OLTL Update Friday 7/23/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/23/04

By Nancy
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Bo and Nora are still trapped in the elevator, talking about how they can’t wait to be rescued. They can hear people working, and the car creaking. Bo decides to pry open the top hatch and see if they can escape that way.

Blair and Todd are drinking O’Douls and discussing how happy they are. Todd says he wants another baby, and Blair chokes on her drink.

Jessica is at Rodi’s and calls Antonio on her cell phone; he doesn’t answer and she leaves a message asking him why he hasn’t shown up yet. Tico arrives and tells Jess he has talked to a realtor and is moving to Llanview permanently. She doesn’t seem pleased.

Sonia and Antonio are still at The Hookup discussing who might have been behind the vandalism and assault. She is still trying to get him to stay with her, but he wants to go.

RJ and Rex are still on the phone, and RJ tells Rex he’s done enough for tonight and that he’ll handle things from here.

John and Evangeline are still in bed, kissing and touching.

Blair tells Todd that she loves him, but that now isn’t really the best time for them to have a baby. Todd says he wants to be there for all the things he missed with Starr and Jack. Blair asks about going to Venice, and being able to accomplish it, enjoy it, and savor it. She asks if he is worried that something might come between them again, and tells him promises him that there is nothing that could ever make her leave him because if he ever screws up again she won’t leave him, she’ll kill him.

Antonio says he will arrange Sonia to have a guard at The Hookup over night. He tells her she’ll be fine. She thanks him for coming in the first place, and hugs him again. He tells her good luck with the place and that he hopes she makes it work. She invites him to opening night, but he tells her he doesn’t think he’ll ever be back. As he walks out, she says to herself “Oh, you’ll be back.”

Jessica and Tico are talking about the different places he has looked at, and he tells her about an estate called Lion’s Heart. She is obviously distraught, and explains to him that this is where Mitch lived and that she doesn’t think Tico belongs there. He says he does.

Daniel and the hospital maintenance crew are worried about the elevator situation. Bo is fashioning a to use to pull on, and open, the hatch. He pulls on it, but it doesn’t work, however part of the ceiling falls down and the hatch swings open. As Nora and Bo are preparing to climb through, they realize that the wires in the top of the car are still live and that they could be electrocuted.

Todd comes downstairs after checking on Starr and Blair sees from his face that things didn’t go well. Todd allows as how the girl is still mad at him. As they are talking about Starr, she cranks her stereo up and Blair threatens to take it away from her if she doesn’t turn it down. They are talking about raising an adolescent and end up discussing having a “real” house, and what they might want. Todd says that’s a great idea and that Blair should go down to the BannerSun and see what is available in the Real Estate section for tomorrow. After she leaves, he calls Starr downstairs to help him do something special for Blair. She says she can’t help him if she’s still grounded. He asks if she is blackmailing him, and she says she prefers to think of it as “marketing”. Todd is amused but negotiates with her about her punishment. Her final offer is that she will stay grounded but gets to continue seeing Travis. Todd agrees and tells her to go ahead and call Travis over now to help them with Blair’s surprise.

Jessica and Tico discuss their pasts as she continues to wait for Antonio. They discuss the mistakes they’ve made. Tico says he is still interested in Lion’s Heart and if Jess doesn’t think she can give him the tour he will find someone else. She says no, that she needs to put that part of the past behind her. Just as they are about to leave and see the house, Antonio shows up and explains where he has been. He asks Tico if he knows anything about who did it.

Evangeline and John are laying in bed, and she wants to know what they have if the first time wasn’t just a one-time thing after all. As they talk, RJ walks into the hotel lobby where Nigel is asleep on the couch. RJ takes the master keys from the desk and steals one from the ring, then heads up stairs.

Bo and Nora are stymied, lacking any more ideas for freeing themselves. She digs some sort of candy out of her purse as he tells her that they need to come up with a plan. Nora tries to distract him by playing a game she and Matthew play to help him get to sleep. As they play, Daniel is becoming more and more anxious. When he asks a worker why they haven’t freed Nora and Bo yet he tells him that the cable holding the car up is fraying. Nora and Bo are still playing their game when the elevator car creaks and shifts, and a voice comes over the intercom telling them not to move no matter what. Bo realizes what this means, and tells Nora.

