OLTL Update Tuesday 7/20/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/20/04

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Dorian calls David at work to once again apologize for suspecting him of stealing the Santi millions. David is less than forgiving, and she asks how many times she’ll have to say she’s sorry – David suggests 100 million times, and hangs up on her.

Jen greets John to the Love house with her camera. John tells her to turn the camera off, and says he is investigating the vandalism. He’s starting with the Love Crew, and three members have no alibi – Shannon, Nick, and Julie. Shannon says she was with River, but Nick and Julie have no alibi. John leaves after they begin fighting amongst themselves. Riley interrupts, urging them all to work together.

Todd visits David at his office at Craze, with a plan. He tells David that he will front him the money to buy Craze – thus allowing Blair to return to the magazine, and David will no longer have to work for Kevin. David considers the offer, as Todd reiterates the fact that Kevin cannot know where the money came from. David finally agrees to do it, for 15% ownership of the magazine. David goes to see Kevin, and offers him $7mil for the magazine, telling Kevin it will be an instant profit. At first, Kevin balks at the idea, but then David offers him $5mil in cash and 15% ownership as a silent partner, guaranteeing Blair’s return to the magazine. Kevin reconsiders, and tells David they will discuss it tomorrow.

In an attempt to make peace with David, Dorian dons a black teddy, fishnet stockings, and puts on a coat. She goes to David’s office, and throws open her coat, only to discover that it is Todd sitting behind David’s desk. The two exchange words, as Todd tells her it was unfair of Dorian to ask Blair to continue to keep Kelly’s secret. Dorian tells Todd that his true colors will once again emerge, and Blair will return to her family. Todd tells Dorian that Blair IS with her family – Starr, Jack, and himself, and Todd leaves.

At Rodi’s, Rex and Lindsay kiss and Rex shows her his plans for the community center. Lindsay is impressed with his talents, and tells him he needs to return to Llanview University and complete his degree. Rex says he’d rather buy back Ultra Violet, but RJ won’t sell it back to him. He asks Lindsay to speak to RJ on his behalf, and she agrees, as long as Rex agrees to be her date tonight for the opening of an exhibit at her gallery.

Starr and Travis are at the penthouse, and are puzzled when their bogus article about Kevin didn’t get published. They realize that the password was changed, and decide to try to figure out what the new password is. They know they have three chances before they are locked out, and the first two they try don’t work. After much debate, they finally decide to try “Shorty” and it grants them access. They begin to write another article about Kevin, as Starr is sure her father will appreciate it. As they are constructing the article, Todd walks in, and much to Starr’s surprise, is furious. He orders Travis to leave, and tells Starr she could have gotten both Todd and the paper sued for liable. Starr is shocked and hurt by Todd’s reaction. Todd lets Starr know that her actions cannot go unpunished, and walks away. Travis IM’s Starr, and tells her that he’ll figure out some way for them to be together, and Starr once again has hope. Todd returns with a huge ice cream sundae, and tries to make peace with her. Starr plays hard to get, but quickly accepts the peace offering.

At the Buchanan mansion, Kevin and Evangeline discuss how grateful they are that Asa was able to get out of the charges filed by the reporter with just a fine and an order to have a psychiatric evaluation. Kevin tells Evangeline that he would have liked for her to handle his divorce, but since she’s Todd’s lawyer, that wouldn’t have been appropriate. Evangeline tells Kevin how sorry she is for all he’s going through, but Kevin flashes back to his plan to go after full custody of Ace, and lets Evangeline know that everything will turn out fine for him. Kevin tells Evangeline that he loved Ace, yet Kelly continued to lie to him. Kevin turns the conversation back to Asa, telling Evangeline that Asa has turned his BE holdings over to him, and Kevin is to vote in Asa’s place. Evangeline thinks this is further proof that Asa is suffering mentally. Both Kevin and Evangeline wonder if Asa if faking a diminished mental capacity.

Lindsay talks to RJ at Rodi’s about Rex buying back Ultra Violet. RJ won’t give her an answer, and again warns her about Rex. Lindsay asks RJ about Evangeline, just as Evangeline walks in. Lindsay urges him to go talk to Evangeline. RJ approaches Evangeline, and tells her that he has no excuse for his previous actions. Just then, John shows up, and RJ struggles to keep his cool. Evangeline tells RJ that she and John have a business meeting – nothing more. RJ leaves them to their business, and calls Rex, telling him to get to Rodi’s immediately. Rex arrives, and RJ offers to sell U.V. back to him, with some conditions – his first assignment is to find out what is happening between Evangeline and John. Rex accepts.

John gives Evangeline some documents so that she can close the case of the murdered bookkeeper, and his girlfriend can collect on the insurance. They then make innuendoes to how much they enjoyed working together on the case. Both try to control themselves, as John tells Evangeline to assure the girlfriend that she is now safe from the Santis. John and Evangeline enjoy sharing their dinner together, and are both glad the case is over.

Jen discovers Rex’s plans for the community center, and is impressed with his talents. Marcie informs the rest of the crew that Ron won’t be able to help, as he just got another job. After much sighing from the group, they decide they must finish the job, and will find someone else to take Ron’s place.

David returns to his office to find Dorian. He asks her to leave, and she does, but immediately returns. She asks David if she is losing him, because she loves him – David softens, and says she’s not losing him. She once again removes her coat, and David cannot resist her. With a swipe of his arm, he clears his desk, and they begin to make love. Afterward, David asks Dorian to set a wedding date – she says she’ll have to consult her calendar – and they make love again. Later, David calls Todd and informs him that Kevin appears to be willing to accept the deal.

Kevin’s attorney stops by the mansion and gives him the papers for custody of Ace, and says he’s ready to move forward. Kevin then calls Kelly and demands to see her.


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