be the body. He is digging for more info, but John refuses to let him become involved.

Sonia finally consents to leave Jessica alone with Angelina, who tells Jessica “I am afraid, when all the questions have been answered, it will be too late.” Jessica asks Angelina what she meant, and Angelina says that despite her occasional confusion, she also remembers certain things as well. Angelina tells her how Tico’s mother was a woman with a great deal of respect for others. She says that Isabella was like a queen to Manuel, and how Manuel was so proud when Tico was born. Jessica asks if Manuel was into criminal activity at that time, and Angelina basically says yes. Jess then wants to know if Isabella knew about Manuel’s life, and she tells her that she did, but that she didn’t like it. She had once told Manuel that she would give up everything in their lives if he would give up his criminal endeavors, but he refused. They eventually get around to talking about the day Isabella and “Manuelito” died in the car explosion meant for Manuel. Angelina says that any goodness left in Manuel died that day. She then asks about Dorian, wanting to know how she could have married who was as evil and violent as Manuel had become by the time he got together with her.

Dorian laments that she has been unable to spend the time with Adriana that she should, and Carlotta winds up blaming Dorian for letting Adriana “run wild” and be with River when it wasn’t necessarily a good idea. They argue about that, and Carlotta finally apologizes for attacking Dorian. She says she is worried about having Manuel back in their lives.

Tico says he thought Adriana and River were through. She talks about River’s talent and it’s obvious she still loves him. She decides she will just have to accept that River will be in New York, and Tico says it’s for the best, she can concentrate on her future. He wants to take her out for breakfast; she resists, but finally capitulates. She goes to wash her face and Tico calls someone named Juan, who has a friend with Julliard, asking the guy to ensure that River is accepted to the school; he tells the person on the phone that he has someone “much more suitable” in mind for his sister.

Dorian explains that she trusts Tico because he’s her nephew and Dorian says that’s silly, she surely doesn’t trust Paul. Carlotta admits what she is really worried about is having Tico and Sonia here in Llanview; Dorian says she is worried about things, too, including Tico’s relationship with Adriana. She points out that, family or not, Tico is a virtual stranger to them and they ought to be wary.

Angelina explains to Jessica that she had hid the truth about Manuel when he was young, and how happy they had been until Sonia came into the picture. Sonia could not accept that she was the daughter of a maid, and that she was rude and disrespectful to people. Angelina asks Jessica to help her get out of the house before Sonia returns.

Evangeline and John run into each other at the police station. He tells her she is researching for her case with Kelly and Kevin. Sonia shows up for her interview and he asks Van if she’ll be there when he’s done. She says maybe. John and Sonia go into his office, and he asks her about the man who was an aide to Padilla who came after her at Capricorn the other evening. He offers her help: if she will work with him on the Santi thing, he will make sure she stays “healthy”. He wants information.

Marcie, still crying, runs into Michael in Angel Square. They rehash their argument of the previous day, and she says that while she is still mad at him, that’s not why she’s distraught. She has gotten another rejection letter from a literary agent.

Everyone is in Angel Square, Marcie lamenting that she can’t call the manuscript back. Julie brings up that they need to resolve the issue with Shannon and they all leave so that Michael doesn’t have to overhear their decision. Hudson wants Shannon excluded from the work site and everyone agrees. They want Shannon only to do housework and for the remainder of the project. Marcie tells Shannon that she believes in Shannon’s innocence, but that she can’t change anyone else’s mind. “The police said it was in inside job,” she explains, and asks if it wasn’t Shannon, who was it?

Angelina is at the diner, talking to Carlotta. She says she needs the truth.

Tico and Adrianna arrive at La Boulaie and run into Dorian in the foyer. They engage in small talk until Dorian sends Adrian upstairs to rest; Tico suggests that Adriana see a doctor and Dorian points out that she is one. Adriana puts them both off, saying she is recovering from a flu and is just in need of rest. She goes upstairs, and Tico asks if he has offended Dorian in some way. She denies it, then answers the phone. When she says “Hello River”, Tico takes the phone from her and tells River to stay away from Adriana. Dorian tells him that was very inappropriate and he agrees, saying he knows that Dorian wants to protect Adriana as much as he does. Dorian looks concerned.

John and Sonia are still in his office, discussing the kind of help he wants from her. She denies she has any knowledge she can offer him, and knows none of the people he is asking about. He cuts her loose and walks out of his office, where Evangeline is still working. She asks if that is the woman who was with RJ at Capricorn the other night, and John says yes.

Marcie is on the phone with Ron, telling him that Dad already knows Eric is gay and he’s going to find out about the wedding tonight when Ron and James tell him. She hangs up and she and Michael discuss the situation. He offers to be there with her when her dad gets the news.

John tells Evangeline that RJ is being brought in, and he warns her that RJ may use her and John’s relationship to claim that he’s being set up. She says “It looks like we’re going public,” and they both let that sit.

Dorian tells Adriana that River just called and announced that he’s been accepted to Julliard and will be coming back just to pack and return to New York to get settled before his classes start. Adriana says how wonderful that is for River, but Dorian wants to know if Adriana will be okay with River’s absence.

Carlotta asks Angelina to keep Sonia away from her family, but Angelina says she cannot control Sonia, that she does as she pleases. It is clear that Angelina is intimidated by Sonia.

Jessica is still at Lion’s Heart when Tico arrives home. Sonia comes in and is upset that Jessica arranged a car for Angelina to go and visit Carlotta. She storms out of the room to go find her. Tico apologizes for Carlotta’s behavior, and Jessica says that she hopes she did nothing wrong in helping Angelina visit Carlotta. She then tells Tico that she wants to continue their interview, and she wants to know about El Tiburon.


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