OLTL Update Wednesday 7/28/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/28/04

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Kevin, Viki and Jessica return home to Llanfair, and Viki is still extremely upset with Kevin. Jessica tries to get Viki to calm down, and tries to make Kevin understand the error of his actions. Kevin stands firm, saying he did the right thing, and that Todd doesn’t deserve Viki’s loyalty. Viki cannot stand to be in the same room with Kevin, and goes upstairs. Jessica continues to try to reason with him, but Kevin finally leaves.

At the Palace, Dorian warns David to be on his best behavior when meeting Tico. Kelly, already having taken two tranquilizers, decides to mix alcohol with them. David is a little bit jealous of Tico, asking Dorian if she’ll be trying out the younger Santi model. Tico arrives, and meets David for the first time. Kelly is becoming drunk, and gets up to leave and nearly falls. David catches her, and wants to take her home. Dorian tells David they need some time alone together, that she can handle Kelly. David stays behind, and receives a call from Todd, asking to meet him.

Tico leaves and goes to Llanfair, surprised that Jessica is there. Tico needed to drop some financial papers off for the sale of Lion’s Heart. Tico is introduced to Viki, and tries to charm her. Viki watches the interaction between Jessica and Tico. Tico tells Viki how Jessica saved her life, and now he will always be indebted to her. Tico comments on their library, and compares it to his family’s. Tico leaves, kissing Jessica on both cheeks, telling her again that he hopes she will visit him often at his new house.

Dorian takes Kelly home, telling her she shouldn’t be mixing tranquilizers and alcohol. At home, Kelly lays on the sofa, head on Dorian’s lap, and Dorian strokes her hair, telling her this will soon be all over, and she and Ace can get on with their lives.

Todd meets David at the Palace, and tells him about losing his position at the Banner-Sun. Todd wants David to move forward with plans to buy Craze, and David tries to weasel out 20%, instead of the agreed upon 15%, but Todd is not to be tricked. As they are talking, Kevin walks in, surprised to see the two of them talking. David quickly covers, saying he was just telling Todd he’ll need comfortable shoes for standing in the unemployment line. Todd leaves, and David convinces Kevin to sell Craze to him.

Nora and Daniel finally have dinner together, and Daniel admits he’s jealous about all the time Nora’s been spending with Bo. Nora assures him that she had no control over being quarantined or trapped in the elevator. Daniel finally asks Nora to go away for the weekend, and after much dodging of the question, finally agrees.

The Love Crew contemplates the bones found, then talk about the vandalism. Each begins to blame the other, then the arguing turns to their living arrangements. As things heat up, Nick calls Mark a "homo," and Marcie gets angry and defends him. Nick laughs, saying it’s not like he really is one. Later, Marcie asks why Mark won’t reveal that he is a homosexual, but Mark asks her to keep his secret. Nick then hits on Jen, saying she looks "tasty," and what does he have to do for a free sample. Jen is disgusted, as Riley jumps to her defense. The girls have had enough, and decide to leave for a girl’s night out. After they leave, the guys play a little basketball in the living room, figuring the girls went to a diner for ice cream and french fries. The girls, however, go to the Hook Up, each armed with fistfuls of dollar bills.

At the Hook Up, as they watch the strippers, Julie munches on some potato chips, while Shannon asks if they are part of her diet. Julie gets upset when Shannon comments that she has a fast metabolism, and doesn’t have to watch what she eats. Julie leaves the table, and Jen wonders what she’s up to in the ladies room. When Julie returns, Marcie has an idea to raise money for the Love Center – have the guys perform a strip show.

Blair returns home, and Starr comes downstairs, upset. She asks Blair if she has another brother, as she heard two women in the elevator talking about Todd’s "other son." Blair assures Starr that Jack is her only brother. Starr returns to bed, and when Todd gets home, Blair says this has to end, and decides to tell Kevin the truth. Todd tells her no, he will be the one to do it.

Todd finds Kevin still at the Palace, and tells him the entire story. He tells him that Kelly’s baby was stillborn, and that she asked Paul to get her a baby. Kevin is stunned, not quite believing what he is hearing. Todd convinces him, telling him that the clues have always been there, but Kevin never asked the right questions.


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