OLTL Update Monday 7/19/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/19/04

By Kathy
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Tico tries to reason with Antonio, and convince him he is trustworthy. Antonio finally tells him that he had a DNA test run, and soon enough everyone will know whether or not he is a Santi. Jessica and Antonio leave to go to the police station to get the results, and Tico calls Sonia and asks her over. Sonia tells Tico that she plans on ending Jessica and Antonio’s relationship, but Tico says that Antonio and Jessica are devoted to each other. Sonia says she felt something when Antonio kissed her, and feels confident she can win Antonio over.

At the police station, Jessica tells Antonio she feels a certain responsibility for Tico, but Antonio says he needs to see some proof first. John brings them in to the office, and allows Antonio to be the first to look at the results. The results confirm that Tico is, in fact, a Santi.

Natalie goes to the police station to get her passport. She runs into John, and Natalie tells John she’s decided to move in with Paul. She asks John if he will leave them alone, and John assures them he will, as long as Paul stays on the right side of the law. John then asks Natalie if they can still occasionally play a game of pool, but Natalie brings up Evangeline’s name. As Natalie is leaving, she runs into Jessica, and informs her of the plans to move in with Paul. Disapproval shows on Jessica’s face, and Natalie tells her she’s tired of all the “good people,” meaning Jessica and Antonio, being judgmental. The argue a bit more, then agree to disagree on this.

Jessica and Antonio return home, and find Tico and Sonia there. Antonio tells Tico he is, in fact, a Santi. Antonio then apologizes to Sonia for playing with her feelings, and Sonia apologizes to Jessica for going after Antonio. Jessica accepts the apology, but still appears skeptical of Sonia. Tico and Sonia leave, and outside, Sonia tells Tico she is sure that Antonio won’t be able to get her out of his mind. Tico returns, to find Jessica and Antonio kissing, and slams the door to announce his presence. Tico has decided to move into the Palace hotel.

Paul brings Kelly flowers, and tries to make peace with her. Kelly tells Paul that Kevin is divorcing her, and asks Paul if he was the one that sent Kevin the anonymous letters. Paul admits he did, in an effort to extort money from Kevin, only it backfired. Paul tells Kelly he is now determined to live a better life for Natalie’s sake, and a very cynical Kelly tells Paul not to put too much faith in love. Paul offers to tell Kevin that he was blackmailing him, but Kelly fears that will only spark more questions, and possibly a DNA test.

Kevin assures Asa he will get Buchanan Enterprises back on top, and that he is going for full custody of Ace. Asa questions Kevin’s motives, and asks if he is sure he wants to have Todd Manning’s son around for the rest of his life. Kevin reminds Asa that he was adopted, and is very much a Buchanan, and Kevin will raise Ace to be a Buchanan. Kevin tells Asa is plan is a “winner take all” strategy, and he plans on winning everything, including Ace.

Blair is telling Todd about her encounter with Dorian and Kelly, when Viki knocks on the door. Viki wants answers, but Todd tells Viki he cannot break his promise to Kelly. Viki is certain that Todd is not the father, and wants to know who is. Viki is concerned that this whole situation is going to destroy Kevin emotionally, but Todd insists he must keep the secret he promised to. Todd assures Viki that this situation will work itself out, but that answer doesn’t satisfy Viki, so she goes in search of more answers. After Viki leaves, Blair and Todd discuss telling Viki the entire truth, and Todd agrees to. Later, they decide that it might be in everyone’s best interest to wait a while before telling Viki about Ace, as Blair is afraid of what this might do to Kelly if she loses Ace.

Viki pays Kevin a visit, and tells him that Todd is not the father. Kevin doesn’t believe her. Viki tells Kevin she is very worried about him, but Kevin assures her he’s getting back on track, starting with going after full custody of Ace. He then tells her his mission is to ensure that Ace hates Kelly. Viki is appalled by his hatred, and warns him that he will only be hurting himself, and that doing this to Ace is not in the baby’s best interest.

Adriana finds River and Shannon, and is livid. She smashes the radio, which alerts River and Shannon to their presence. River jumps up and rushes over to Adriana, while a very hurt Shannon tries to cover herself up. River clumsily tells Adriana he thought she wanted nothing more to do with him, and Adriana tells River she was taken to Puerto Rico for her safety. Adriana tells River she wants nothing more to do with him, and River runs off, never giving Shannon a second look.

Shannon goes to see John at the police station, and confides in him that River hurt her deeply. John comforts her as she cries. John and Shannon talk about relationships in general, and Shannon points out that John won’t be able to move on to another relationship as long as he is still carrying a torch for Caitlyn. John warns her not to go there.

Paul and Natalie visit the quarry, and Natalie climbs a rock and jumps into the water. She hits the water too hard, and Paul jumps in to save her. Paul tells her he wants to get a job and he wants the two of them to have a good life. Paul tells her that Kelly won’t help him, and Natalie relates her conversation she had earlier with Jessica.


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