OLTL Update Tuesday 8/3/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/3/04

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David wants to know why Dorian isn’t dressed for Tico’s dinner party; she says she is afraid to leave Kelly since Kevin has taken Ace. David tries to reassure her that Evangeline will handle it and Ace will be back soon, but Dorian is still worried that Kelly may need her while she is gone. David points out that Kelly is heavily sedated and that Dorian needs some time away from everything.

Tico is getting the party set-up, and Sonia tells him that his family will be duly impressed. He tells her that tonight is very important, and not just for him. Sonia switches her seat assignment with Jessica so that she will be sitting next to Antonio.

Antonio and Jessica are talking in the entry way of Llanfair, when Nat walks in and past them, barely speaking to her sister. She heads upstairs.

Viki is on the phone to Clint, telling him all about Paul, and her reservations about him and his relationship with Natalie. She says that she will be making things very clear to Paul tonight at dinner, and hangs up.

Blair and Todd are trying to figure out why Kevin hasn’t told Asa the truth about Ace, and Todd points out that it doesn’t matter, it just helps them in their mission to make him crazy enough that they can steal the mansion from him. He says that Asa is already a “few bales short of a hay ride” and that he will be “stark raving mad” by the time they are done with him.

Adriana is looking through her date book and becoming frantic. Dorian – dressed for the party -comes in and misinterprets the girl’s anxiety to the break up with River, and her missing him, and lectures the girl on being happy and finding someone better, and sends her off to get dressed for the dinner at Lion’s Heart. David walks in as Adriana goes to get dressed and he comments on Adriana’s instant closeness to Tico. Dorian says it’s to be expected, since they are closer in age, and are half-siblings.

Tico finds Sonia in the living room doing a tarot lay out; he says that as educated and sophisticated as she is, he finds it difficult to understand why she depends on the cards so much. She points out that the cards say his party will be a success. He tells her that he wants his family to leave there thinking he is not a threat. Sonia tells him that the cards show good fortune for either her or him, or maybe for both or them.

Jess tells Antonio that he should go home and get dressed for the dinner party while she stays to talk to Nat. Natalie, coming down the stairs, hears her and says there is nothing for them to talk about, then flounces back up the stairs. Jessica tells Antonio that Natalie is acting like she did when she first came to town, almost as if she doesn’t want to be a part of the family. They wind up talking about Sonia again, and Antonio says he is not interested in her at all. He tells Jess about Sonia reading his tarot, and how she was subtle but worked herself into it, and that the death card came up.

David, Dorian, and Adriana arrive at Tico’s for the party and are introduced to Sonia and thanked for the housewarming gifts. Dorian wanders in to the living room and is impressed with all the things in there. She quietly begs David to be civilized with Tico, but he doesn’t trust Tico.

Jess and Antonio arrive, and Jess spars with Sonia over the tarot reading she did for Antonio. They all go into the living room where Tico announces that in his and Sonia’s country there is a custom of the host giving his guests a gift and explains that because of his father, he missed years with his family and is giving items indicative of the years they were all separated. He gives Carlotta a gold piece, and Adriana something that once belonged to his (her) grandmother. To Dorian, he gives his mother’s pearls, telling her that they have been waiting for another beautiful woman to wear them. Jessica is given the lace mantilla his mother wore on her wedding day, Tico saying that perhaps she can wear it when she gets married.

Natalie is alone in Llanfair, and remembering her conversation with Jess and Viki, and how she felt picked on and ganged up on. She is looking at pictures of her with Jessica and Viki. She remembers the day Viki gave her the manuscript that covered the time before Nat came back into her life, and how emotional a moment it was. She looks around the room, then rushes out, obviously a little upset.

Tico then gives David and Antonio Spanish cigars. Antonio tells Tico that he can’t buy his family’s acceptance and Carlotta is appalled at his behavior. Tico says that he understands Antonio’s concern, then announces that there is something he wants from everyone… He mentions that he manages his family’s money, and that he needs the people in his family to introduce him to the movers and shakers, like Asa Buchanan, in Llanfair that will help him bring some of the money here. Sonia gets Antonio alone and asks if he knows anything more about the break-in at the Hookup. Tico is telling Adriana about their grandmother, and also how Adriana shouldn’t waste her love on someone who doesn’t deserve her. Tico then moves on to Jessica, who thanks him again for the gifts and apologizes for breaking the mirror. He brushes the apology aside, saying that her breaking the mirror is what let him find that note from his mother, and the picture of his brother.