Anotnio and Tico are still talking about the situation at the Hookup and Tico continues to deny that he knows anything, then leaves to check on Sonia. Antonio and Jess sit, and discuss what she learned about Tico from her interview. Jessica tells him that Tico is still evasive about the year after he learned Manuel was his father.

RJ is in the hall outside John’s room as John and Evangeline discuss their situation, as she dresses. They are deciding what they have together and call it a “situation” since they don’t believe it’s a “relationship”. RJ overhears them and leaves. Van and John agree that they never realized that this might happen with them, and set the terms for their continued arrangement, which is that they, together, are a place they can come when everything else gets to be too much; John says that’s really all he’s ready for at the moment. Once outside the hotel, RJ calls someone named Sherman, and tells him that he has a “situation that needs your handling”. They agree to meet at Rodi’s in 20 minutes.

Todd tells Starr and Travis that Blair is on her way up and to get ready. Blair walks in to find the house has been transformed into Venice. Travis escorts her to Todd, speaking Italian. Blair kisses Todd to thank him, and Starr leans over and kisses Travis on the cheek.

Antonio explains that he went to the Hookup to make sure that the Santis weren’t involved in the assault. Jessica thinks that Sonia wants more from Antonio than just police protection, but Antonio tries to reassure her. She repeats Tico’s intention to move to Llanview permanently and worries that will keep Sonia in their lives for good, too.

Tico arrives at the Hookup and tells Sonia that he thinks she trashed the place herself to get Antonio over there. He asks if it was worth it since Antonio didn’t stay and is with Jessica now. He reminds her that she is a beautiful woman who could have any man she wants; she states that she wants Antonio, that she needs him, and so does Tico and he knows it as well as she does.

Evangeline tries to explain to John (more to herself?) that John is not her “rebound” guy, but that she is glad that he can’t handle more than a sometime thing right now, because she doesn’t think she can, either. He explains that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone like her hurt “someone” and describes the situation with Natalie. She asks if things are settled between them, he says yes, and she starts to leave. Before she can even rise from the edge of the bed, John pulls her back down, says “Just as long as we’re clear.” and they start kissing again.

RJ has given Sherman some money and says that everything is fine as long as the job is done right.

Blair pronounces her Italian meal wonderful. As Starr and Travis go to get dessert, Blair tells Todd what a “softie” he is regarding Starr’s punishment. He tells her about their negotiations. Blair announces that she has found a house that she is very interested in, and Viki is the one who put it on the market.

Jessica and Antonio are in bed talking about Tico buying Lion’s Heart and she says he’s paying cash. Antonio doesn’t like the idea. They start to kiss, but Antonio senses that Jessica has a problem and asks about it. She points out that ever since the Santi’s came into their lives all they do is argue about them. He agrees and says they should just forget the Santis, and they start to make love.

Bo and Nora tell the maintenance crew that rather than wait for the car to fall, they will climb out, and ask the crew to cut the power to the car. The crew isn’t happy about losing communications, but agrees to it. Bo helps Nora to climb through the vent. Outside, Daniel is a nervous wreck and is asking why Bo and Nora didn’t just wait for the rescue team when they all hear the elevator fall.

Daniel is relieved as Bo and Nora come into the lobby, having escaped the elevator just seconds before it fell. As Nora and Daniel start to leave, she razzes Bo about some of is answers during their game, and he comes up with the perfect response. Warren Zevon! She laughs and leaves with Daniel.

Jessica is asleep, but Antonio is awake thinking about Tico. She wakes, and he tells her that he wonders where Tico will get the million dollars he needs to buy Lion’s Heart. She gives him the explanation Tico gave her, about it being his mother's money and him managing it all, but Antonio doesn’t buy it. He vows to find the truth.

Tico is telling Sonia that he doesn’t think Antonio will leave Jessica for her. Sonia says he will, and that having Antonio with her will make things easier for both of them.

Todd produces the ring that Blair had given back to him and asks her to marry him, this time for good.

John is walking Evangeline out of the hotel. They kiss goodbye and she walks off. As he re-enters the lobby, he sees Nigel sleeping and heads up to his room.

RJ is looking at his watch with a bit of a smirk on his face.

John hears a guy in the hallway near his room, groaning. When he goes to check on the man, he is attacked from behind and beaten.


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