OLTL Update Friday 7/30/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/30/04

By Nancy
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(My apologies, friends, but my ABC soaps were pre-empted Friday due to Vice-President Cheney’s visit to the area. I am having to provide your update based on the show’s transcript, so I will be unable to tell you where some conversations take place or who physically does what. I am really sorry. I can’t believe I missed OLTL on a FRIDAY just so I could watch a plane land!)

John and Antonio are discussing the current situation with the Santi family. Antonio is satisfied that it was not Padilla who held Tico prisoner, but isn’t sure if it is El Tiburon or not. John asks Antonio’s take on Sonia and he replies that he’s not sure, although she’s friendly. John points out that it can’t be the haircut or the shirt… The both wonder how Sonia got released from FBI custody so quickly; John warns Antonio that Sonia is the “wild card” in this situation, and to watch her.

While unpacking at Lion’s Heart, Sonia asks Tico if he ever feels a sense of impending disaster and he says, yes. She points out that they have to find this El Tiburon before he finds them, or they won’t have a future. She mentions that Antonio is the key to the situation, just as Jessica walks into the room. She wants to know what Sonia was saying about Antonio.

Blair wishes out loud that she and Todd could have bought Lion’s Heart, but Todd points out how much fun it will be to steal Asa’s mansion. Starr comes in, very upset. She has not been invited to a party with all her friends because the host’s parents believe Starr is trash. They object to Todd’s prison record, Blairs promiscuity, and don’t like that Kelly is “having” Todd’s baby. Todd and Blair try to reassure Starr that the rumors are untrue, but Starr is unhappy with the whole situation and wishes she were dead.

Kevin is looking at some papers and says to himself “Read it and weep, Manning” when Evangeline shows up to see him. She says she is only there to hear him say that he will not try to claim Kelly is an unfit mother, but he tells her instead that he is dropping his charges against Kevin, and is not naming him as a co-respondent in his divorce from Kelly. Evangeline says that he has her attention…

Dorian and David walk in on Kelly just as she is prepared to leave with Ace. Dorian wants to know what Kelly is doing and where she is going.

Jessica and Sonia are talking about Tico’s antiques and how beautiful Jess thinks they are. Sonia says she prefers modern things to Tico’s antiques, that they’re more sensual. She mentions that she has to leave now to go see Antonio on “police business” and mentions how dedicated Antonio is and how “safe” she and Tico feel knowing Antonio is around; she does it with a look on her face and a tone of voice that leave no doubt what she is after.

Antonio assures John that he can handle Sonia. Antonio asks if John has found out if RJ was behind his getting jumped, and John explains that even though no one will say so, he knows it was RJ. Antonio also wants to know how Evangeline is handling the situation and John says that to protect her from potential harm, he has told her that they need to lay low for a while. He thinks she sees it at his way of pulling back from the relationship.

Evangeline is talking to Kevin about being more reasonable about the divorce and custody. Kevin says he has hired a very big gun – William Emerson - to get Ace taken away before the divorce trial even commences. Van tells him that Emerson is so unscrupulous and known for such dirty tricks that even his clients get embarrassed by his actions, but Kevin explains that Emerson says there is enough evidence of Kelly’s incompetence to take Ace away today. Evangeline warns him not to try it, but he says it’s already done and will happen today.

Kelly tells David and Dorian that Todd told Kevin the truth about Ace and that now she is afraid that Kevin will use his money and power to take the baby away from her. David is shocked to learn the truth (“I’m not a Cramer woman, I get told nothing around here!”), while Dorian swears revenge on Todd: “I’ll kill him!” David asks Kelly to bring him up to speed on the whole situation and Kelly tells him everything. They agree that Todd has used the truth solely to hurt Kevin. Kelly continues to insist that she and Ace must leave to prevent Kevin from taking Ace. She begs David to help her with her escape.

Jessica finds a Ver Meer painting in Tico’s things, and comments on it. He says that very few young people know about Van Meer, and how he feels he is on a one man journey to keep “real” taste alive, and it feels very lonely. He hints that she could be his “partner”…

Blair and Todd are trying to reassure Starr that the things she is hearing about her dad and Kelly will stop soon. Starr is still upset about all the rumors regarding Ace’s paternity. Todd promises her things will change and her friends wills top shutting her out, but after Starr leaves the room, Blair tells him he can’t go making promises of that kind, that they can’t force their way into respectability. Todd: “You want to bet?”

