OLTL Update Tuesday 8/10/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/10/04

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Fade In

John and Evangeline wake up from a night of intense lovemaking. They are in John's room at the hotel. They debate over whether they should turn on their cell phones. John turns his on and he gets a call from Antonio saying that they found the body at the quarry.

Blair and Todd meet with the Boars (I think), Peter and Amanda, to get a position on the Country Club board of directors for their daughter Starr's social status. Blair is wearing a really nice blue woman's suit, and Todd is wearing a suit and tie (I think) Amanda is wearing a beige-ish woman's suit and Peter is wearing a brown suit, blue shirt, and a reddish or dark brown tie. They are at the Palace Bar.

Dorian and David leave their house, in hopes of tricking Kelly into getting psychological help for her ever-so-weakening mental state. After they leave Kevin shows up. Kelly is wearing running clothes, and of course Kevin is wearing a suit and tie as usual.

(I may have missed something between now - feel free to update this if necessary)

Back to John and Evangeline. Evangeline is leaving John's room. She says to John "See Ya" He retorts by saying "Last night was amazing" They make small talk about "the date ideas". John hopes that the T-times are for miniature golf. He teases her about the other date ideas, theater, cooking classes. He asks her about bowling. She states her score was 265 and that she didn't know that he bowled. He says he's been known to knock down a few pins. She says that she is not surprised and that she looks forward to finding out about more. She then leaves

Cut to RJ and Rex. Rex comes into Capricorn upset at RJ and tells him that he did find out the information he needed to know about Evangeline and John McBain and he wants to know when he'll get info on UltraViolet. RJ comes down on Rex about how he is paying off his debt and that Rex can show a little gratitude and go out and make some money of his own. Lindsay comes in and makes small talk with Rex. Lindsay asks why he has been so busy and Rex states it is because of his community service project and says he has to go. He kisses Lindsay on the cheek and says he has to leave. Rex Leaves.

Lindsay talks to RJ about how RJ told her so and that Rex was only after Lindsay for her money. She also says that she hasn't seen Rex since RJ took the club away from him. RJ asks why Lindsay wastes her time talking about that boy and that she should just forget him. Lindsay says "I Know" RJ says that Rex is nothing but trouble. Lindsay walks away as RJ is saying to himself that in the short run he can be useful.

Cut to Todd/Blair and The Country Club Board people. Blair states that she feels like the country club is the perfect social environment for her children. Todd is eating food with his mouth wide open. Todd/Blair have Bloody Mary's in front of them. The Board people have orange juice in front of them. Blair says that the board people have a daughter named Ashley that is in the same grade as Starr and that Starr goes on and on about Ashley and how lovely she is. The board people thank her especially since she has been abroad most of the year. Blair says that everyone misses her so much especially at church. The board people ask if they go to St. James and Blair says that Reverend Andrew is practically family. Peter says he never sees them there. Blair says they go to the early service and kicks Todd under the table. Todd says he loves a good sermon. Peter asks if Todd plays Polo and says they are having a fundraiser for the Llanview Historical Society and wants Todd to play for it. Todd hands him a check for a large amount instead of playing for it. Todd says he has an old polo injury. Amanda says it is more than generous. Peter asks if he expects something in return. Todd says yes. Blair looks confused and frowns.

Cut to Kelly and Kevin. Kelly hopes the reason Kevin stopped by is to see if he has thought about she said about them working things out to share custody of Ace. He says he is here to let her know that the court date has been moved up and that they will be divorced and he'll have sole custody of Ace sooner than she thought. Kelly says she doesn't know how he could do this to her and how he could do this to their son. She says that the baby loves her and he knows that he needs his mother. Kevin says that he doesn't know that and doesn't see how Kelly can take care of herself let alone a baby. Kevin comes down on Kelly running away with Ace. Kelly says that she didn't run away with him that they went to go see her mother in Boston. Kevin warns her not to leave town because he is having her watched this time. Kelly asks how he can be this cruel. Kevin says that she is the one being cruel because she is passing off someone else's child off as theirs and that she wins as being cruel because she makes up a story about having an affair with his worst enemy. She threatens her to enjoy her time with Ace while she can because it'll be the last she ever gets. He leaves LaBoulet.

