OLTL Update Thursday 8/5/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/4/04

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Viki is on the phone to a reporter, refusing to comment on Kevin’s divorce and custody suit. Her doorbell rings and she opens it to find Nick standing there. She tries to avoid talking to him about the Love Project at home, telling him that it’s not appropriate, but he insists she has to let him out because there is no way he’s living with a gay guy.

Roxy is trying to cheer Mark up because he is having regrets about coming out. She says that no one cares, but he says that Nick definitely does, and wouldn’t even sleep in the same room.

Blair and Todd are having coffee, Todd reviewing plans for Asa’s property, although he says he doesn’t know what they’re for or how the plans will help them.

Kevin is walking around his living room, talking to Ace, telling the baby that it’s a good thing that Todd turned out not to be his father. He says that he’s not sure if he wants to tell Asa the truth of Ace’s parentage, and promises that he is the only parent Ace will ever need.

Kelly is dressed to go to court, and finds Dorian in the living room. Kelly admits that she is as afraid of winning as she is losing, since if she wins, Kevin will tell the judge the truth about where Ace came from.

Blair picks up one of the blueprints Todd is looking at, and begins to study it. She suggests that they try to use Asa’s apparent mental problems to their advantage, but Todd points out that they have no way of knowing if Asa’s faking or not. Starr comes running down stairs, excited that today is the day she is no longer grounded. Travis shows up to see her. Starr announces that she and Travis are going to walk in the park, but Blair instructs them to stay in the courtyard. As they leave, we realize the kids are up to something together.

Dorian reminds Kelly to take things one step at a time, and just concentrate on today’s hearing, but Kelly is focused on the concept of losing Ace either to Kevin or to the courts, if the truth comes out. Dorian doesn’t think Kevin will do it, but Kelly argues that he will. Evangeline shows up and Dorian asks her to reassure Kelly about the court proceedings, then goes into the foyer to talk to Adriana, asking how she is feeling and what is wrong. Adriana avoids answering the questions and leaves. Van tells Kelly that the most important thing she can do is stay calm, but it doesn’t look like Kelly’s anywhere near “calm”.

Kevin is meeting with Mr. Emerson before the hearing, and Emerson wants him to have his mother and other family members in the courtroom. Kevin says that won’t happen, his mother won’t be there. He warns Emerson about Van’s perfect record in court, but Emerson doesn’t seem worried. Kevin states that he doesn’t want there to be any surprises with this, but Emerson warns him that, in the legal system, “one should always expect surprises”.

The judge calls the hearing to order and states the nature of the proceedings. Evangeline is the first attorney to speak…

Mark berates himself for coming out, saying it was stupid of him, but Roxy tells him that being gay in 2004 is very cool. Mark disagrees, and wonders why Roxy is so easy with his gay-ness. She explains that she has a lot of contact with gays in her work, and that if she had a problem with it, she’d be kicked out of the “hairdesser’s club”. It’s a joke, but doesn’t improve Mark’s mood any. He asks her about Marcie’s brothers, and mentions Eric’s belief that gays shouldn’t marry, adding that he has a lot of company in the nation on that subject.

Nick is revealing his homophobia to Viki, saying that Mark came into the group under “false pretenses”, pretending to be straight. He refers to Mark – several times - as a “homo” and insists that he can’t continue to room with him because if his football teammates find out, it’s all over for him. Nick begs Viki to let him out of the group, but she refuses to do it, telling him he can ask Roxy to switch roommates, but that if he quits, everyone fails. He whines that if he fails, he can’t play football, and she points out that he’ll just have to adjust to the situation and ask Roxy for a new roomie. While he is on his way out, Viki asks him how he felt about Mark before he knew he was gay. Nick doesn’t answer, just closes the door behind him. Immediately after he leaves, Travis and Starr show up. They say they need her help, it’s a matter of life and death.

Todd finds something in the paperwork he’s looking at, and tells Blair it means they can get the mansion.

Evangeline is telling the court that Kevin’s claim on Ace is tenuous at best, since he’s not the baby’s biological father. She tells the judge what a great mother Kelly is. When she is finished, Mr. Emerson begins speaking and first attacks Kelly’s truthfulness, calling her a liar and giving examples (lying to the police about Paul, for example). Van tries to object but is overruled. Kevin’s attorney then points out that Kelly took the baby out of the jurisdiction, and brings up the time that Margaret kidnapped Ace while Kelly had custody of him. He finishes by pointing out that Kevin is the baby’s legal father – which gives him a valid legal claim for custody - and a better parent. He calls Kelly an adulteress, a liar, a flight risk, and an unfit mother. He insists the judge cannot overturn the custody order that gives Ace to Kevin. As the judge prepares to rule on the case, Kelly interrupts and tells the judge “you need to hear what I have to say” before she makes her ruling. Van tries to get Kelly to sit down and be quiet, but the judge wants to hear her out. Kelly explains that when she took Ace to Boston, she was not trying to flee, she just wanted her mother to meet her grandson. She says she knew she was going to have to give the baby to Kevin and that since her mom is in the hospital she didn’t know when she would get the chance to take him again. Emerson points out that Melinda is in a mental institution, and Kelly concedes the point. She also points out that she complied with the court order, even though it ripped her heart out. She tells the judge that she is a good mother and loves her son very much. The judge prepares to render a decision.