Antonio says he has to leave to meet Sonia at the Hookup, and John cautions him to watch his back with her. Antonio mentions that he thinks she likes it in Llanview.

Evangeline has checked with her office by phone and finds out that she has just received notification of the custody issue. She calls Emerson’s way of doing this a “stalling technique”, hoping she will settle the case. Kevin points out that once Van knows all of Kelly’s lies, she will see that it’s best for the baby to be with him. Van tries to get him to tell her what he is talking about but he says that she should ask Kelly and then “run to court”.

Dorian is resistant to Kelly’s leaving with the baby, but David stands behind her and tells Dorian that if she is going to leave, it needs to be now. Dorian tells her that she needs to stay with them and fight Kevin but Kelly insists she will go. David and Dorian point out how difficult life will be on the run with a baby, and how Todd may try to blame her for his actions if she isn’t there to defend herself, but Kelly isn’t really worried about any of that. Dorian tries to talk her out of it, but Kelly is terrified of Kevin’s power, and is adamant that she must leave.. Dorian cannot bear the thought of possibly never seeing Kelly and Ace again, and begs her not to go.

Antonio arrives at the Hookup and Sonia is there. In the background is the music he used to strip to, and she points it out, trying to convince him to …. He says that he thought the bar was just a way into the Santi family for her, and wonders why she still has the place. She says that she enjoys nightlife. He asks her what her other motives besides self defense, may have been for killing Padilla, and she tells him the story of how he had killed her parents. He asks her what’s next, if killing Padilla was the end or the beginning.

Todd reminds Blair about the offshore accounts he got from Mitch and says how “money, money, money, money” will help to keep Starr from ever being hurt like this again. Blair points out that money didn’t help Kelly’s life, and Todd points out that Kelly’s current situation works to their advantage, but taking people’s attention off of them. They then discuss Todd’s plan to steal Asa’s mansion out from under him.

Kevin and Asa are having lunch, and Asa says he doesn’t understand why Kevin wants the baby when it isn’t his. Kevin explains. Asa warns Kevin not to underestimate any woman who could convince people that HE was senile. He tells Kevin that Van will do anything to win, and Kevin says that he will, too.

David has paid the car Kelly called and sent it away. Kelly explains that her fear now is that if Kevin doesn’t get Ace, he will find the boy’s biological mother – possibly with Paul’s help - and she will lose her son to a stranger. David offers to “strangle the truth out of Paul” for her. Dorian points out that as long as she doesn’t do anything crazy – like running away – Kelly has Kevin stalemated, and that running away also cuts Dorian off from helping Kelly and Ace, as well. Kelly just can’t see any alternative to leaving. Evangeline arrives and announces that she has terrible news: Kevin’s lawyer found a judge to get Ace removed from Kelly’s custody and they will be there to pick up the baby today. Kelly is devastated and stunned.

Sonia is telling Antonio that “this is over”, talking about her anger and hate for Padilla. He points out that she ran the Hookup as a way to get into the Santi organization to get Padilla, and she insists that’s all in the past now. Antonio says El Tiburon must be glad she took Padilla out for him. She says she didn’t do it to help El Tibruon.

Tico gives Jessica a gift ( Sorry, I have no idea what it was!) that once belonged to his mother, saying that she used them every day. Jessica is hesitant to accept so personal a gift, but Tico is insistent, and she relents, saying she will use them everyday. He talks to her, reminiscing about how he wanted to start the family over when he was a child, to make things better. She uses his mood to bring up the question again about where he was for the year after he learned his father’s real identity.

Blair and Todd are telling Starr about their huge wedding plans and that they are going to invite all her friend’s parents. They tell her that they hope to be living in a new house, too, one that all the other kids are going to be dying to be invited over to.

Kelly wants to know how this happened, and Evangeline explains how Emerson used sneaky tricks to blind side her and get this order issued. Van also explains how she plans to counter this move, and admonishes Kelly yet again not to leave, that it will ruin her chances of being awarded full custody. She asks if there is anything she needs to know about this situation, anything Kelly might be keeping from her, and Kelly says no. Kelly must give the baby up for the night, but Van reassures her that the baby will be back in the morning. Kelly points out that there is no guarantee of that happening, and leaves the room to be with Ace. Dorian tells David that she is very frightened that, if Kelly loses Ace, she will also lose her mind.

