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One Life to Live Update Friday 8/5/04

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Evangeline finds John in Angel Square. He mentions that the AC in his office isn’t working and she says that she knew that, because she had gone there looking for him. He asks if the reason she is trying to find him has anything to do with RJ.

Sonia takes a seat at the bar in Capricorn and RJ greets her.

Antonio shows up at Tico’s.

Viki runs into Kelly at the Palace. Kelly is defensive with Viki, thinking that Viki will berate her over the situation with Kevin, but Viki reassures her that she is not there to pick on her, that she thinks Kevin’s actions regarding Kelly and Ace are unconscionable.

Todd is on the phone trying to find ways of taking Asa’s mansion. He speculates about “finding” drugs on the property but abandons both the idea and the phone call. Blair says maybe they should just give up and find a house to buy that’s actually on the market, but Todd wants to give Blair what she wants: Asa’s house.

Evangeline tells John that she hopes RJ doesn’t pop into his head every time he sees her. John says he has better thoughts of Van than that, but that the cop in him won’t let him relax about RJ just yet. Vangie wants to buy him a drink, and offers him some information on the Hookup and shady business dealings involving her late client Sweeney. John accepts the drink offer, and it’s obvious that the attraction between them is at work again.

Todd is laboring over documents relating to Asa’s mansion, when Blair comes along in pajamas, says he needs a break, lays down across his desk and Todd stops working. They begin to make love on the desk.

Kelly tells Viki that she was devastated when Kevin took Ace from her, and Viki empathizes with her. Kelly laments about how Kevin has changed in the last couple of months and says that all he seems to want is to make her suffer. Viki tries to comfort her, but Kelly asks Viki to intercede on her behalf with Kevin saying Viki is the only one who can stop him. The waiter approaches Kelly, telling her she wanted on the house phone. When Kelly leaves, Kevin approaches and asks Viki what she’s doing all cozy with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

RJ introduces himself to Sonia, saying he is familiar with the Santi organization. She says she is meeting Jessica there, and RJ makes it clear that Jessica is not his favorite person. He tells her of his dislike for Antonio, also. Sonia wants to know how RJ knows about the Santis, and he tells her he had a business relationship with Manuel.

Antonio tells Tico that it’s time to come clean about the questions he has been avoiding and Tico agrees. He explains that Angelina told him who his father was and what he was like about a year ago, but is still evasive about when it happened. Antonio mentions the date Feb. 19 of this year. Tico acts as if he knows nothing about it. Antonio tells him that there was an account in Angelina’s name that was cleaned out for 11 million dollars on Feb. 19. Tico says he’s not aware that it is illegal to withdraw money from your own account, but Antonio wants to know why Angelina, who’s been a governess all her life now has tons of money but chooses to stay in Llanview with Tico and Sonia. Tico counters that, if he’s done something wrong, Antonio should just come out with it.

John tells Vangie that, before she showed up, he was thinking about them. She doesn’t believe him, really, but he says it’s true. He says that he was thinking that whatever it is between them is like learning to walk again after his legs had been broken, and asks her to bear with him. She says she will. Kelly calls on Van’s cell phone asking if it was her who called on the house phone at the Palace and Van says no, however realizes it’s almost time for her meeting with Kelly and so will be there in a few minutes. John asks if he and Van can get that drink later, and she agrees.

Viki tells Kevin that she is very concerned about what he is doing to Kelly and Ace. Kevin tells her that she doesn’t understand, but Viki insists that the custody suit is nothing but pain for everyone, including him. She accuses him of being so angry that his anger will destroy him, and he doesn’t respond.

As Kelly leaves the phone area, Evangeline walks up, then Kevin comes along. He baits Kelly, telling her not to expect any money in the divorce settlement, and basically behaves like the jerk he’s become. Evangeline keeps Kelly calm and tells Kevin that just because he’s Asa’s grandson doesn’t mean he gets everything he wants.

Blair and Todd are on the floor now, partially dressed, and Todd goes right back to worrying about stealing the mansion. Blair laments her physical inability to completely distract Todd from the mansion quest for an entire evening, then leaves to get a bottle of wine for them and Todd, looking at the papers again, says he thinks he has found something. Blair rushes back into the room.

RJ is telling Sonia that El Toro invested in some of his business dealings. Sonia asks if he’s gone legit now, and he denies it vehemently. Sonia informs him that the Hookup is reopening under a new name and invites him to check it out. As she is leaving, she asks about his “feud” with Antonio and he is reticent to discuss it, but she is persistent. RJ realizes that Sonia is interested in Antonio and tells her that Antonio will stick with Jessica. Sonia says maybe they could help each other out and asks again for his story about why he hates Antonio.