Back to show: Jen and Riley. Riley teases Jen about the two kisses they had last night and that morning. They chit chat about their relationship. Riley tries to kiss Jen again and she says that she can't. Riley stops and Jen says at least not till the project is over. Riley asks what they will do till then and Jen says that they will be happy about what happened. Riley asks if that is why Jen has been humming "That tune" then hums "That tune" Jen says she has never heard of that before, and Riley informs her that she has been singing that all night. Jen asks if he is sure that is the right song. Riley says that maybe for now on she'll think of something else before she goes to bed. They hug as Rex comes in. They leave the cottage. Rex grabs his time sheets for the community service. Shannon enters. She complains about Riley and Jen leaving their orange juice glasses and other dishes laying around for her to clean up. She is wearing a green apron and yellow rubber gloves. Rex is wearing a black shirt with a green thing and writing on it. Shannon asks if they (Jen and Riley) are running them around in their and Rex says he doesn't know that he is just picking up his time sheet. Shannon says wait, and they walk outside of the cottage. They speak of their loves, Shannon's being River, and Rex's being Jen. Rex says it is not the same thing. Rex asks what they are going to do, cry? Shannon says yes, if that is what it takes, and says that she owes Rex. That he was their for her.

Cut To Dorian and David at the place where Addie is staying. David tells Dorian not to worry about getting the shrink. And that the custody trial isn't for a while (that's what they think!) and that they will make sure that Kelly doesn't look "wacko" at the trial. Dorian corrects him and says that the proper term is "mentally unstable" David says that they will make sure she doesn't lose it or she will lose Ace. Dorian says that they can't let that happen. The sister (nun) comes out to tell Dorian that her sister (Addie) is in the sitting room. Dorian tells David that she will see him when she gets home. They kiss goodbye. Dorian enters the sitting room where Addie is doing a puzzle. The nun tells Addie that her sister is here. Addie is excited and calls Dorian "Dori" and that she is glad to see her. She says the nun told her to start with the corner of the puzzles but she can't find them and tells Dorian that she was always good with puzzles. Dorian tells her that she is good too, but Addie tells her "Not like you, you are the best!" Addie asks Dorian if she having trouble. Dorian says she will figure it out. Addie says that troubles are like puzzles, you start in the corners and you figure them out. Dorian says she went to Boston to see Melinda. Addie says that
Melinda is mentally unstable like she is but Melinda is confused and she (Addie) is not confused. Dorian says that sometimes she thinks that she (Addie) sees things more clearly than any of us. Addie asks what the trouble is and if it is trouble at home, and if it has anything to do with Blair. Dorian tells Addie that her and Blair have had a falling out. Dorian tells her that Blair took Todd's side over Kelly and that Kelly needs everyone's support right now. Addie asks if Kelly is mentally unstable too. Cut to flash with Kelly twisting a teddy-bear's head off staring at her bottle of tranquilizers.

Cut to Todd/Blair and The Board People. Todd says what he wants in return for the donation is educational programs for the children. Blair pumps up Todd and says to Peter that she hears he has a thing for classic cars and asks if he wants his cars featured in her magazine, Craze. The Board people say they will get back to them
about their sponsorship and that they are having a Back To School BBQ for some of Ashley's friends and says that Starr should come. They thank each other for the meeting. Enters Kevin. He says that he didn't know that they knew the Mannings. Peter says now they know them well enough to welcome them to the Country Club Board. Kevin says that they (the board people) were out of the country when Blair accused Todd of raping her and Todd bribing a witness, and a few other bad things. Blair asks why he is doing this and Kevin retorts by saying they should know who they are getting involved with. Peter says he thinks he's heard enough and tells Todd that they don't need their money. Todd throws the check. Peter and Amanda leave the Palace Bar. Kevin shoots a smug look and walks away. Todd says Kevin, enjoy that moment, that it won't last.

