OLTL Update Monday 8/2/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/2/04

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Roxy answers the door at the “Love Shack” and welcomes Viki in to check on the students. As they chat, Hudson enters the room, and Viki asks him how things are going. He replies that everyone seems to be getting along better, and that things are fine except for the site getting trashed, and the human bones they found, and Marcie’s idea for a fundraising strip show.

Marcie is trying to convince her brother, Ron to participate in the strip show, too. He points out that, with his other obligations fulfilled, he is free to stay on the job and supervise, hinting that this is quite a contribution in itself. Marcie tells him that’s great, he can supervise and strip, too.

Evangeline and Nora are getting some lunch, and Nora is lamenting that Van beat her at miniature golf. Van says that she is kind of a natural athlete and could probably beat Nora at most sports, to which Nora responds that she believes she could beat Van at tennis. She wins in every other court, why not the tennis court? Vangie accepts the challenge, and they laugh, Nora noting sarcastically “We’re not too competitive, are we?” and Van tries to exclude herself from “we”.

Kevin is trying to get David to tell him where Dorian and Kelly have taken Ace, and David is sticking to his beach resort story. Kevin sends the marshals he has with him to search the upstairs while he continues to harangue David, telling him that Dorian is just using him, taking advantage of him to help Kelly, and implying that David is a fool for covering for her. He asks if David is willing to take the fall for Dorian and Kelly defying a court order.

Melinda is pleased to meet the baby, but asks Kelly where she got it, because she knows it’s not really Kelly’s baby

Jen invites Riley to go to Rodi’s with her for a burger, but he says he had planned on going to the work site instead. She offers to go with him, and then they can eat later. Riley is acting odd with her, and she asks him what’s wrong; after dodging the issue for a few seconds, Riley says that they have to talk about what happened last night: she crawled into bed with him.

Viki is telling Hudson and Roxy that the bones are over 50 years old and not an immediate concern for the center, and that the vandalism is being investigated, too, and what she really wants to discuss is people taking their clothes off for money. Roxy obviously thinks it’s a great idea, but Hudson is really not into it. Viki says that while she might not have thought of a strip show as a means of raising money, it’s what the student group decided to do that counts. Roxy says she wants to emcee the show, unless Viki wants to do it.

Nora is telling Vangie that they are both equally competitive, and finally Van admits it. Nora is laughing about Van’s cell phone distracting her when she was putting during the mini-golf game, and Evangeline says she is waiting on her assistant to call about Kelly’s custody order. She tells Nora that she is trying to get Kevin’s order of custody set aside, but not having much luck. Evangeline asks Nora what she would do in Kelly’s position, and Nora laughs, saying that it’s not possible, Bo would never do something like this. Evangeline says she imagines that’s what Kelly would have said before, too.

Kevin tells David that the current situation has all the earmarks of a “Dorian trick”, and that it’s obvious she has left David here to cover for her. David tells him to give it a rest. Kevin keeps trying to cajole David into telling him where Kelly and Ace are, but David won’t do it. The cops come down stairs and tell Kevin that there is no one in the house. Kevin tells them to take David into custody for questioning, but they refuse, saying they are there only to enforce the custody order. Frustrated, Kevin leaves, telling David to be sure to tell Dorian and Kelly that “this isn’t over.”

Natalie gets a phone call from Paul, and he tells her that he has flown Dorian to see his mother in Boston.

Melinda continues to insist that Ace is not Kelly’s and finally says that he is her own baby, Paul

Evangeline is trying to figure out why Kevin has taken custody of Ace now, when the hearing is only two days away, and Nora says that it allows him to argue possession in court. They talk about the judge who will be hearing the case, and Nora says she’s a fair judge. She mentions, too, that RJ had asked her, as a friend, what was going on between John and Evangeline, and that she really doesn’t even know herself, and asks “What is going on?”

