OLTL Update Thursday 7/15/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/15/04

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The show opens with Riley playing his guitar and singing a song about finding angels and running away, then we see Kelly walking through Angel Square pushing Ace in his stroller. And old woman speaks to the angel statue, asking where have all the angels gone? She walks up to Kelly, looks at Ace, and tells her to hang on to her angel. Then she goes into Capricorn and tries to talk to Jen. Jen says she remembers the woman but she doesn’t have any money. The woman says that money may be all Jen has. Then she starts rambling about angels again, and a drunken Kevin walks up, telling the woman that there are no more angels and to go away. The woman tells Kevin it’s too late for him, no changing for him, leaves a feather on a table, and runs from the bar.

John runs across Kelly and notices that she’s distracted and asks her what is wrong.

The angel lady walks up to Antonio in the café and tells him that he needs his angel to come back to him.

Jessica is in Antonio’s apartment and sees him sleeping. She begins removing clothing, talking to him about how she missed him and how glad she is that he’s back. As she begins to crawl into bed with him, he turns over and she sees it isn’t Antonio, it’s Tico. He is sleeping there while Antonio is at work.

Natalie sees Antonio in the café and the argue over his past, his work, the chance that he could be killed and leave Jess a widow, and the fact the he is still drawn occasionally to the life he used to have, when he attacks her relationship with Paul. She gets angry and defends Paul, saying he’s not a criminal anymore.

Kelly is explaining to John that she hasn’t got much family left, and that she has lost everything that she tried so hard to hang on to. He sympathizes with her, saying he’s experienced that kind of loss, too. She asks him how he survived that loss. He says that his fiancée still haunts him and Kelly says she can’t let that happen to her. She picks up Ace and says she doesn’t want to be like her mother or Margaret, driven to a room with a locked door. She talks about how important Ace is to her, more important than anything, and says she will never let anyone hurt her like Kevin did.

Todd sees Evangeline in the bar and she realizes that he and Blair have gotten back together. She tells him she is jealous.

Jen and Kevin are talking in the bar and he says that he saw her connection to Joey; she points out that he was too good for his own good. Kevin is obviously drunk and feeling bad for himself, and starts saying how everyone thinks he’s a lousy person so maybe he is and he should just give in to it.

Vangie is telling Todd how her professional ambition is the biggest thing in her life, in fact it’s really all she has. She says that sometimes she should just enjoy the moment and she has a hard time with that. Todd says that he now has everything he ever wanted and that he intends to enjoy all his moments with Blair. He proceeds to tell Evangeline everything good about herself, trying to show her that she can have the good things he has, too.

Jen and Kevin are still talking, she is pointing out that he is very different when he’s been drinking. She also mentions Kevin’s ambition and his guts for having married his brother’s wife, and the Reverend Carpenter’s wife, too. She says something that sets him off, and he asks what she or anyone else wants from him and walks out.

Kelly points out that the breakup between her and Kevin is not entirely her fault and that Kevin has made mistakes, too. John offers her a ride back to Asa’s, and she says that she’s not living there anymore, that Kevin wants a divorce, and that she’s living at Dorian’s. She also says she doesn’t need a ride because she has her own car. John says good night, and tells her to hang on to her resolve.

Jessica and Tico are talking about her and Antonio’s relationship, and she tells him how much she hated having to pretend that they were broken up. Tico warns her that Antonio seems to be obsessed with El Toro Santi and the Santi family, that world that El Toro lived in. He explains that such a world is very attractive to some people and she explains about Antonio’s past as El Leon and the gang. She says how he has given that up long ago and that he’d never go back. Tico says he hopes not.

Natalie and Antonio are still bickering about how she chooses to live her life. He says that Cristian is looking over her all the time and she says she can do as she pleases and that it’s not like she can check with Cristian before she does it. Antonio points out that he and Nat are alike in the sense that they both follow things to their ends no matter what the consequences are. She says that Cris changed that for her, and Antonio points out that with Cristian gone, she’s back where she started from, just like he is.