Rex./Shannon at the Love Shack - Rex says that he thought once Jen had the Reverend Joe out of her system that she would go back with him. Shannon says to look at River and Adrianna. She asks why they go for the goody/goody types. Rex says he doesn't know. Shannon says that they are the ones there alone. Rex says the world is messed up. They exchange flirtatious looks. Shannon says at least they are alone together. They go for the kiss. They make out.

Cut To Capricorn. Jen and Riley walk into Capricorn to talk to RJ about leaving flyers for their "Strip Show @ UltraViolet" at Capricorn. RJ says only because it is cross-advertisement for his other Club (Ultraviolet) Lindsay looks over. She then tells Jen hi and asks about the love project. And that she saw heavy equipment over there. Jen says they can't work till that is all out of the way. Jen says things are going good, very good actually, then flirts with Riley. Lindsay points at Jen and Riley and asks if "you two" (making it look like she is asking them if they are an item). Jen says no. and that it doesn't matter, Rex is all hers (Lindsay's) anyway. Lindsay says it is over, that they've heard it many times, but this time it is O-VER! Riley intercepts and asks Lindsay if she wants to buy a ticket for the charity. Lindsay grabs a flyer and asks what type of show they are putting on. Jen tells her about the strip show. Lindsay looks at Riley and goes "REALLY!" Riley looks at her embarrassed and blushing.

Cut to the Capricorn Bar where RJ is reading a newspaper. In walks John and fellow officer. John gives RJ papers to read. RJ says they looked at the back alley last night and found nada and what makes them think that they will find anything. John tells his fellow officer to search the alley top to bottom and to tell him if he finds anything and that he knows he will.

Cut To Blair/Todd/Kevin/Date at Palace Bar. A lady comes in and Kevin hugs her and Blair looks over and back with disgust. Blair says look at that smug jerk and that is exactly the same way he acted when he waltzed back into town. Todd calls him Asa Jr. Blair says that that was sure an Asa stunt he just pulled. Blair feels guilty about not being able to get on the Country Club board. Todd tells her it is no big deal. Blair says it is a big deal especially if Starr doesn't get invited to that back to school BBQ @ Peter and Amanda's for Ashley. Todd agrees with her. Blair says she was left out when she was little and doesn't want Starr to feel that way because of her parents. Todd says that they love their kids and that they love them better than those other kids, except of course how much Addie loved Blair. Blair says she wished she could spend more time with her. Todd recommends that she go visit her mother. Blair kisses him and leaves and tells Todd not to lose it with Kevin. Cut over to Kevin and his date. The date says that it is an exceptional man that choses to raise a baby all by himself. Kevin says he thinks it is best if a child is raised with both parents, but Kelly is sadly unfit. They are kissing on each other terribly. Kevin says that he is concerned that the more time Ace spends with Kelly the more it will hurt the little guy.

Cut to LaBoulet. Evangeline looks up the stairs, calls for Kelly, and goes into the parlor where she sees Kelly trying to fix the bear. Kelly says it is one of Aces favorite toys. Kelly says she will fix it and she will fix everything.

Back to Evangeline and Kelly. Kelly says she has to fix things cause people can't see that things are falling apart. Evangeline asks what happened there Kelly says that Kevin came by to tell her that they are moving the court date up. Evangeline says he will regret that because she can use that against him because he is not supposed to have any contact with her right now. Kelly says she thought he was coming over to work out something with Ace. Kelly says that is what she wants to because that is what is best for her son. Kelly says that Kevin doesn't care about Ace at all, that all he wants to do is take Ace away from her. Evangeline tells her to just calm down. Kelly tells her that she can't, not after what Kevin is doing to her. Evangeline asks her if she is seeing a doctor. Kelly tells her that she saw a doctor and the doctor gave her these pills. Evangeline says she needs more than pills, that she needs to talk to someone. Evangeline says she can only do so much in court. Kelly says that she thinks the pills are helping, that it was Kevin who made her so exhausted and she thinks she needs to lay down. Evangeline asks her if she is going to be alright. Kelly says yeah and the pills work pretty fast, and that she says she will get it together. Evangeline tells her that she hopes so.

