OLTL Update Tuesday 7/13/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/13/04

By Kathy
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At the police station, Dorian asks Jessica where David is. Jessica tells her that David should be arriving soon, as he took a later flight. Jessica tells Dorian about Tico, and Dorian continues to ask her about David and the vault. Dorian finally decides to wait at home for David and leaves.

At La Boulaie, Kelly asks Hettie where Ace is. Hettie is confused, and thought that Kelly had already taken Ace. Hettie suggests that perhaps the nurse came back to get him – and tells Kelly about the note from Viki, and the nurse taking Jack. The two women come to realize that Ace has been kidnapped. Kelly calls Todd, and Todd immediately realizes Margaret has taken Ace. He explains to Kelly that Margaret was a former B.E. employee that Kevin fired. Kelly yells at Hettie, as Todd arrives. Todd tells her they must go to the police, but Kelly is afraid they will discover Ace is not her baby. Todd reassures her that the police won’t be looking into that. Todd then fires Hettie, and says he’s going to press charges. Todd asks if she’s called Kevin yet, but Kelly says she can’t call Kevin, either. They leave to go to the police station. Todd and Kelly meet up with John at the police station, where John immediately puts all resources into action. They go back to La Boulaie, to set up to await a contact from the kidnapper.

Dorian is home to greet David and she tells David that Adriana is safe at the convent. Dorian asks lots of questions about the money, but David tells her the vault was empty. Dorian is suspicious, thinking that David is hiding the money from her. David is hurt, and lets Dorian know it. She keeps trying to apologize, and begs for his forgiveness. David leaves to go to the office, still hurt from Dorian’s suspicions. Later, Dorian comes downstairs after Kelly and Todd have returned. She learns that Ace is missing, and that her phones are being tapped in an effort to find him. Dorian lights into Todd, claiming he is somehow responsible. Dorian leaves, saying she’ll be back soon.

Meanwhile, Margaret rocks “Baby Todd,” and tells him that “Daddy” will be coming home soon. Margaret begins to lose patience with Ace when he begins to cry. She puts him in a basket, but he won’t stop crying. Margaret calls Todd, telling him that “their” baby needs him.

Marcie, Riley, Julie and Mark visit Viki to tell her that they’ve had enough of Roxy, and feel she’s too much of a dictator. Viki asks why, and they tell her about the roommate changes. Viki, much to their dismay, agrees with Roxy, and tells them to give it two weeks. They then tell her that their funds are getting low, and Viki suggests they brainstorm and come up with some fund raising ideas. As the Love Crew leaves, Viki asks to talk to Julie privately. Evidently, Julie had a breakdown, and Viki wants to make sure Julie is coping. Julie assures Viki she is doing fine.

At Ultra Violet, Nick is trying to convince Jen to do a body shot, but she won’t allow it. Rex informs Jen he made some calls and got a good deal on some flooring. Search and Destroy is happening tonight at UV, so Nick decides to sing a song to Jen – he sings “I’m too Sexy,” and is laughed off the stage.

David, Natalie, Paul and John return to the police station, with David saying he’s been falsely arrested. As John and David are giving each other a hard time, David points out he’s been arrested in many countries. John finally releases David. Paul asks John if he’ll score any points for cooperating, when John informs him that the D.A. doesn’t think he’s worth the paper work, and is free to go. Paul goes over to Natalie, and invites her to move in with him. Natalie doesn’t answer right away. Jessica asks John if she’s heard from Antonio, but he hasn’t. Natalie tells Jessica that Paul has asked her to move in with him, and she is considering it. Jessica clearly isn’t thrilled, and goes to see Viki. Viki handles it well, telling Jessica that Paul isn’t who she would have chosen for Natalie, but they seem to get along well. After Jessica leaves, Dorian stops by and tells her that Ace has been kidnapped.

In Tico’s hospital room Sonia and Tico embrace, as Antonio looks bewildered. Tico tells Antonio that Sonia is his adopted sister. She has no idea that Tico was locked in the vault, but Antonio is suspicious of both of them. Sonia claims she was just trying to tear the organization apart, and accomplished what she set out to do. Antonio tells Tico and Sonia that he was, in fact, under cover, and Sonia handles the news well. After Sonia leaves, Tico and Antonio continue to talk, when a bullet comes through the window, and Antonio shields Tico from the shot.

Travis visits Starr, and the two play a video game, but quickly become bored. They decide to head to the Banner-Sun website, and use Todd’s password to gain access. They have some fun changing headlines and articles to make Kevin look bad for the trouble he’s caused their family.

Paul and Natalie stop by Ultra Violet, and Natalie tells Rex she is considering moving in with Paul. “Search and Destroy” is still going on, and Rex announces to the crowd that he needs one more singer. With a little coaxing, Marcie gets up and sings “The First Cut is the Deepest,” wowing the crowd. Marcie wins the competition, and also $500. She donates the money to the Love project, and Jen has an idea to have a benefit to include Marcie and Midnight Logic.


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