Todd approaches Viki and sits with her at her table, asking why she had dinner with Paul earlier. She tells him that she wanted to try to find out what Paul was up to in his relationship with Natalie. Todd says he doesn’t trust Paul, and she agrees. She points out that Natalie has to make her own mistakes but that she wants to be able to help her if she falls. “Just like you did for me”, says Todd. Viki mentions how much happier and calmer Todd seems lately, and asks if he is doing everything he can to end the feud with Kevin.

Blair walks in on Asa in his home. He tells her to get out, and take Todd’s baby with her because he doesn’t want it around. Neither does she, she tells him, and they proceed to talk about her “short-lived” reconciliation with Todd, her anger over the baby that Todd (supposedly) had with Kelly. She is playing it all so that Asa thinks she is furious with Todd and no longer back with him, and then she mentions that she needs someone rich and powerful, who hates Todd, on her side… someone “like you, Asa.”

Asa wants to know why he would want to help Blair and she responds that he wouldn’t, but what about Kevin. Todd took his child, slept with his wife… and has hurt Asa a lot in the past. She tells him Todd is plotting to get the paper back right now. She says she heard Todd on the phone, plotting to destroy Kevin, and that no one can stop him, except maybe for her and Asa, if they work together. Asa points out that they can’t even stand each other, and Blair agrees and turns to leave, but Asa stops her, and says he will think about helping her to set Todd up.

Todd tells Viki that maybe he hasn’t changed as much as she thinks, although his life is all about his kids now. They cover the topic of Todd being Victor’s son and his choice to be his own man rather than be like Victor. Viki says she hopes his love for Blair and the kids guides his life, instead of being like Kevin, and letting the anger run things.

Natalie is on the cell phone with Paul, finding out that he had dinner with her mother, and she is incredulous that her mother said things to Paul about their living together and her money. She says it’s time for Viki to learn to butt out, and hangs up.

Jessica gets Antonio away from Sonia and is jealous of all the attention Sonia’s been demanding from Antonio. He reassures her. Dorian explains to Tico that Kelly isn’t there because she is having a difficult time right now. When Dorian excuses herself, David tells Tico that, for investment purposes, he should take a look at Craze, commenting that Blair is amazing. Tico points out that Blair isn’t his biggest fan since he outbid her for Lion’s Heart, and David says that could be changed. Tico then gets everyone’s attention and makes another announcement, introducing his governess to the group, who raised him after his mother’s death. Angelina comes down stairs, and Carlotta is stunned, nearly fainting and exclaiming “Ay, Dios mio!”

Natalie bursts into Llanfair and jumps right in the middle of Viki for what she said to Paul, accusing her of going behind her back. Viki says it wasn’t a secret, and that she expected Paul would tell her about it. Nat is still furious, wanting to know why no one ever thinks men are after Jess for her money, only her. Viki says she just loves Nat and wants to be sure she is okay, and says that living with Paul may not be the wisest decision. Natalie gets defensive again, saying that Viki should expect unwise decisions from the "stupid sister”, and storming out. Viki is upset that Natalie is unable to understand her concerns.

Carlotta and Angelina know each other from Puerto Rico. Tico explains how Angelina raised him, and Sonia, too. Carlotta takes Sonia aside and asks about her family. Adriana pleads illness and excuses herself, telling Dorian to stay and enjoy herself. Jessica gets Sonia alone and says it’s time they had a little talk. Sonia agrees.

Jessica asks Sonia about her experiences with Manuel Santi for her story on the Santi family.

Dorian calls to check on Adriana, who tells her everything is fine. When they hang up, Adriana goes back to reading her journal, the page talking about her and River making love. She consults a calendar again, and realizes that she is two weeks late. She assumes she is pregnant.

David asks Dorian how Adriana is, and she tells him that she doesn’t believe her daughter is being truthful about whatever is wrong with her, that there is more than just feeling a little ill.

Tico wants to know what Jessica and Sonia were talking about and she says she is just trying to get the whole story on the Santi family.

Natalie calls Kevin and wants to know who she should talk to about changing something in her trust fund, because she wants to give away all her money.

Viki sits at her desk, talking to God. She can’t stand to see her kids so lost. Joey in London, Natalie and her relationship. She asks God to help them find what they need, and asks Him to help Kevin find the good in himself, and to protect Todd from his own demons.

Blair and Todd are comparing notes on their evenings, and he encourages her to keep turning things up on Asa. They name Asa’s mansion “Manning Manor” and toast to getting it away from the Buchanans.


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