OLTL Update Wednesday 7/14/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/14/04

By Kathy
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Margaret works on a scrapbook of her, Todd and Ace, as Ace continues to cry. Todd is able to figure out where she is, and goes with the police and Kelly to her house. She finally opens the door for Todd, holding a crying Ace, and a giant pair of scissors. Before going into the house, Todd grabs some flowers, roots and all, to give to Margaret, and is able to convince her to trade the flowers for the scissors. He uses lots of terms of endearment, kisses her, and suggests that he put Ace to bed, so that they can go to bed together. Margaret agrees to put the flowers in water, while he tends to Ace. As Margaret turns to leave the room, Todd heads out the door, giving the baby to a very relieved Kelly. The police move in and quickly arrest Margaret.

Kevin is furious when he reads the article in the Banner-Sun, and goes to Viki’s office, to find her and Dorian discussing Kelly. He accuses Todd of trying to slander him, and vows Todd will not get away with this. Viki points out to Kevin that Todd could not have written the article, and says the article appears to have been written by a prankster, as the language used was juvenile. Viki had all the passwords reset, so no one else will be able to hack into the site.

Dorian returns home to find discover Kelly is not there, nor are the police. She leaves a message for Kelly. Kevin bursts in, wanting to know where she is. Todd, Kelly and Ace return home from their ordeal, and Kevin misinterprets the situation, commenting on the return of the “happy family.” Kelly is disgusted by his behavior, defends Todd, and takes Ace upstairs. Viki comes by, as Kevin is verbally attacking Todd. Viki’s watch alarm sounds, and she leaves to get some water to take her pill. Left alone, Kevin grabs Todd and throws him on the sofa. Todd eggs Kevin on, and Kevin strikes Todd in the face several times. Viki walks in on this, breaks up the fight, and is disgusted with Kevin’s behavior.

John questions Jessica about what she knows of Tico. Jessica tells him everything she knows, and leaves. Evangeline comes in, and John tells her about Kathryn’s upcoming memorial service, and invites her to join him. Evangeline invites John to join her for drinks later, and after much flirting, and talking about their mutual affection for wine, John is on the verge of accepting her invitation to join her and some friends at Ultra Violet, when Jessica returns. During a very awkward moment, Evangeline leaves before John answers, and Jessica senses something is up. She returned to give John the bandana she used to clean up Tico before getting him to the hospital. She wants John to test the blood on it to see if Tico is who he says he is. John says Manual’s DNA is on file, and it will be easy enough to run the tests. As Jessica is leaving, she comments that Natalie jumped through hoops for him, and Jessica doesn’t want to see anyone else get hurt.

Starr and Travis are pleased with themselves for the article they wrote, but are shocked to learn they are no longer able to get onto the site.

Antonio shields Tico from the bullet fired through his hospital window, then leaves to try to find the shooter. Sonia arrives, determined to get Tico out of the hospital, and to somewhere safe. Antonio returns, still unsure which side both Sonia and Tico are on. Sonia continues to declare her innocence, saying she could have shot Antonio at any time, but instead saved his life. Antonio reminds her that since she shot the number one man in the organization, she opened the door to take over the organization. She tells him her only goal was to bring down the organization. After he leaves, Sonia tries to get Tico out of the room, but Antonio returns with the shooter. Hospital guards saw him coming off the roof, and neither Sonia or Tico had ever seen the man before. The man claims he is Padillo’s son, and was seeking revenge on the death of his father. After the man is taken away, Sonia asks for Antonio’s help in getting Tico back to Llanview. Antonio is still suspicious, but agrees, and makes the arrangements. Sonia is very evasive, but eludes to shooting Padillo for some past indiscretions.


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