Antonio tells Tico he’s done nothing wrong at all. He just can’t figure out why a man with Tico’s money and taste and style would relocate from Madrid to Llanview. Tico gives him the line about connecting with his family and can’t understand why Antonio won’t accept that reasoning. Antonio warns him that Tico and Sonia had better not hurt anyone he cares about or he will stop them. Tico says that Antonio has every right to be suspicious of him since he has lied to all of them.

Todd is showing Blair what he has found in the paperwork. It is a mistake in the divorce settlement that shows Blair owns 12 acres, not .12. He shows her which section she owns: the area with Asa’s mansion on it. She is shocked and excited.

Renee is frustrated that she can’t convince the judge that Asa will not go in for counseling. Kevin is with her and says how sick he is of the courthouse. She tells him that he may not win his custody battle, but he says that even Paul is on his side. She points out Paul’s flaws and more or less accuses Kevin of buying Paul’s testimony.

Viki, Kelly, and Evangeline are discussing Kevin and his new personality and how angry and destructive he is. Kelly is afraid that his ruthlessness will cost her Ace, and Viki commisserates with her and agrees to help her in any way she can. Van wants to know if that includes testifying against Kevin in course.

Tico admits to having met Manuel Santi in Madrid, about 3 months before he died. He says that Angelina wanted to give him the money from the bank account. Antonio wants to know why, if he knew all about his father, Tico refused to give Manuel sanctuary yet didn’t turn him in to the police. Antonio gets very self-righteous about it, even though Tico explains his conflict over meeting his father for the first time. Tico says that he didn’t tell Antonio about this because he knew Antonio would react as he is. Antonio says he now knows that Tico is not trustworthy and will be keeping an eye on him.

Renee is trying to convince Kevin to give up the custody battle and share the baby, but Kevin says that there is “nothing” inside him anymore and he will take Ace.

Viki explains why she can’t testify against Kevin. Kelly begs and explains why she needs Viki, but Viki refuses. She agrees to give as much financial and emotional support as she can, but won’t testify. She leaves the Palace. Evangeline says they will just subpoena Viki, but Kelly says no.

Tico tells Antonio that he can keep digging if he wants to. Antonio wants to know if Tico ever saw El Toro again, and Tico says just once, when Manuel told him to keep moving to protect himself, and tells how that decision led him to being held captive in the vault. Antonio wonders if Sonia ever saw Manuel and Tico says he’ll have to ask her. Antonio says he won’t accept Tico’s explanation for coming to Llanview, and leaves. After the door closes, Tico says “Buenos noches, Antonio.” And laughs in a kind of sinister way.

Evangeline arrives at Carlotta’s diner and meets John, who is getting a meal. She tells him that she just won the Sweeney case by directed verdict. He compares her win record to Roger Clemens, and they wind up talking about baseball; John is appalled that she knows nothing about the sport. Turns out she watches tennis, and wants to play him. He says that will never happen, he doesn’t even own a pair of shorts. They go on talking when she sees out the window that Kelly and Kevin are about to run into each other again.

RJ is telling Sonia about Jamie and how he and Antonio “make nice” for her sake. He admits he gets to see the girl plenty, and has to leave to go tend the bar. Sonia sees the customer and runs out of Rodi’s. The man pays for a drink he doesn’t drink and chases after her. RJ is suspicious and follows. Sonia sneaks up behind the guy and they end up talking. The man, Octavio, is there to avenge Padilla’s death and as he approaches Sonia, RJ comes around the corner, gun drawn.

Van gets to Kelly just as Kevin walks up, and Kelly begs him to just talk to her for a minute. Van advises her not to do this, but Kelly dismisses her. Kevin asks after Ace and she tells him that he’s learning to raise up on all fours. She mentions what a happy baby he is. Kelly tells Kevin that it’s important that Ace stay safe and secure through the whole situation and that isn’t happening when he’s being dragged back and forth. She says she just doesn’t want the boy to hate both of them. She asks if there is some way they can work things out, find a custody agreement that works for both of them. He turns to her….

Van goes back into the diner to John and tells him that Kelly is afraid of losing Ace. John points out that they may be able to work something out, and Van tells him that she really has to win this case. He says she has the best record in the majors and will win it. He is asking her for a drink when his phone rings. There is a problem at Capricorn and he has to leave.

Blair and Todd are celebrating that they have found a way to take the mansion from Asa.

RJ makes it clear to Sonia that she owes him, and she says she never forgets a good deed and believes in repayment. John walks up and wants to know what kind of good deed RJ did for her.


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