OLTL Update Thursday 7/22/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/22/04

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Nora and Daniel are at the hospital where a guy is making a huge scene and being dragged away by orderlies; he is the guy who poisoned Bo and Nora. Daniel asks her why, when it is supposed to be just her and him, Bo always shows up or becomes involved.

John is tinkering on the piano at the hotel and Evangeline shows up saying that Mary Barnes lives there, also, and she had come to say goodbye to her as Mary wants to move again. She and John are a little tense with one another, and she starts to leave,but John invites her for a drink.

Sonia fantasizes that Antonio shows up at the Hookup and starts to kiss and seduce her right on the bar. Her reverie is disturbed by Tico calling her name. She tells him that she plans to improve the place and turn it into a class act. She talks about how Antonio was a great stripper. Tico points out to her that her feelings for Antonio are not returned.

Jess and Antonio are at UV; being affectionate and talking about their life now. Jessica says she is still interested in finding out more Santi secrets, and Antonio forbids it. She wants to know why she can’t interview Tico, and Antonio tries to explain that they don’t know if Tico is trustworthy. She doesn’t see Antonio’s point and is insistent that she do this; Antonio has a list of questions for her to ask, designed to get the information from Tico that may or may not set his mind at ease.

Tico is telling Sonia that he doesn’t see Jessica letting Antonio go. He also tells her that he is looking forward to getting to know his family in Llanview, and she points out that she is his family, that they are all the family each other needs.

The college group is at the Love Center cleaning up the vandalism. Nick wants to know where Riley is and Marcie tells him that Riley and others are out going door-to-door trying to raise money. Marcie wants to know why Jen isn’t out raising money with Riley and also asks what is going on with the two of them. Jen says she is confused about the relationship, and that Riley is very cautious because of what happened with Flash, but thinks that they would be good together, although they are great as friends, too. Marcie states that she has learned that lovers can be friends.

John and Van are talking about being overly dedicated to their work, when Van’s phone rings. It’s R.J. and she chooses not to answer it, telling John that she has broken things off with R.J. and that he’s not taking it well. John offers to talk to RJ for her, but she declines the offer, saying that RJ will get over it with time.

R.J. is offering Rex a chance to buy his way back into UV by getting information on John and Vangie. Rex is surprised to find out that RJ and Van have broken up, but is obviously interested in the opportunity.

Marcie is telling Jen about how she and Michael got together, even overcoming his homophobia about her brother Eric; she is trying to give Jen some understanding of how things with her and Riley could work despite whatever fears and issues are in their way. She ends up going off on how she and Michael can’t be together very much right now and how she is concerned that he may find someone else. She has come to understand that her grades and her success are not as important to her as Michael and that if she doesn’t have him, she doesn’t feel she would have much of a life.

Daniel is explaining to Nora that he thought they were “connecting” during all their time together, and that Bo’s constant presence is a problem with that. She says yes, they are connected, and asks him to her place, where they can be alone. Matthew is at a sleep over and they won’t be disturbed. Bo overhears.

Sonia is sitting, drinking at the bar in the Hookup and throws her glass across the room. She is obviously upset over the things she is thinking about, but then, with a slight smile on her face, she begins breaking other things, starting by throwing an empty bottle across the room.

Jessica and Antonio are kissing when Tico comes up to them and she informs Antonio that she had arranged to interview Tico tonight. Antonio – obviously not to happy with this development - prepares to leave, warning Jess not to be taken in by Tico. After Antonio leaves, Tico and Jess take a table and begin the interview. She asks if it’s okay to tape their conversation, and Tico states that he has not secrets. Jessica counters that everyone has at least one.

Rex arrives at the hotel and sees John and Evangeline in the lobby, discussing charges against Todd having been dropped. She begins to play the piano and explains that she took years of ballet, tennis, and piano lessons. Rex is trying to blend into the background so he can gather some information for RJ. Evangeline explains that she went to law school to prove that she could be the best at something. She asks to hear about John. He claims never to have wanted to be anything but a cop; they are both oblivious to Rex's presence.

RJ approaches Jessica, reminding her that he will be picking Jamie up the next morning and wants her ready on time. Jessica introduces him to Tico, and RJ is rude to him, obliquely insulting the Vega family in the process. After RJ walks away, Tico talks to Jess about how he was raised in Europe and in boarding schools, and then how he lost everything when he had to go into hiding because of his father's murder. He asks about Jessica’s life and she tells him how she had dated Cristian and that she was glad when he’d married Natalie.

Antonio arrives at the Hookup, which is trashed. Suspicious of the situation, he draws his gun. Sonia appears, seeming to have been roughed up; she is in tears. She throws herself into Antonio’s arms and cries. (The viewer is aware that her tantrum earlier has wound up being a faked assault and vandalism.)

