OLTL Update Wednesday 8/4/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/4/04

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Marcie and Michael sneak a peak at the forensic report on the bones they found at the Love Project site. John walks in on them, and says that while the guess is that she jumped, or fell, or was pushed from a roof, the case is cold and isn’t really going to be investigated.

At Rodi’s Natalie is working and talking to Rex about what she’s going to do with her trust fund. He can’t believe that she would choose, voluntarily, to be poor.

Adriana is re-reading her diary, and remembering the day she made love with River. She hears him in her head talking about not having used protection, and holds her stomach. Just then the phone rings; it’s River, and he asks her not to hang up.

At Tico’s dinner party, Dorian and Tico discuss Paul, and she warns Tico never to believe a word out of Paul’s mouth. He asks if that applies to Paul having told him that Dorian had gone to Puerto Rico to find his father’s money, which she admits and explains.

David asks Carlotta what she thinks of Tico, and she says that she likes him, that he is charming like his father.

Antonio shows Angelina a picture of Jamie. He comments that she must be very happy to be with Tico and Sonia again, as Sonia walks up, and Angelina says that being with Tico again is the answer to all of her prayers.

Rex asks Nat if giving away all of her money is a test to see if Paul really loves her, and she says that Paul does love her, it has nothing to do with the money. She points out that he hasn’t asked for a red cent, but it’s clear that Rex doesn’t really believe that Paul wants nothing. Nat gives him a hard time about his obvious hitting on Adriana, telling him it makes sense since Adriana is an heiress to a great deal of money.

River tells Adriana that, unless she gives him a reason to stay in Llanview, he is going to New York to study.

Dorian is wary of Tico’s interest in his half-sister; he says he understands her concerns. David approaches and starts talking to Tico about “Craze” again. He is telling Tico about all the plans for the business, but Tico seems disinterested in discussing business. He asks after Adriana and Kelly, and Dorian invites him over to see for himself.

Angelina is telling everyone how tired she is, and is preparing to go to bed when Antonio catches sight of her locket and it grabs his attention. He covers his interest by saying how beautiful it is; we can see there is more to it than that. After Sonia and Angelina have left the room, he comments to Jessica that there is “something about it”, and also that Angelina, despite what she says, doesn’t seem to want to be there.

Marcie goes to get a file for John, and when she leaves, John encourages Michael to go into forensic medicine. Michael asks about John’s personal life, and John tells him it’s confusing. Michael wants to know why, and John explains that he’s been seeing a woman on and off, mostly off, but that he hasn’t heard from her. He never says the woman’s name. Michael strongly encourages him to go for it with Natalie, and John tells him it wasn’t Nat he was talking about.

Nat and Rex are still discussing the situation with her money. She says that money is more trouble than it’s worth, and asks if he “gets” that. He replies that he doesn’t, and neither does Paul, no matter what he is telling her.

Angelina begins to clean things up, and Sonia orders her to bed, saying they have servants for that. There is obviously tension between the woman. Sonia warns Angelina that she is safe at the moment, she needs to avoid talking to Antonio, and that the farther she stays away from him, the better.

Antonio is asking Carlotta about Angelina, and she just says that it was years ago that they knew each other, and walks away. Antonio is frustrated, because he knows there is more to the story, but no one will tell him what.

At home, Antonio and Jess are talking about how odd the evening was, and he brings up the locket again. Then he asks her what she was talking to Sonia about; she replies that she was sizing up her competition. She then brings up Tico, and when Antonio gets a little jealous, she brushes it aside, and kisses him.

Adriana hangs up on River, telling him to stop calling her because she doesn’t want to talk to him. Tico shows up at the door to check on her, and Dorian comes from the living room to greet him. River calls while they stand there, but Adrana turns off her phone and doesn’t’ answer. Tico says he needs to make himself more clear to River about leaving Adrianna alone. David and Tico go into the living room, and Dorian questions Adriana about how she is feeling. Adriana says fine, and goes to her room.

David and Tico are having a drink, and David is really talking up “Craze” to Tico, pushing the idea of a European edition. Dorian changes the subject, giving Tico a chain and watch that Manuel had given her, which she says came from Manuel’s father. He takes it, looks at it, and gives hit back, saying he doesn’t’ want it.

Sonia is doing a tarot layout in Angel Square, when she begins talking to the angel stature, wanting to knowif it’s trying to tell her something. She is caught in a sudden downpour.

