OLTL Update Thursday 7/29/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/29/04

By Nancy
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Nora visits Bo in his office and they rehash their adventure in the elevator. Nora asks Bo to keep Matthew for a few days so … Matthew interrupts before she can explain.

At Llanfair, the girls walk in and find that the guys have trashed the place playing indoor basketball. Nick and Preston are talking about Mark’s great 3-point shot. The girls present their idea of the guys stripping to raise money for the Love Project.

Kelly is talking to Ace, telling him how she will keep him with Evangeline’s help.

Paul is reading the paper when Kevin – looking really rough – walks in. He asks Paul if his and Kelly’s son died at birth, and if Paul really found Kelly another baby. He is holding Paul by the shirt and is angry, obviously extremely upset by all the information Todd gave him last night.

The men are incredulous at the women’s idea for raising funds for the Community Center. Marcie walks into the room and realizes that the guys are not that impressed with the whole thing. The girls continue trying to talk them into it, and the guys keep refusing. Marcie points out how desperate the project is for funds and how much they could raise this way. The men don’t believe that anyone would really be interested in seeing them strip.

Blair and Todd are having coffee, and talking about how much better they feel now that the truth is out and Kevin knows everything. Blair expects that Kevin will back off of Todd now that everything is out in the open. Todd speculates that things may not really improve much because Kevin will soon find out that it was Todd, not David, that bought Craze.

Paul tells Kevin that he needs to consider the source of his information. Kevin says that unless Paul tells him the truth, he will be going to prison. Paul finally capitulates and tells Kevin the whole story about the miscarriage and the procurement of Ace. Paul even includes the information that Kelly was afraid for Kevin to know the truth because he might leave her. He explains how he came to bring Ace to Kelly, but says he didn’t “steal” him. Kevin wants to know who Ace really belongs to.

Matthew is excited to have his yo-yo back, and tells Bo that one of the officers explained how it helped Bo and Nora escape the elevator. Matthew and his dad talk about all the times Bo missed when Matthew was little; as they discuss it all, Nora’s cell phone rings. It’s Daniel, and as Bo and Matthew leave the room, she and Daniel discuss their get-away to NJ. She hangs up, and Bo comments on the plans.

Natalie and Paul are at the Love Project site, and he gives her a vague idea of how he plans to get UV back. He then brings op the topic of her living with Paul, and she becomes defensive.

Kevin punches Paul and continues to insist on the complete truth, but Paul still denies “stealing” the baby. He tells the truth about most of the story, but says that the baby belongs to a homeless woman who handed him off and said she couldn’t take care of it. He claims not to know whose baby it really is, or how to find the mother. Paul points out that coming to Kevin and Kelly is probably the best thing that could have happened to Ace. Kevin then wants to know what Todd has to do with Ace’s circumstances, and Paul tells him. Kevin realizes that Paul was blackmailing Kelly, and Paul apologizes. Kevin then questions why Kelly would tell a lie like this, why she did this at all, and Paul explains how scared she was of losing her marriage. He tries to make Kelly’s side of things clear to Kevin, who responds: “I’m supposed to understand this?” and walks out.

The men of the Love Project are huddling, trying to come up with alternatives to stripping for fundraising. Nick suggests a benefit concert by Midnight Logic, but Riley says that won’t work because the other band members need to be paid. Then, he says he will strip if Jen goes first, which results in him and Riley starting to scuffle. They are broken up, and Marcie tells them to come up with something because they are desperate for cash. She and the girls then discuss the bones they found at the site, and Marcie tells everyone that Bo has told her the bones are very old and that the police aren’t sure how the person died. Marcie is convinced that there is some sort of mystery surrounding the bones, and when Michael calls to touch base with her, he realizes that she intends to investigate the situation further.

Blair tells Todd what an inconvenience it is that he doesn’t work at the Banner Sun anymore and he suggests – jokingly – that they kill Kevin and Asa. Blair laughs, and they discuss how Kevin is really the one who has lost it all now.

Kevin finds Kelly at Dorian’s and tells her that he knows the truth. She is shocked, especially when he threatens to find out for sure. He lays out for her everything he knows, and she becomes very distressed, and begins to get teary-eyed. She is obviously scared of what Kevin will do with this information.