Natalie meets Jessica and Jess apologizes if Nat felt insulted the other night when they talked about the proxy, it’s just that the whole situation with Viki, Todd, and Kevin had her very stressed out. Nat speculates that Viki must be mad at her for giving her proxy to Kevin now that Kevin has used them to fire Todd. Jess says no, that Viki is mad at Kevin, not Natalie. She asks why Natalie had refused to rescind her proxy and Nat replies that all Todd does is hurt people, including Viki, and that Kevin is just trying to protect them. Jessica says that’s not true, and Nat reminds her of Todd’s behavior in the situation with Mitch, Natalie, and Cristian, how he was willing to turn her over to Mitch to save Blair, without a second thought. Jessica says that Kevin is in the wrong this time, and Natalie says that everyone should just give Kevin a break. She lets slip that Kevin gave Paul a job once he had Nat’s proxy, and Jessica is stunned: “Is that why -- did you betray mom to get your boyfriend a job? Natalie, what is wrong with you? “

Roxy is waiting to find out if Viki wants to emcee the strip show, and Viki allows as how Roxy would probably do a much better job with it. Viki asks Hudson if there is anything more she needs to know about the project, and he says that yes, they are all getting along better and that they have “a slew of workers” doing all kinds of things. They’ve even gotten a wall put up. Viki tells him that they have made wonderful progress, but to remember that they have to finish by the start of the fall term. Hudson realizes that’s only four weeks away, and Viki tells him that they can accomplish a great deal in four weeks, based on what they’ve already done. Roxy escorts Viki to the door, and as she leaves, Hudson looks concerned. “Four weeks?”

Jen says she did not crawl into bed with Riley, but continues to insist that she did, saying that she even cuddled up to him and that when he said “Jen, Jen.” To her, she just got up and went back to her own bed. She really doesn’t believe him, and he suggests that she was sleepwalking, asking if that has ever happened before. Jen says that yes, her mom has told her that she did it as a child and then wants to know why Riley didn’t wake her up. He says that he thought she was awake. She asks him if he thought she was just overtaken by a sudden urge to jump into bed with him.

Marcie continues to beg Ron to strip in the show and he finally agrees. As she tells him how great he is going to do, her phone rings. It’s Eric, and he’s got good, big news for her. “Oh, my God, that’s fantastic!” she shouts. Ron wants to know what’s happening and when Marcie finally ends the call, she tells him: Eric’s getting married. Ron thinks this means that Eric found a girl, and Marcie tells him no, Eric is marrying his boyfriend.

Jen is swearing that she doesn’t remember any of what Riley is telling her, and apologizes, but Riley says it’s not a big deal. They walk in on Hudson worrying.

Roxy is telling Hudson to worry about nothing but putting on a good strip show when Jen says that the guys are going to need a lot of work. Roxy agrees and says that in addition to being emcee, she will be in charge of “calligraphy” because she knows what moves would make them look sexiest. Riley corrects Roxy: Choreography! Nick comes in wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. Roxy says “Good, you’re in costume already.” And Nick wants to know what she means. When she says they are going to begin rehearsals for the strip show, he says he’s not participating because it’s totally gay.

Ron is still not thrilled with Eric’s news, and wants to know “why he’s doing this”. Marcie doesn’t understand the problem and tells Ron so. He says that it’s unnatural for two men to marry and she wants to know who says so. Dad, he says, and she tells him dad lives in a time warp. The church, then, and she asks when was the last time he even went to church; the president, he finally comes up with, and she points out that he didn’t even vote for this president. As they argue, Mark walks up and says hello, but realizing what they are discussing, he excuses himself and goes to leave, but Ron says he wants to ask a question: What does Mark think of gay marriage.