Starr and Travis are telling Viki that in just one week, he will have to go to New York and live with his mother in their “questionable” “transitional” neighborhood. Starr lays it on thick, talking about rats and crime and shootings, painting a grim picture, until Travis makes her stop it. Starr says she doesn’t want Travis to leave and that he would prefer to stay in Llanview. She points out that Viki needs an executive assistant and that’s what Travis’s mother does – she is EA to the president of another college- and asks Viki to hire the woman Starr goes all melodramatic on Viki and says that, if Travis has to leave, she will be alone forever and die heartbroken.

Blair and Todd are still examining the plans and trying to find something that will help them take the mansion. Blair is talking about some papers they’ve found that tend to show that Asa gave her some property in the divorce. She explains how that came to happen and mentions how eager she was to get out of the marriage. Todd says all they have to do is find a way to turn a 1.2 acre lot into the whole 96 acre estate.

The judge orders Ace returned to Kelly immediately. Emerson tells Kevin that they will win the final custody battle. Kevin says that he wants full custody, no visitation for Kelly at all. Asa walks up to Kelly and Dorian and tells Kelly that he wants her to drop the Buchanan name and take her and her baby to hell, where they belong. Kelly is horrified and shocked by his outburst, but forgets it when Ace is brought into the courtroom. As Kelly is reunited with Ace, Evangeline takes Dorian aside and says she is worried about the future of the custody case since Kelly wasn’t exactly the picture of stability today.

Marcie is trying to reassure Mark that what he did was right, and that he wasn’t stupid to come out of the closet. He tells her that the reason he did it was because her overheard her defending Eric to Ron, that her words made him understand that there was nothing to be ashamed of. He says that he realized he had been afraid for way too long. Nick walks in as Marcie hugs him, and there is obvious tension between the men.

Adriana is on her bed, reading the instructions to a home pregnancy test. She hides the test when she hears the downstairs door open and close, goes downstairs, and is excited that Ace is back. Dorian and Evangeline tell her that they intend to see that Kelly keeps they baby. As Adriana greets Ace, Kelly tells her that she will make a great mom someday. Kelly and Evangeline go into the living room, while Dorian tries to get Adriana to tell her what’s wrong. Van is telling Kelly that things won’t always be this easy, that Emerson is a formidable opponent.

Asa is telling Kevin that he saw Blair and Todd arguing over Kelly’s baby, even saw Blair throw a drink on Todd, and says that as far as he is concerned, Kelly, Blair and Todd can go to hell, but expresses a little affection toward the baby, saying he deserves a good home. Since Kevin knows the truth, he can’t figure out why Blair and Todd would fight about Todd’s supposed affair with Kelly, since Blair knows it never happened. He tells Asa he has to go somewhere, and Asa says that if he’s going to take Ace he should bring a gun with him.

Kelly says she can’t understand how Kevin can be so cruel to her and Ace. Evangeline leaves; on the way out, she asks Dorian privately to get Kelly whatever attention she needs to be strong and stable for the trial. Dorian agrees. Adriana is in the living room with Kelly and Ace, asking questions about Kelly’s pregnancy when Kelly becomes upset and tells her to just stop asking so many questions.

Blair teases Todd that he can’t turn a little bit of land into the whole parcel, but he says he can do it. He can do anything as long as he has her and the kids. He imagines the day they move into the mansion, meeting Kevin on his way out, looking completely disheveled, defeated, and pathetic. He cries over his misfortune, and Blair shows him no mercy, telling him that if he needs a place to live, he can sleep on the cow manure. As Todd and Blair enjoy their fantasy, Kevin comes banging at the door, insisting that they open up. They hide the mansion blueprints and let him in. Todd is smug and obsequious. Kevin asks what they’re up to.

Viki tells the kids that she will have to put Travis’s mother through the regular hiring process, and Starr counters that it shouldn’t be necessary since the regular secretary is on maternity leave now. Viki finally agrees to look at the woman’s resume and give her an interview, which thrills the kids. As Starr and Travis leave, Dorian shows up, asking Viki to get Kevin to give up the custody battle.

Kevin wants to know why Blair and Todd were fighting over Kelly, as Asa said they were, and Blair says they weren’t. Kevin threatens them, saying that whatever they’re up to, it won’t work, but Todd denies that they are “up to” anything. He also points out to Kevin that Asa is a lunatic. After he leaves, Blair points out that Kevin’s suspicious, but Todd is not concerned.

Mark tells Nick that they can still be friends, and Nick says that they can’t, calling Mark “homo” which Roxy overhears. As she walks in, Nick announces that he wants a new roommate, but Roxy refuses to move people around. Nick becomes more offensive and obnoxious about it “Alright Dick, I mean Nick…. Whatever” Roxy says. She offers Nick the use of a very small space over the garage, if he can “stand the smell”.

Viki is explaining that Kevin doesn’t listen to her anymore, and in fact they aren’t even speaking. She tells Dorian about Kevin’s behavior the last few months, and says that her son has become unrecognizable to her.

Kevin tells Asa that Blair denied throwing a drink on Todd, as he had said, but that she admitted to having spilled one. Asa asks if he is going to believe “that lying witch or your own grandpa? What do you think, I’m nuts or something?” Kevin picks up a drink from the coffee table and ponders Asa’s question.

Kelly apologizes for snapping at Adriana, and Adriana leaves the room. Kelly is holding Ace and swears to him that Kevin will never take him away from her telling the baby “if he tries, I’ll kill him.”


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