Bo is in his office looking at a picture of him and Matthew when Nora comes in. She sees what he is looking at, and apologizes for all the things he missed in their son’s life. They agree that the time Bo and Matthew have together now is important. He asks where Daniel and Nora are going for their weekend, and she tells him. She talks about how opposite she and Daniel are, but what a decent guy he really is, and Bo agrees. Nora leaves, and Bo goes back to pondering the picture.

Matthew comes running up telling Nora that “She’s got it! It’s done!” and he and Nora take off.

Jen accuses Julie of being bulimic, but Julie becomes defensive and denies the charge.

Paul is looking out the window and sees Natalie as she comes in. She is carrying groceries, and says she will be cooking a real meal for them. He asks her if she is sure about living with him and she reassures him. She tells him that he is on his way up with Kevin, and his face tells her that there is a problem. She wants to know what, and he is vague, and avoids telling her the whole story. She also warns him that having Kevin for an enemy is not a good idea.

Kevin asks Kelly why she did all of this regarding the baby, and she tells him again how scared she was of losing him. She really doesn’t have much of an explanation for why she didn’t call him when she miscarried. She explains about being left unable to have more kids, and how she was afraid that would cause him to leave her and he just didn’t understand how much he loved her. He says that she obviously didn’t realize how much he loved her, too, and not just because of the baby; they could have worked things out. She says they still could, and tries to sell her case. She tells him how they are the only people who love Ace, and how much they could give him because they both love him. Kevin tells her that, yes he loves Ace, and that he intends to keep her far from Ace; that he intends to fight her with all he has, and that she will be lucky if she doesn’t go to jail. Having said what he came to say, Kevin walks out, leaving Kelly devastated.

Shannon shows up at the work site, and Rex comments that she’s early and must have been hoping that River would be there. Rex wonders if Shannon and River “hooked up”, and she blames him for telling her to go for it. He says he thought that’s what she wanted, and she says that all River wants is Adriana. The rest of the students show up, still discussing the stripping idea. Jen isn’t there yet, and Nick takes the opportunity to irritate Riley by talking about her in his usual degrading way. As they start to scuffle, Marcie tells them to break it up, and Nick calls her “fat”. As things appear to be disintegrating, Preston takes charge, and as they all begin to argue about who works the most and who is lazy… some guys walk in and start to cause trouble. When Marcie tells them to leave, they become belligerent, and Nick interrupts, sticking up for Marcie, everyone stands against the troublemakers, and they interlopers leave. When Marcie thanks Nick for sticking up for her, he says that “Nobody messes with the Love Crew.”

Matthew and Nora return to the police station and give Bo a video that Nora calls “Matthew, the Early Years”. Matthew tells Bo he wants to watch it with Bo right then.

Kelly storms into Blair and Todd’s house and starts ranting about why they told the truth and how it ruined her life and Kevin is going to take the baby and she could go to jail… Todd tries to calm her down but to no avail. He physically removes her from the house as she screams “I hate you!” over and over. When he closes the door, he tells Blair “I think she’s insane.” And Blair says that if she isn’t, she is definitely on the road there.

At the Love Center, everyone goes on working, and Jen apologizes to Julie for they way she approached her before. She admits to having “been there, done that” and says that if Julie ever needs her help, to let her know.

Marcie and Michael are together, and he is lamenting the fact that they only have minutes together at a time lately. Marcie gets ready to leave for the site, and she tells Michael that she really feels there is more to the story of the bones, something mysterious.

Jen comments to Mark that a cold wind just came through the building and made her shiver. Mark says it’s incredibly hot and that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

In Bo’s office, Matthew, Nora, and Bo enjoy the video of Matthew as a baby. Bo tells Matthew how much he enjoyed it, and can’t wait to work on the sequel.

Blair says she hates seeing Kelly fall apart, and Todd points out that it’s Kelly’s own fault. Blair mentions finding them a house to buy, and Todd says that he has one in mind and shows her a picture of Asa’s mansion. She asks if it’s for sale, and he says no, but ….

Kevin arrives at Paul and Nat’s and threatens to have Paul put in prison if he doesn’t agree to “forget” where he got Ace and that if Paul interferes with his plan to raise Ace as a Buchanan, he will kill him. Paul says that the baby is a Buchanan now and forever.

Kelly is home packing, telling Ace that they have to leave because “they” will take him away from her and she can’t let that happen.

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