OLTL Update Monday 7/26/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/26/04

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After Evangeline leaves the hotel, she realizes she left her cell phone in John’s room. Meanwhile, RJ’s hired thugs are beating John up pretty good, but John temporarily gains the upper hand, then they steal his wallet and leave, just as John grabs his cell to call in a description. Evangeline approaches John, not realizing he just got beat up, and jokes that she left her cell phone in his room. She realizes what has happened, and both come to the same conclusion – John was just issued a warning. She takes him into his room, and helps him clean himself up. Meanwhile, RJ receives a call that the job is completed. He tells the caller to stick around, as he may be needed again.

Asa and Kevin are at Capricorn, celebrating his court victory, and Asa assures Kevin he has all his mental faculties. Kevin asks Asa if he’s sure he’s fine with Kevin having his power of attorney, and Asa assures him he’s fine with it. Kevin explains to Asa that he got both Natalie and Joey’s proxies, and he’s going to use them to extract Todd. Asa wishes Jessica was on board, as well, but Kevin says she’s not giving in, and will probably tell Viki about the proxies. Asa warns Kevin to be careful around Todd.

Todd asks Blair to marry him again, and Blair accepts the ring. Both agree that this time, they will do things right. Todd tells Blair she can have any kind of wedding she wants, and Blair says she wants a huge, formal church wedding. Blair and Todd share their good news with Starr and Travis, and Starr is ecstatic. Travis congratulates them, and shakes Todd’s hand. Viki stops by and Blair and Todd share their good news with her. Viki congratulates Todd and Blair. Todd forces Starr to reveal that she was the one that wrote the article against Kevin – not Todd. Starr is fearful that the news will cause Viki to hate her, but Viki tells her she could never hate her, but tells her that her actions were wrong, and urges Starr and Travis to go apologize to Kevin, and hopefully end this feuding. Todd and Viki talk in “code” about the Ace situation, and Todd swears that he is not the cause of the Ace situation. She tells Todd and Blair that Kevin is going for full custody of Ace to get back at Kelly. After Viki leaves, Blair leaves, saying she has a surprise of her own to work on.

At the police station, Antonio asks one of the officers if there are any leads on who trashed the Hook Up, but there are none. He calls Jessica to tell her he loves her, and learns that she is at Lion’s Heart, getting ready to show it to Tico. As she hangs up, Tico shows up, and Jessica takes him inside. John arrives at the police station, and fills Antonio in on what just happened, and Antonio agrees that it was probably someone sending John a message. Antonio seems a bit surprised to learn that Evangeline was in his room, but doesn’t ask any questions. An officer delivers a fax to John, which indicates that all may not be dead with the Santis – an El Tiberon may be picking up where Santi left off. Antonio wonders if this could be the person that kidnapped Tico. One of the thugs that beat up John is brought in, and John identifies him, and tells the officer to take him down for a “full cavity search.”

Jessica has flashbacks to her time there, dancing with Mitch. Tico opens up to Jessica about not knowing his father until this past year, and how devastating it was to learn what a terrible man his father was. Jessica shares with Tico that her father drugged her, forced her to wear a gown and dance with him. Tico quickly points out that they have a lot in common, and decides to buy the house. He says he wants to wash away all the bad memories, and fill the house with nothing but good memories. He tells Jessica that she is a brave woman, and wants them to help each other through there private family horrors.

Sonia stops by the police station, and asks by Antonio sent another officer to ask more questions. Sonia is worried that “whoever” did this to her may come back, but Antonio is convinced it was a one-time deal. Sonia warns Antonio that whoever did this to her may come after him. Antonio reminds her that he is a cop, and Sonia says she likes to protect what is “hers,” and reminds Antonio that for a brief moment, he was hers. Jessica and Tico stop by, and Jessica tells Antonio that Tico is buying the house. Jessica and Sonia exchange dirty looks, and Antonio pulls Tico aside and Tico tells Antonio he will create a nice home for himself and Sonia, one that Jessica and Antonio will enjoy visiting. Meantime, Jessica reminds Sonia that Antonio is her fiancé, as Sonia tells Jessica how grateful she is that Antonio has been there for her. After Sonia and Tico leave, John wonders aloud to Antonio about Sonia – and how she always has an excuse to come and see him. At Lion’s Heart, Sonia tells Tico that she wants to know everything about Antonio, and a good way to find out is through Tico and Jessica.

Blair arrives at Capricorn to meet with a realtor about Lion’s Heart. Blair shows her ring to RJ, and RJ makes a few jokes at Todd’s expense, but Blair is unfazed. Blair comments on how good he and Evangeline look, but RJ tells her they have broken up, and Blair tells him how sorry she is. Blair meets the realtor, as Jessica and Tico show up. Jessica introduces Tico, and Blair shows Jessica her ring. Jessica then tells Blair that Tico is buying the house. Blair offers more money, but Tico counteroffers, and Blair decides not to get into a bidding war.

Joey calls Kevin, evidently regretting he gave Kevin his proxy. Kevin is furious, and yells at Joey. Kevin tells Joey that Jessica is such a Pollyanna, as someone rings his doorbell. Kevin hangs up with Joey, and opens the door to find Starr and Travis, with Todd standing behind them. Starr and Travis confess that they are the ones that wrote the damning article. Travis tries to take most of the blame, but Kevin yells at Todd, saying that Todd put the kids up to this. Todd grabs Kevin’s coat, telling him he better never all Starr a liar again, and to be a man and accept their apology. Starr and Travis again apologize, and leave, while Todd tells Kevin privately that if he hurts Viki, Todd will hurt him twice over.

Blair returns home, and informs Todd that her surprise has to be put on hold, as the house she wanted has already been sold. Starr says this is not a problem, she will get on line and find something else. Todd cautions her not to IM Travis – because he’ll know.

Evangeline pays RJ a visit at Capricorn, and asks if he’s responsible for what happened to John. RJ denies any responsibility, but Evangeline warns that he better not have had anything to do with it.

Jessica calls Viki and tells her what Kevin is up to. Viki is appalled, and tells Kevin she is furious that he uses Viki’s health in his war against Todd. Jessica then tells Todd what she believes Kevin is up to, and Blair and Todd both agree that Kevin is in for quite a fight.


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