Tico brings Jessica a drink, and they continue to talk about his “missing year”. He says he spent months hiding, living in fear, knowing he was in danger. He picks up a hairbrush and says it was his mother’s, that she probably used it the day she was killed. He tells her how his mother had left him with the Nanny and taken his brother with her out to the car. Jessica senses that this is hard for him to talk about and apologizes for being nosy. He says it’s all right. She accidentally breaks a picture and when they go to clean up the glass, she sees on the picture there is some writing. (Manuel and his little brother, Tico.) “Manuel y su hermanito Tico.”

Sonia tells Antonio that if he’s so worried about The Shark coming to Llanview, he should do some police work and stop him. She has nothing else to say on the subject. Antonio theorizes that she may have met El Tiburon without knowing who he was. Next, Antonio asks how Sonia “got in” with Padilla. In an attempt to change the subject, Sonia says “There was this stripper cop in Llanview. He's a good kisser, but a real pain in the neck.” (Apparently,) Sonia is looking at tarot cards, and Antonio asks her if she really believes in those. She says she uses them to work on questions, finding answers. She suggests that Antonio try them by asking a question.

Evangeline is waiting for a judge to call her and is talking to John. She states that she has been pretty patient about the questions she asked him last night, and John responds that he is just concerned that RJ will take things out on her. She tells him that he doesn’t need that for an excuse to cool things down between them, and he says that never said he wanted things to cool down, and wonders if she is.

Asa asks Todd why he isn’t trying to keep his baby from Kevin, and Todd is surprised to realize that Asa doesn’t know the truth yet. Blair arrives (Asa apparently leaves) and tells Todd that the wedding planner isn’t there yet; Todd says that he has bigger news than that: Kevin hasn’t told Asa the truth yet! They ponder why this is and what it may mean.

David is on the phone and Dorian is trying to get his attention. He finally hangs up and Dorian tells him that Kelly and the baby are gone, that they must have sneaked out while she was looking for another lawyer to help them. While they talk, Dorian realizes that Kelly has taken the baby to see Melinda, her insane mother. While they talk, there comes a pounding at the front door. It’s Kevin, with Federal Marshalls, wanting to take custody of Ace, as the court order allows. Dorian asks David to stall Kevin until she can figure out for sure if Kelly has actually taken Ace to Boston.

Sonia is reading Antonio’s tarot cards, saying that she sees a lot of action and conflict could be positive or negative, she doesn’t know. He chooses a last card, and she says it represents death or symbolic death, but what does it matter if he doesn’t believe in the cards?

Jessica finds some writing with the picture and Tico reads it. It is by his mother, about him at age 2, how much he loves and adores his father, and her desire to protect Tico from the world of Manuel Santi. She agonizes over whether to let her son stay with the father he loves, or take him away where he will be safe from the danger of the man’s life.

Evangeline tells John that their “relationship” is the one place in her life where she doesn’t know what outcome she wants. He says he feels the same way. They decide to keep going and see what happens with them.

Todd thinks that if Kevin is keeping Asa in the dark about Ace, that may be something he and Blair can take advantage of. They agree that she is going to have to pretend in front of Asa that she hates Todd because of his “affair” with Kelly, and she demonstrates how well she can do that, yelling at him about his fathering a child with her cousin…

David answers the door and asks Kevin why the marshals are arresting him. Kevin tells him that he is here to get Ace and the marshals are to make sure there are no problems. He hands David the court order, and David stalls by making light of it. Kevin begins to lose patience and demands that David tell him where Ace is:

David: I don't know, beats me. Dorian and Kelly took him out.

Kevin: Where?

David: I don't know. They -- oh, I think they left a note. Oh, here's the note. Yeah, they took him to a resort on the ocean.

Kevin: Which one?

David: The Atlantic ocean.

Kevin: Which resort, David?

David continues to stall…

Kelly is asking a nurse for permission to see her mother, even though it’s after visiting hours, while at home, Dorian realizes that a commercial flight to Boston is out of the question this late and decides she will get Paul to take her.


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