OLTL Update Wednesday 7/21/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/21/04

By Kathy
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Antonio and Jessica share a kiss at the quarry, and Antonio voices distrust of Tico. Jessica is more concerned about Sonia. They return to the loft, and Jessica kisses Jamie and Antonio goodbye, as she must go meet Kevin. Antonio is playing with Jamie, and Sonia knocks on the door. Antonio thinks it is Jessica, and jokingly asks if she wants another kiss, as he opens the door. Antonio quickly recovers from his mistake, and Sonia goes into the loft. Sonia correctly assumes that Jessica is not Jamie’s mother. As Antonio puts Jamie down for her nap, Sonia teases Antonio about being so domestic. Sonia hints that she thinks Jessica and Tico get along very well, and have a similar background. She then tells Antonio how much she enjoyed working with him, and asks if he’d like to be a partner at the Hook Up. Antonio reminds him that he only worked with her as part of his cover. Sonia surprises Antonio with a kiss, but he doesn’t immediately pull away. When he does finally pull away, Sonia tells him she was just testing him, and she leaves.

At Angel Square, Tico is gazing at Luna’s statue, and Sonia joins him. Tico wonders if Antonio and his family will ever accept him. Sonia confidently tells Tico to leave Antonio to her – she is certain she will win him over. She then tells Tico that she will leave Jessica to Tico.

Kelly tells Dorian that Kevin is coming over, and she is sure that Kevin wants to reconcile. Dorian is not so sure, and cautions Kelly not to get her hopes up. Dorian reminds Blair that Kelly created a baby out of desperation to keep Kevin, then when she lost that baby, the same desperation led her to get Ace. Kelly is still certain that Kevin has reconsidered the divorce. Kelly dashes upstairs to get ready for Kevin’s arrival. Carlotta arrives to help Dorian with Adriana, who won’t come out of her room. Carlotta goes upstairs to talk to her, and convinces her to come downstairs. As they are going into the living room, River stops by, desperate to see Adriana. Adriana tells him she wants nothing to do with him, and Dorian escorts him to the door. Adriana then tells Carlotta and Dorian that she caught River making love to Shannon. La Boulaie is a busy place, as Tico stops by. He tells Dorian that he sees why Adriana is so beautiful, and Dorian is flattered. She reminds Tico that she was only married to Santi for a short time. As Tico and Dorian are talking, Kelly comes flitting down the steps, thinking Kevin has arrived. Tico takes one look at her, and asks Dorian to please tell him they are not related. Dorian explains that Kelly is her niece. Tico sees how upset Adriana is, and is stunned, because the last time he saw her, she was so excited to see River. Tico reminds her that any man that hurts her will have her new “big brother” to deal with. Tico then gives Adriana back her cross, and Dorian the broach. He tries to give Carlotta her bracelet, but she says the bracelet is cursed. Tico reminds her that her father made the jewelry, and that the jewelry saved his life. Carlotta accepts the bracelet, and allows Tico to put it on her, and they embrace.

Kevin pays a visit to Natalie at her new home – Angel Square Hotel – and Paul jokes that Kevin showed up without bringing a housewarming gift. Natalie is suspicious, because Kevin never visited her at her cottage. Paul leaves to give them some privacy, but warns Kevin not to give her a hard time about moving in with him. Kevin tells Natalie that he has a favor to ask, and that he’s asked the same favor from Joey and Jessica. He wants their proxy votes for the Banner-Sun, and explains he’s doing this to take some pressure off of Viki. Natalie agrees, under the condition that Kevin does a favor for Natalie. Natalie agrees, under the condition that Kevin give Paul a job. Paul comes downstairs, and isn’t so sure about mixing family and business. Kevin thinks about it for a moment, as Paul explains all he knows how to do is fly. Kevin finally agrees, saying he does have an opening for a pilot. Overjoyed, Natalie signs her votes over to Kevin. Kevin pressures Jessica, and tells her that he feels Todd turned Viki against him. Jessica refuses to sign her votes over, and wants to talk to Joey and Natalie first.

Next, Kevin meets with Jessica. Jessica isn’t so easily won over and believes that Kevin is not doing this to ease the burden on Viki, but in fact, is doing this to hurt Todd. Kevin argues that is not the reason, but finally admits that he is afraid Todd will run the paper into the ground. Kevin says they have already signed their votes over to him, and asks her not to say anything to Viki. Jessica doesn’t want to worry Viki, but she still isn’t willing to sign. Later, Jessica calls Joey and tells him that Kevin is up to something. Tico runs into Jessica at Angel Square, and senses she’s upset. Jessica tells him it’s just some family problems. Antonio comes along, pushing Jamie, and sees Jessica and Tico together. He interrupts them, and invites Jessica to walk with him and Jamie. Sonia then joins Tico, and tells him she is sure that Antonio wants her.

At the penthouse, Todd opens champagne, and tells Blair they are celebrating the new editor-in-chief of Craze. Blair is confused, and Todd simply tells her he’s going to steal Craze out from under Kevin. Todd explains his arrangement with David to Blair. Blair isn’t convinced that David will go along with Todd’s plan, but Todd later tells her it’s almost a done deal. They then talk about Todd’s change in parenting, and their roles reversing. Blair goes upstairs to see Starr, and comes back down, announcing that Starr is sorry for what she’s done, and will do anything to see Travis again.

River goes to Angel Square Hotel, and sits down the play the piano. He’s playing very loud, sad song, and he’s playing beautifully. A woman comes in to register, and pauses to listen to him play. She goes over and introduces herself, and asks him if he can read music. She then tells him that she is a professor of music for Julliard.

Kevin arrives at La Boulaie, and Kelly invites him in. She offers to make him a martini, saying she knows just how he likes them. Kelly tells Kevin she thinks Ace is getting a tooth, and she knows he misses his Daddy. Kevin admits he misses Ace, too, and wants to be a father to him. Kelly is overjoyed to hear this, but Kevin then drops his bomb, and tells her he’s going for full custody of Ace. He tells Kelly she’s an unfit parent, as Ace was kidnapped on her watch. Kevin leaves, saying his attorney will be in touch. Dorian comes downstairs to find Kelly near hysterics, vowing that Kevin will never get custody of Ace. Dorian tries to calm Kelly down, as she picks up a photo of the three of them, and stabs it with an ice pick.

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