Antonio and Jess are asleep together, and Antonio dreams about Angelina , wearing the locket and carrying a serving tray, which she offers to him. He tells her she should be serving Sonia and Tico first, and looks over at them. They are whispering to each other, and giggling, but when he wants to know what they are whispering about, they laugh at him. Angelina offers him the tray again, and when she removes the cover from it, he sees the Tower card from the tarot deck. Then, Tico’s face swims before him, only the eyes are covered by cards with some sort of symbol. It’s a very strange dream, and wakes him up. He sees that Jessica is still asleep, and sits up on the edge of the bed.

Sonia is doing a tarot reading on the patio, and looks up, and begins talking to someone we can’t see. She essentially tells the person that things are fine.

Marcie brings the file back to John and tells him that she is officially off work. He and John are looking at some stuff they found on the computer and think they may have found the identity of the bones from the Love Center. They think it may be a woman named Amy Dunham, who was engaged to a Cramer. The computer record says no evidence of murder was ever found. They all speculate as to how the woman died, was it accidental or murder, and Marcie says she won’t be able to sleep until she knows. She and Michael banter, and end up kisssing, which makes John uncomfortable, and he leaves.

Paul calls Natalie at Rodi’s and tells her has to make a flight for Kevin so he won’t be home. After she hangs up, Rex tells her that if she inherits more money, she should just give it to Paul because men care about things like that. As he leaves, John walks up and asks if she is having a bad night.

Adriana runs into Dorian in the entryway of the house, as she is on her way back up to bed after checking her work schedule. She finally tells Dorian that she is still upset about River and Shannon, and Dorian reassures her that time will help and that someday River will be just a memory. Adrana breaks down crying and Dorian tries to comfort her.

Tico walks up to River who is calling Adriana on the cell phone and warns him, again, to leave her alone. River says that he loves Adriana and she loves him, but Tico is very insistent that he stay away from her. As River walks away, Jessica walks up and asks Tico if he’s seen Antonio. He says now, and hopes that Antonio’s sleeplessness is not because of him. Jess says it’s not. Tico invites her to get some food so she can tell him what she and his cousin are “losing sleep over.”

John orders some girlie drink, sarcastically, and Natalie gives him a beer. She asks him how things are with Evangeline, and he says complicated. She says she doesn’t get why they should be, and he changes the subject by challenging her to a game of pool.

Antonio finds Sonia in the bar and tells her he needs her help.

Marcie says she found a police report showing that Amy Dunham wasn’t happy about her engagement, that it may have been arranged between the Dunham and Cramer families to unite the two most powerful families in Llanview at the time, and might have been having an affair. The report says that the man she was rumored to be seeing was Charles McBain. Marcie points out that her brother and Amy are in the same situation: afraid to marry who they want, because of their families.

Adriana is still crying, and Dorian wants to know if there is more than just River that’s upsetting her. Adriana lies and says no, that she just doesn’t think she will ever get over him. Dorian sends her to bed and says rest will make things seem better. David walks into the foyer and they discuss Kelly’s hearing tomorrow, David countering Dorian’s worries about Kelly’s mental stability by saying she’s a strong girl. She agrees, but says she worries about all of her girls.

Antonio mentions Angelina’s locket to Sonia, and says it seems like something he’s seen before. He tells her a little about his dream, drawing the thing he had seen in Tico’s eyes in the dream. She comments that it seems like it’s really gotten him spooked, and says that whatever it is, she’ll help him. She his holding his hand across the table when Jessica walks in and sees them.

Michael and Marcie are arguing over he brother’s pending wedding, him saying that he doesn’t understand why Eric needs to get married to his partner. Marcie is angry, saying he obviously still has a problem with gay people, and storms out of the police station.

Adriana is sitting on her bed, holding a rosary and a pregnancy test, crying and praying, asking God forgiveness for her sin.

David asks Dorian if she is sure that Adriana’s only problem is a broken heart. Dorian says she doesn’t know, but is concerned about the insanity thing. David points out that the girl is half Santi. They end up talking about Tico, and David still doesn’t trust the guy. Dorian thinks he is jealous. He says he is going upstairs to fantasize about Sonia and asks if Dorian is jealous. She chases him up the stairs, laughing about what a bad boy he is.

John and Natalie run into Antonio and Jessica in Rodi’s while they are playing pool. John and Antonio say good-byes to each other, and the women don’t speak. When they leave, John asks Natalie what is up with her and her sister.

Sonia shows Tico the picture that Antonio draw, of what he had seen in his dream, and tells him that Antonio was wondering what it meant. Tico looks at it, and says that things are going to have to move faster than they had planned.


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