Bo starts a discussion with Nora and Daniel about how miserable it was to be quarantined in Nora’s house. Daniel is obviously not happy to be forced to converse with Bo, and Bo gets the picture and leaves them alone. Daniel has to see someone before going to Nora’s, and asks her to give him an excuse to get there quickly. She smiles and tells him okay. It’s a very flirtatious moment. As Daniel heads out on his errand, Nora hurries to catch the elevator, which Bo is already in. As they begin to descend, the elevator car rocks and jolts and the lights flicker.

Antonio is asking Sonia what happened and she tells him that some men showed up and started breaking the place up and hitting her. Antonio wants to take her to the hospital, but she declines. They speculate on who the men could have been, ruling out anyone from the Santi organization. Antonio wants to know why Sonia hasn’t called the police and she says she just wasn’t thinking straight. He calls them, and says he will wait for them with her. When he can’t see her, she has a very satisfied look on her face.

Jessica asks Tico if he knew, growing up, who his father was. He says that he was discouraged from asking too many questions as a kid, and that when he realized it, he understood that people were afraid about it. She empathizes, talking about Mitch, and Tico points out that they have a lot in common. Jessica accuses Tico of trying to avoid her questions by talking about her instead.

Mark, having overheard Jen and Marcie talking about Eric and his being gay, approaches Marcie to chat, and comes out to her.

Bo and Nora are stuck in the elevator, sniping. Bo says it’s her fault that the elevator got stuck because she stuck her purse in the doors to keep them from closing. They start to compare their situation to the “Speed” movies and argue over whether the elevator bomb scene was in “Speed” or “Speed 2”; Nora loses patience and tells Bo that he is so incredibly argumentative and promises that if they are ever trapped together again, one of them won’t survive.

Mark and Marcie are talking and he says that he told her about himself because he can see what a good person she is. He asks her to keep the information to herself, though, because he doesn’t want to deal with the repercussions from the others in the group. She offers to introduce him to Eric the next time he comes around. Michael calls, and they chat, figuring out that they won’t be seeing each other that day. As she is talking to him, Nick calls to her to come and help with the work, so she tells Michael she has to go.

Nora and Bo hear Daniel talking over the intercom in the elevator. She tells him that she is physically fine but is trapped with Bo. The building repairman tells them that it may be a while before the elevator is repaired. Bo asks Nora to empty her purse, thinking that there may be something in there that could help them, because she is such a pack rat. When she dumps it, Bo smiles and says “What did I tell you.”

Rex calls RJ from a corner of the hotel, explaining that John and Van don’t seem to have anything going on. Vangie gets up to leave, telling John that they have both survived the evening with their souls intact. He responds, “Imagine that.” She leaves, obviously regretfully, and as John heads up to his room, Rex follows him. In his room, John removes his dress shirt (leaving him wearing an undershirt), turns on the fan and stands in the breeze but there is a knock at the door; it’s Evangeline. She is returning paperwork she accidentally took with her, but John grabs her and pulls her into a kiss in the doorway. Rex sees it, as Evangeline disappears into the room.

Marcie is surprised when Michael shows up at the work site. She is happy, telling him that she needed to see him. He understands and promises that they won’t always be so busy as they are now. He has brought her a plant that he suggests they could plant at the center. Nick walks in and prods her to get back to work. He calls her “Little Mama”, which amuses Michael. As she walks over to a pile of dirt to move, she sees something and asks Michael if they are bones. He says yes, human bones, and tells her he thinks they may have unearthed a body.

Bo suggests to Nora that they use the item from her purse to pry open the vent on the elevator car and escape. She is hesitant and thinks it’s a silly idea, but Bo points out that they have always made a good team, and he talks her into it.

Tico and Jessica are done with the interview, and he says he is going to the diner to see Carlotta. He kisses Jessica’s hand when he leaves. After he is gone, Jessica adds to the tape that she still doesn’t know what Tico has been doing for the last year.

The cops show up at the Hookup and are doubtful that they can find any evidence of who was there because of the traffic in a place like that. Antonio offers to take Sonia home, but she says no, and that she doesn’t want him to leave her. “Stay with me tonight,” she says, as she once again puts herself into his arms for “comfort”. Antonio has a concerned look on his face.

The door to John’s room slams shut, and Rex leaves the hallway. Inside, John and Evangeline are getting down to business, kissing and clinging to one another. He removes her shirt, and she then pushes him down on the bed, climbing on top of him. As they are kissing more and more passionately, Rex calls RJ and tells him that things are not as innocent as her first thought. When RJ asks him to expound, he states that if she were his (Rex’s) girlfriend, he’d want to kill John.


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