Natalie is angry and tells Jessica that she did not betray their mother. Jessica thinks she did, to get Paul a job, and tells her sister that she is just as selfish as Kevin is. Natalie retorts that she would rather be like Kevin than the other hypocrites in the family. Viki walks up and wants to know what this is about. Jessica tells her that Nat traded her proxy to Kevin for a job for Paul. Viki asks if it’s true, and Nat finally says yes, but that it wasn’t a sellout. Viki gives her the opportunity to explain herself, but Natalie says she doesn’t have to. Viki just thinks that Kevin manipulated Natalie into signing over her proxy, and Natalie gets angrier and more defensive about the situation, sarcastically agreeing that she is “the stupid one” and how she let Kevin manipulate her the way Mitch did. Natalie finally says that Kevin is her brother, implying that’s why she gave him her proxy, and walks out.

Kevin is on the phone to someone, telling them to do whatever it takes to “break Vickers”. Asa is there, and wants to know why Kevin is so set on raising Todd’s baby. Kevin explains that he is the father of record, and Ace is legally his son and that he will bring the baby home if it kills him or someone else.

Kelly tries to tell Melinda that this baby is not Paul, that Paul is grown up, but Melinda keeps insisting that Kelly give her back the baby. As Melinda tries to grab the baby, Dorian walks in and takes control of the situation.

David answers the door and the man there introduces himself as Hess, saying he works for Kevin. He offers David a briefcase full of money to tell him where Kelly and Ace are.

Marcie tells Ron to leave Mark out of the discussion, but Ron insists on getting Mark’s opinion on gay marriage. Marcie manages to distract Ron from Mark, who is trying to avoid answering the question. Marcie: “I can't even believe that you're reacting this way. Since when have you had a problem with Eric being gay?” Ron retorts that he is sort of cool with Eric being gay, but that getting married will just make a spectacle of himself, and wants to know what he’s trying to prove. Marcie asks if by getting married to a man she will be trying to prove something, and what is wrong with Eric marrying someone he loves? Ron tells her how embarrassed their dad will be about this, and Marcie says that’s dad’s problem. Ron insists that this will kill their dad, and is that what Marcie wants? She says of course not, and calls Ron a drama queen. He asks her to call Eric and get him to call it off.

Jess apologizes to her mother for the scene with Natalie, and says that she really lost it when she realized that Paul got a job out of the deal, and feels like Paul manipulated Natalie, too. Viki points out that they don’t know that, and says that she believes Paul genuinely cares for Natalie. She says she wants Nat to find happiness. Jess isn’t so sure that Paul can do that, and voices her concern that Paul is dating her sister for her money. Viki agrees that Paul may not be the best thing for Natalie if he is bringing trouble into her life. Jessica announces that she just doesn’t trust him.

Evangeline tells Nora that whatever it is between her and John is new, and strange, and that it and John both excite her, but that is all she really can say at the moment, because she doesn’t know where it’s going.

Melinda is calling for her baby, and Dorian is trying to calm her. She suggests that Kelly take the baby out of the room while she talks to Melinda. Dorian then shows Melinda a picture of Paul all grown up. As Dorian calms her, Melinda tells of how confused she is, and afraid. Dorian tells her she just has to keep fighting and stay strong.

David sticks to his ocean resort story with Hess, and throws him out of the house, saying he will keep the “bribe money” since Hess can’t exactly go to the police asking for help in recovering his stolen bribe money. Hess says it’s not a bribe, it’s a reward, a fee for service, and that’s perfectly legal. He takes the briefcase and leaves, telling David that he should warn Mrs. Buchanan to get back there with the baby tonight, or she’ll be sorry.

David calls Dorian and tells her what is going on. She worries about what losing Ace will do to Kelly, and David says he doesn’t like it either, but that Kelly has to get back to Llanview now.

Roxy is showing the Love Center crew how to move when they’re stripping, and Riley says he is not doing that in front of a room full of people. Roxy says they’re not people, they’re sexed up girls. Nick and Hudson agree with Riley that they are not doing this. Roxy tells them that they have to move and “shake what your mama gave you” or they won’t make much money, and isn’t that the point? The guys basically don’t care, they aren’t doing it.

