OLTL Update Friday 7/16/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/16/04

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Tico comes out of the shower in just a towel, startling Jessica who is taking care of Jamie. He has a cut on his back and Jessica is taking a look at it when Carlotta comes in. When Jessica introduces Tico to her, Carlotta nearly faints.

Bo returns Antonio’s gun, badge and ID. They talk about the Santi case and its possible repercussions, and things that may come next. Kevin is brought into Bo’s office and Bo asks if a night in jail gave him a chance to think. Kevin says yes it did; he thought about how to get his life together and how to get some pay back.

Kelly calls wanting Todd to go to the police station with her and give a statement, but he’s not home and she ends up talking to Blair, instead. Blair tells Kelly that Todd can’t help her anymore and that if she doesn’t leave Todd alone she will tell everyone that Ace isn’t Kelly’s baby. This sends Kelly into a tailspin and Dorian tries to calm her. Kelly is scared that she will lose Ace if Blair goes through with her threat to tell everyone – including the divorce judge – the truth about Ace, and tells Dorian that if that happens, she will die. Dorian promises that she will not let that happen, saying “Your cousin needs to be reminded that we Cramer women do not turn on each other; we stand together, or else…”

River is stunned to run across Shannon lying by the water at the quarry, topless.

Adriana is back, and goes to see Antonio at the police station. She wants to know if it is true she has a brother. Antonio says that it is true, and tells her about Tico. She is very excited to find out that Tico is in town staying at Antonio’s, but Antonio says she should go home and see Dorian first; she agrees.

Antonio and Bo discuss Antonio's concerns about Tico; Antonio is concerned that he trusted Tico too quickly. Bo cautions him to keep his eyes open.

Jessica is explaining the circumstances of her finding Tico to Carlotta, and is clarifying that Tico is here to be protected from the remnants of the Santi organization. Tico comes back in, dressed, and they discuss their family. Carlotta tells Tico how much he looks like her brother. He wants to know if Carlotta knew he existed and she says yes, although she never knew much about him. She ultimately suggests that he go back to Puerto Rico, where he originally came from, and have a life there. He counters that he has been considering living in Llanview, and Carlotta says that he can’t do that. Tico wants to know why and Carlotta tries to tell him that she didn’t mean he couldn't, really, but he says he understands how scared she is that the Santi organization may follow him and hurt her family; he tells her that he knows how much she has already suffered since Jess has told him about Cristian. He also explains how Jessica saved his life, and because of her helping Jess, Carlotta did too. Adriana comes into the apartment and is thrilled to see Carlotta. She is introduced to Tico, and wants to introduce him to her mother. He wants to know what kind of a woman would marry a man as vicious as their father, saying that she must be a very different person from Adriana.

Dorian goes to see Blair, and they briefly discuss the Santi money, Dorian wondering if David may have it and be unwilling to share it. Dorian then wants to know why Blair is threatening Kelly. Blair wonders why Dorian is involved at all in this, and Dorian admits that she is the one who told Kelly to go through with the lie about Todd. A look of understanding comes across Blair’s face and she says that she knows why Dorian would even care about this: it was a way to break up Kelly and Kevin and Blair and Todd, since she never liked either couple together. She thinks that this lie, if everyone believed it, is a way for Dorian to kill two marriages with one stone.

Bo admonishes Kevin that getting drunk is no way to handle things, and that revenge isn’t either, Kevin is released from custody. As Kevin leaves the police station, he runs into Kelly and Ace, on their way there for Kelly to make a statement regarding Margaret.

Antonio asks his mother if she is sure she will be okay with Tico in town and she says that she will, Tico seems like a good man. Antonio says that he is going to find out more about his cousin. He and Carlotta discuss Antonio’s work in getting into the Santi organization.

Tico and Adriana discuss how they each know very little of their father. Tico wants to know about Adriana’s life, and how many boyfriends she has; she tells him about River.

River is embarrassed and turns his back as Shannon puts her top back on. He says he is going to leave her alone and she says no, she needs to put some sunscreen on him. As she does, they talk about Adriana, and how much River misses her. He still doesn’t know where she is, and he thinks that their relationship is over. River is becoming uncomfortable with Shannon massaging lotion all over him (and turned on, obviously), and he tries to leave but she says that she is going to work at the community center anyway, so he can stay. As she is getting up to leave he asks her to wait, says maybe he doesn’t want to be alone, and they kiss.

Bo is talking to Asa on the phone and promises to bring Matthew by to see him.

Kevin asks Kelly why she brought the baby with her to the police station and she says that she just didn’t want to leave him alone. Kevin says he can understand that, and she is surprised that he even cares anymore. Kevin says it was a general statement, not that he cares about Ace in particular, and Kelly comes to think that he hates the baby because of his (supposed) paternity and tells Kevin she doesn’t want her baby around that hate.