Cut to Addie and Dorian. Dorian says she is very worried about Kelly. That she has been under a lot of strain lately and why Blair will not stand by her family she has no idea. Addie tells her that she thought that Todd, Starr, and Jack were Blair's family. Dorian says yeah, but she means her blood relations. Her, Addie, Kelly. And that Blair wants no part of that. Blair walks in. I think that Addie says that her eyes are sad, and she wants Melinda back. And Blair must be sad because she is sad. Dorian then realizes that Blair is there.

Cut To Kevin/Date. We see David Vickers walk into the Palace Bar. He introduces David Vickers to Jillian Masters. David tells her that he knows that she is Pennsylvanian Royalty and that he voted for her father twice. Kevin says he is doing something with Jillian for Craze. Kevin says he sold Craze to David, and asks David if he is taking care of Craze. David says that Craze is in very good hands. David walks away towards Todd. Jillian asks Kevin if something is wrong. Kevin says that he just can't imagine what David and Todd have to talk about. Cut to David and Todd. David asks Todd why he hasn't told Kevin that he is the actual owner of Craze. Todd says "Why, and spoil all my fun" and that he has plenty of surprises in store for Kevin. Kevin looks at him again.

Cut to Rex and Shannon making out on the Lounge in the the LoveShack. In walks the rest of the Love Crew. Rex says hi and leaves. The African American guy in the love crew calls her hot stuff and says they need to talk Shannon asks if it is about "That" (her making out with Rex). The guy says no, it is because someone stole some pipe fittings, and some Phlanges at the Love Site. Shannon asks if they think it is her. They all say they had excuses, and asks if she was with anyone last night. She says that last night was her night off of the "Freak Show". Shannon says that she wouldn't do it, that she wants this thing to be over as soon as possible. She says she doesn't need this and walks away. The African America guy says that she did it. Riley says if she didn't who did?

Cut to John and RJ at the Capricorn Bar. John asks RJ if he heard about that body they found at the quarry. RJ says that he hasn't had his radio on. John says that they hadn't been able to ID him yet, that he was doused in LYE and it looked like a professional job. RJ thanks him for the update. John says whatever, comes back and says that they did find something in the alley some fabric fibers. John leaves. RJ looks fearful.

Cut to Blair/Dorian/Addie. Blair gives Addie a hug and tells her momma that it is so good to see her. Addie says that she is sad because of Blair and Dorian. She says that Blair has sad eyes too. Blair and Dorian exchange salutations. Dorian tells Addie she has to go now. She hugs Addie. Dorian says she has to go home and take care of Kelly. Dorian leaves. Blair and Addie are alone. Addie asks Blair why she is mad at Kelly. Blair says it is because she told Lies about Todd. Addie says lies are bad, and asks why Kelly would tell lies. Blair almost says "Because she (Kelly) is crazy" but stops short of Cra--. And says she may be getting sick. Addie says it is terrible and asks Blair if she is afraid its gonna get worse. Blair says yes and that is what they all are afraid of.

Cut to Kelly/Ace on the stairs of LaBoulet that lead up to the bedrooms. Kelly tells Ace that she loves him so much and they she will never let him out of her sight. Kelly says she wouldn't know what to do if she lost him and how she would go on living. In walks David. He says hey and puts his arm around Kelly and Ace.