Marcie and Ron are still arguing over Eric’s wedding, and when Ron realizes that Marcie is absolutely not going to call Eric and get him to cancel the wedding he tells her that he will do it himself. Marcie tells him to go ahead because Eric is “proud of who he is, and he is not afraid or ashamed to stand up and say it.” Mark overhears this.

Kevin is still explaining, without telling the truth, why he wants to raise Ace as his heir, after Duke. Asa asks if he is going to go get Duke, then, and Kevin says yes, he will bring him from Texas, send him to Wharton, and put him to work at Buchanan Enterprises. Asa thinks that will be good for Duke. Kevin says that since Joey, Natalie and Jessica don’t have what it takes to run B.E., … and Natalie walks in. She says she came to tell him that she is on his side in the whole Todd issue. Kevin thanks her but says that right now he is focused on finding Kelly. Natalie asks if it’s possible she’s with Dorian and Paul in Boston. Kevin suddenly has something to take care of, and Natalie says that if he talks to Kelly and Paul’s there to have Paul call her because he’s not answering his cell. After she leaves, Kevin makes a call to get Paul’s flight plan.

Marcie and Ron walk in to the Love Shack, followed by Mark, who announces that he has something to say. He says that someone made him realize that being gay isn’t something to be ashamed of, so there it is, he’s gay, and he’ll be in his room if anyone needs him. Hudson is surprised, asking if anyone would have though Mark was gay, and Roxy asks “Who wouldn’t have?”

Dorian and Kelly arrive at home, and David is relieved. Kelly is talking to Ace, telling him that she just wanted him to meet his grandma. David is trying to get through to Dorian that Kevin is going to take Ace from Kelly tonight, and Dorian suggests Kelly go upstairs and rest; Kelly resists, saying she doesn’t want Ace out of her sight, but Dorian says she and David will watch him. Just as Kelly is agreeing, Kevin starts pounding on the door, yelling that he knows Kelly is there. Kelly begs David and Dorian not to open the door, but they respond that they have to. They try to reassure her that Kevin having Ace will only be temporary, but Kelly is getting more frantic and desperate by the second. David suggests she go upstairs, but she doesn’t want to. Dorian lets Kevin and the cops in, and Kevin asks where Ace is. Dorian tells him he’s in the living room with his mother, and Kevin goes to get him. David tries to comfort and calm her, but as Kevin is coming into the house with the police, she is begging “Please, don’t take my son.” Over and over.

Jessica tells Viki that she has to leave right now to meet Antonio and Jamie, and asks if Viki will be alright. Viki says yes, and sends her love to them. Jessica adds that she feels bad about what happened with Natalie, but that she really thinks Paul is the worst thing for Nat right now. Viki asks if Jess thinks Paul would actually harm Natalie, and Jess says that she does. She notes that Nat is a sucker for him, and Viki finishes the sentence: because she’s needy. And realizes that Paul will have Natalie fixing things just like she did for Roxy because he knows she can’t help herself; she also says that part of the attraction to Paul is to prove that she (Natalie) is right and everyone else is wrong. Jessica agrees with her, and says again that she thinks whether or not Paul does care for Natalie in some way, he is mainly just after her money. Viki agrees, and Jessica leaves. After Jess is gone, Viki calls Paul and invites him to dinner tomorrow night. He tries to avoid doing it when he realizes that it will be just him and Viki, but she refuses to let him off the hook, telling him “Paul, I'm going to insist, ok? You say you love Natalie. I'd like you to make me believe that.”

One of the cops takes Ace from Kelly, and as they are all leaving, she is sobbing, hysterical, asking Kevin why he is doing this and begging him not to do this to her. Dorian tells him he is beneath contempt. David asks if he can’t see what he is doing to Kelly, and Kelly is on the floor in the entryway, crying for her baby, as Kevin walks out with the baby.


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