Dorian explains to Blair why Kelly needed to lie about the baby’s paternity; that Kevin would never allow Kelly to keep her baby if he knew the truth. Blair wonders what it will do to her kids if they think Todd had a baby with someone else. Dorian says she thinks that Blair is more concerned that other people not think that Todd slept with her cousin; she also says that it obviously bothers Blair that Todd often runs right over to help Kelly when she needs him. Although Blair denies this, her face gives away that Dorian has hit the nail on the head.

Kelly is giving her statement to Bo and tells him how wonderful Todd was in the situation. She says that she doesn’t think Kevin would have done what Todd did. Bo tries to tell her that Kevin must still care for the baby, but Kelly isn’t buying it. Bo reminds her that Ace is going to want to know his real father, Todd, some day; Kelly avoids the subject and leaves the station.

Kevin is at his house, looking at pictures of Ace on his laptop. He is obviously sad and missing the baby. He finds a teddy bear on the floor and picks it up and asks out loud: How do I just say goodbye?

Blair tells Dorian not to try to get her to doubt Todd. Dorian says that Blair needs to remember how desperate Kelly was after losing the only baby she would ever have, and being afraid she would lose her marriage and Kevin. Blair points out that she knows how that is, thanks to Kelly. She also says that Dorian is obviously surprised that Todd told her the truth about Kelly’s baby. They go back and forth on the whole issue, with Dorian trying to plant doubt about Todd in Blair’s mind and Blair continuing to demand that her family not be involved in Kelly’s lie. Finally, Blair tells Dorian that she can and will get Kevin to listen to the whole truth about everything if Kelly doesn’t back off Todd. Dorian finally says she will make Kelly stop and Blair asks her how she is going to do that; that Dorian can’t stop Kelly’s lie any more than she can keep Blair from telling Kevin the truth about Ace. Dorian says that she can stop Blair, all right, and Blair wants to know how.

Jessica and Antonio are alone together outside the apartment for a minute, and they talk about whether or not Tico is what he seems to be, and Jessica admits that she was jealous of Sonia when she saw Antonio kissing her, and is still unsure if she is trustworthy. Inside, Tico tells Adriana about Sonia and she says she wants to meet her. Tico asks when he gets to meet River and she says she is not sure they are still together, since she was taken to Puerto Rico before she could go make up from their fight, and hasn't talked to him since.

River and Shannon are kissing and she asks him if he knows what it going to happen if they don’t stop. He says yes, and she points out the Adrian won’t like it. He says that he told her, it is obvious that Adriana doesn’t love him anymore and they are over. They go back to kissing.

Kevin is remembering the time before he knew that Ace wasn’t his. He recalls telling Ace how he is the reason that Kelly and Kevin have a second chance, and that he promised never to let the baby down.

Dorian reminds Blair that they are both Cramers; Blair points out that Todd and the kids are her family, too. Dorian agrees that they are, but she reminds Blair again that Kelly can’t have any more kids; she brings up Kelly’s mother’s last nervous breakdown, and says that she is afraid that losing Ace would send Kelly around the bend. Blair suggests therapy and Dorian agrees, but Blair refuses to accept that it would be her fault if Kelly “lost it”. Dorian tries to bring Blair’s mother into it, but Blair warns her not to do that. Dorian begs Blair to let Kelly keep the lie going so that she doesn’t lose Ace and go crazy. The doorbell rings before she can answer. It is Kelly, with Ace, and she begs, also, to keep her baby. She says she will not interfere with Blair and Todd anymore, if Blair will please just keep her secret so she doesn’t lose Ace.

River and Shannon are still making out and he undoes her bathing suit top.

Adriana calls Reverend Carpenter to see if he knows where River is. She is hesitant to go to the quarry to see him, but the Reverend tells her how much River missed her. She runs out of Antonio’s place to find River as Jess and Antonio are coming back in.

Bo calls and tells Antonio that the lab is sending Tico’s DNA results over. Antonio says he has to go to work for a bit, and Tico offers to keep Jamie, but Antonio says Carlotta will do it.

Ace is getting fussy and Blair shows Kelly how to take calm him. Kelly wants to take the baby to the hospital, but Blair tells her he is fine, and continues to comfort him. She tells Kelly that the baby can sense her stress. Kelly warns Blair that if she tells the divorce judge, or Kevin, the truth, they would put the baby in a home where no one loves him. Blair says she wouldn’t do that to the baby, but if Kelly gets in between Blair and Todd ever again, she will do what she has to do.

Kevin calls his lawyer and says he has decided to seek full custody of Ace no matter what it takes. He says he wants to be sure that neither Todd nor Kelly ever sees that baby again.

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