Cut to John at the Angel Square Hotel. He is on his cell phone. He tells someone that he wants the forensic report on the fibers found at Capricorn as soon as it comes in. He enters his room where Shannon is standing. He asks Shannon what is going on. Shannon says that he has to clear her. She doesn't know exactly what is going on. John tells her to slow down. She says that someone broke into the construction site and stole a few things. And that she didn't have anything to do with it. John says he will look into it and that she should go back there and try not to get into other people's faces. Shannon says that she doesn't get into others faces, that they all hate her over there. John tells her that NOT everyone hates her. Shannon says Not everyone, that there is one person at the center. She says it is Natalie's brother. She asks about Natalie. John says that she lives in the building with another dude. Shannon finds Evangeline's lipstick. John asks about what happened to River. She says that sometimes something better just comes along.

Cut To RJ and Rex at Capricorn. Rex asks what is up. RJ approaches him with a deal to work himself back into UltraViolet. He is putting up a fraud attempt on some of Lindsay's artwork. He wants Rex to do the deed. Rex asks if Lindsay knows. RJ says no. and that Lindsay will find solace in the insurance money.

Cut to Jen watching a tape of Riley playing a guitar. She is sitting on the stairs of the Love Shack. Down walks Riley. He sits down next to her. He asks her if she is sure about her crawling into bed with him was sleepwalking. They kiss. He leaves the love shack. She is all smiley and giddy. She hears crying. And looks around for it. She goes to the door and there is Lindsay. She asks if Lindsay heard the crying. She asks why she is there. Lindsay misses Jen and likewise. Jen thinks Lindsay is looking for Rex. Lindsay reaffirms the split. Jen tells Lindsay that Rex was making out with Shannon McBain right there on the couch.

Cut to Rex and RJ at Capricorn. They talk more about the deal. That if Rex does the deed he will get UV back. RJ tells him that is so and that he needs to find someone that he can trust to help them out. Rex says sure. RJ calls Sonia and tells her it is all set. And that she will like the stuff he is sending her way.

Cut to Shannon and John McBain in his room. Shannon prods John for more info about the new girl he is seeing. In walks Evangeline. She is there for her makeup bag. Shannon compliments her on the lipstick. Shannon leaves. Evangeline says she hopes she didn't interrupt something. John says that Shannon is always up to something. Evangeline says that she hopes to talk soon. They make a date for a Casablanca showing. She makes a joke about him not talking much. She says it is a date. She leaves and cheers herself by saying yes behind the door of John's room. John Smiles.

Cut to Blair and Addie. Addie asks Blair if she is afraid that she has what Kelly has. Blair says she doubts it and says she is feeling better than she has ever felt in a long time. Addie asks about Dorian. Addie says that Blair only looks this happy after she gets back together with Todd, then she looks sad again. Blair says it won't happen again, that this time they are back together for ever.

Cut to Kevin/Jillian/Todd at Palace Bar. Kevin is stroking Jillian's arm. Todd approaches. Kevin apologizes about the Boar's. Todd asks Jillian if she wants a mention in Craze's jetset. Kevin says he has nothing to do with it. Todd says that he owns it. Kevin is confused, says that David own's it. Todd says that he fronted David and that he now has his magazine, Vicki on his side, what else does he need. Todd tells Jillian he will keep in touch.

Cut to Kelly/Ace/Dorian/David at LaBoulet. Dorian tells Kelly that Evangeline will use Kevin's outbreak to their advantage. David asks what Evangeline told her to do. Kelly says that Evangeline said to keep being as good of a mother as she could be. Dorian asks if everything is alright. Kelly says yes, and that she is gonna go show Ace that new popup book again. Kelly and Ace go into the Parlor. Dorian questions the popup book. David says that she is nuts. Dorian corrects him again and says yes it was insane that she thought she could pass that baby off as hers, but she can't lose that baby and that the littlest thing could push her over the edge.

Cut to Kelly/Ace in the Parlor terrace. Kelly tells Ace that she loves him more than anything, and that she loved him since the first moment that she laid her eyes on him. She says that she brought him into the world.

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