OLTL Update Tuesday 7/27/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/27/04

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Evangeline visits John at the police station, and John fills her in on the arrest that was made in his assault, and that the man is not talking. Evangeline tells John she is afraid that RJ is behind this. RJ strolls into John’s office, asking if he’s interrupting anything. Evangeline leaves, and RJ and John talk privately. RJ claims to know nothing of what happened to John, that he knew the man, but only as someone he hired occasionally to help unload trucks. John isn’t falling for RJ’s act, and warns RJ that he had better not hurt Evangeline. He tells RJ that he “owes” him one, and he has a very long memory.

At Capricorn, RJ asks Natalie if she’s interested in picking up so extra hours bartending, but Natalie informs RJ her life is pretty full right now. Rex approaches RJ and asks if he can have UV back, but RJ just tells him to relax. Rex then asks Natalie if she’d like to take him out to dinner, but Natalie tells him she has a meeting with Jessica and Viki.

At La Boulaie, there is a small get-together for Tico, including Blair, Dorian, Kelly, Carlotta, and Adriana. Tico tells Adriana he’s glad she seems in better spirits since her breakup with River. Adriana says having Tico in her life has made her happy. Tico tells the group he is buying Lion’s Heart, and hopes that Blair isn’t too upset about it. Blair announces that she needs a bigger house for her FAMILY, and her CHILDREN, and that she and Todd are talking about having another BABY. She emphasizes everything for Kelly’s benefit, as Kelly sits on the sofa, rolling her eyes. Dorian asks Tico if he’s sure he wants to purchase that house, considering it was formerly owned by Mitch Lawrence. Tico says he’s sure it’s the house he wants. He then tells everyone he’s decided to battle his own demons, and take on the Santi name. As Blair continues to make remarks about her children, she even asks Kelly if she plans on having any more children, and she and Kelly end up in a shoving match. Dorian breaks up the fight, and pulls Blair aside, asking her to stop making snide comments. Blair is furious, saying she agreed to keep Kelly’s dirty little secret, but that’s all she agreed to. River shows up, asking for just five minutes to try to convince Adriana to take him back. Tico steps in, acting as the big brother, and warns him to leave Adriana alone, and escorts him out.

Jessica visits Todd and fills him in on Kevin’s plans to have him voted out as Editor-in-Chief. Todd feels confident that he can turn some of the votes to his favor, but Jessica urges him to use caution for Viki’s sake.

Viki pays a visit to Kevin, saying she has learned of the meeting. Kevin tells her he is only trying to protect the journalistic integrity of the paper, as Viki begins to experience some shortness of breath. Kevin wants to take her to the hospital, but she refuses, saying she was just at the doctor’s and she’s fine. Viki tells Kevin how upset she is that Kevin is using her paper to punish Todd. As they argue, Kevin accuses Todd of trying to use his own children, but Viki assures him that Starr and Travis acted independently, and that writing the article was their own idea. Viki reminds Kevin that Todd has done a good job. Viki then reminds Kevin that using Ace to get back at Todd and Kelly is not a good thing for Ace, and begs him to reconsider. Kevin refuses, and Viki says that if that is the case, they shouldn’t see each other. After Viki leaves, Kevin makes some calls and moves the meeting from tomorrow to tonight. As Kevin is talking to one of the stock holders, he reminds him that he holds a contract with BE, and eludes to the fact that the contract may not be renewed if the stock holder sides with Todd.

Natalie meets with Jessica and Viki, and they inform her of Kevin’s plans, and want to make sure she understands what giving her proxy to Kevin really means. Natalie grows extremely defensive, saying that Kevin is her brother and has been good to her. Natalie has a small pity party for herself, claiming that Jessica had all the advantages, and now Jessica wants to run her life, telling her what to do. Natalie is fine with whatever decisions Kevin makes, and leaves in a huff, as Todd calls Viki to tell her the vote has been moved to tonight. Viki and Jessica rush off to intervene.

Kelly meets Evangeline at Capricorn, and Evangeline tells Kelly she’s uncomfortable meeting there, for personal reasons. Kelly tells Evangeline she wants her to represent her for the custody battle over Ace. Evangeline agrees, and asks Kelly if she’s told her everything, as she doesn’t want any surprises. Kelly assures Evangeline there is nothing to tell. Evangeline urges her to remain calm and in control, to help her case.

The board votes to remove Todd, just as Viki and Jessica arrive a little too late. Todd and Blair also show up, and Kevin tells Todd to clean out his desk – he’s just been fired. Blair is furious, wanting to tell Kevin everything, but Todd remains calm, saying to let Kevin have this small victory.

Natalie and Rex sit at the bar at Capricorn, talking, when she sees John walk in. She tells Rex to watch, as she’s sure he’ll head right over to Evangeline, which he does. John tells Evangeline that for the sake of her safety, perhaps they had better cool their relationship. Evangeline asks John if that this the real reason. Evangeline tells John she is sure that RJ would never physically harm her.

Back at La Boulaie, Kelly returns and pops a pill, as Dorian comes in. Kelly tells Dorian that Evangeline will be taking her case. Dorian tells her that Tico just called, and wants them to join him for drinks at the Palace, but Kelly doesn’t want to go. Dorian convinces her to go, and as Dorian leaves to go get ready, Kelly pops another pill.


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