Riley is singing again, in the background, as Kevin happens upon Kelly in Angel square.

Jessica tells Tico about Cristian’s death and how it affected Antonio. She says that she thinks Tico could be good for Antonio to have around. Tico talks about not being able to stay around because the Santi family may not be as dead as Antonio thinks. He tells her that if the Santi’s reorganize, they will come for Antonio and either mess with his life until he begs to die, or make him one of them, and that either way, he loses.

Antonio apologizes for bringing up Cristian, and says he just doesn’t understand why someone so good had to die. Natalie says that she no longer has the dreams of Cristian trying to touch her heart anymore, and Antonio says he doesn’t dream of him much anymore, either. Natalie admits that she was lost without Cristian when he died, but she is better now and she is moving on in her life. He asks if she means Paul Cramer, and she says it’s her, not anyone else, doing the moving on. She also tells him to watch out for things like the Santi’s because they could bring him down.

Kelly sees that Kevin is drunk and offers him a ride home. He is complaining and feeling sorry for himself, rambling on about Kelly’s lies and how the whole thing is over between them. She is obviously worried about him. As he turns to leave he runs right into Jen. She begins to speak and he tells her she’s said enough. He looks back at Kelly, turns back to Jen and kisses her on the cheek then walks off.

Evangeline tells Todd that she is a workaholic, and he says that the real issue is that she’s lonely and uses work to avoid thinking about the loneliness, but he knows she thinks about it anyway. He tells her that he thinks RJ really screwed up, and she says that it wasn’t RJ totally, but that he was controlling and possessive and she hates to be controlled. Todd agrees with that, and then she asks if he has any advice for her and her situation. He realizes that there is someone in her mind and wants to know who.

John flashes back on he and Vangie in the basement, then says to himself that he can’t go down that road again, that he has to stop it now.

Tico continues talking about how attractive the life of the Santi organization can seduce a man and Jessica begs him to quit talking. She tells him that he doesn’t know Antonio and they don’t know him, either. She tells him she is scared enough about the whole situation and to just stop talking. She is very upset. Just then, Antonio walks in. Jess runs into his arms, then says she has to get out of there. She runs out and Antonio asks Tico “What did you do?”

Todd gets a phone call and says he will be right there, then explains to Vangie that Blair has some surprise for him at home. She cautions Todd not to screw up what he’s got, and he says he won’t. He tells her that

Kelly is obviously jealous of Jen and wants to know what Kevin said to her. Jen tries to empathize with Kelly, but Kelly isn’t interested. Jen tries to explain that she has changed and that she learned that everything is not about her, which is something Kelly should think about. She is obviously trying to be sincere and honest, but Kelly doesn’t seem impressed.

Evangeline goes to the bar to order some food and runs across Natalie, who asks how John is doing, and says that she wants to see John happy, even if it’s not with her. Evangeline asks why Natalie is telling her this, and Nat says that one of the perks of being a bartender is that word gets around, then asks Vangie: “You are sleeping with him, aren’t you?”

As John is leaving the police station, an officer brings in Kevin, who is under arrest for drunk driving.

Jen comes upon Riley and his guitar. He says that “everything is fixable in the long run”. She agrees, and they nearly kiss, but he backs off.

Kevin is telling John that he doesn’t deserve to be arrested, how you can’t lock up Kevin Buchanan, and how John could never understand a man like Kevin, not in a million years. John agrees with that, and tells him that down in the cells, no one is going to care who Kevin is or how much money he’s got. Kevin tells him fine, “lock me up.” Saying it will be the perfect end to a horrible day. John says he’s glad he could help! Kevin then says that when all is said and done, there will be some very sorry people.

Antonio goes after Jessica and wants to know what Tico did. She says nothing, she is just scared with the whole situation. She makes him promise that she, he, and Jamie will be a family and that the Santi mess is all over. He pulls her close and promises, but she looks over his shoulder and sees Tico, unaware that she is watching, smirking smugly, as if he doesn’t think that’s what will happen.


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