OLTL Update Monday 7/12/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/12/04

By Kathy
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Blair question’s Todd about his court appearance. Todd just hangs it head, and announces that he received a $25,000 fine and has to do 1000 hours of community service. Both are ecstatic, and celebrate with champagne, and talk about their future – holding hands at Jack’s graduation, sitting in rocking chairs together.

Margaret spies outside of La Boulaie, as Viki prepares to take Starr shopping. Jack is still sleeping, so Hettie agrees to stay with him, as she is also watching Ace. As Starr and Viki are leaving, Starr tells her that she wants to buy Travis something really expensive – like a plasma TV. Viki quickly nixes the idea, explaining that she is much like Todd, and always thinking extravagantly. She explains that Starr does not need to buy Travis expensive things to gain his love, that she is just fine without it. Starr finally agrees, and next announces she’ll be happy buying a really “hot” outfit. Viki thinks that at Starr’s age, “warm” will suffice. After they leave, Margaret returns, announcing to Hettie that she is there to pick up Jack. She is dressed in a nurse’s uniform, claiming to be Viki’s private nurse. She says someone that is recovering from a transplant may need help with the children, and Viki has decided she wants Jack to go with them. She then shows Hettie a letter from Viki, and flashes some I.D. Hettie accepts her story, and returns with Jack, as Margaret steals a set of keys off the hall table. Margaret takes Jack by the hand, and they leave.

At the Buchanan mansion, Kevin asks Kelly if she plans on signing the divorce papers. Kelly says she will not sign if there is even the slightest chance that she and Kevin can put their marriage back together. Kelly asks Kevin to look at her and tell her he does not love her. Kevin admits a part of him will always care about him, but they cannot base a relationship on lies. Kelly asks if he still loves Ace, and Kevin admits he loves Ace, but fears that some day, Todd will return, demanding custody of Ace. Kelly doesn’t believe Todd will do that, but Kevin isn’t going to budge. Kevin advises her to get a good attorney. He also tells her he’s had all her things packed for shipment to La Boulaie.

Jessica visits with Tico in his hospital room, and Jessica continues to tell him about his new family in Llanview. Tico has lots of questions, and is anxious to get better and meet them. Jessica steps out of the room to call Antonio.

In the hotel lobby, as John is “arresting” Antonio, Sonia tries to make a run for it. John hollers for the Puerto Rican cops to grab her, and they do. Meantime, Antonio “escapes,” and John returns, announcing that Antonio got away. John questions Sonia on the two murders in Puerto Rico, claiming that both she and Antonio have blood on their hands. Sonia wants to know what his jurisdiction is in Puerto Rico, but John just says that they are all friends, and help each other. He then questions her about Santos Rosa, saying he killed the book keeper, then killed himself. John asks about Kathryn’s killing, and Sonia picks up on the fact that John cared about Kathryn, thinking she’s gained the upper hand. John tells her he’s done playing games, and is going to take her back to Llanview. As he’s getting ready to take her away, FBI agent Billy Upton comes in, announcing he’ll be dealing with Sonia, as it is an FBI matter. John isn’t happy, but turns her over to Upton, who cuffs her. When Upton and Sonia are alone, it becomes obvious that Upton is on the take. He lets Sonia go, saying that he will state she had an alibi.

Antonio gets a call from Jessica, asking him to come to the hospital room. She assures Antonio that she is fine, but needs him to come as soon as possible. Antonio arrives, and Jessica introduces him to his cousin. Antonio is none to pleased that Jessica is in Puerto Rico. Antonio questions Tico, but isn’t immediately believing that Tico isn’t somehow involved in the family business. Tico tells Antonio this is his first time in Puerto Rico, as he grew up in Europe. Tico claims he despises the family business, and wants nothing to do with it. He steps out of the room to let Tico rest.

Antonio again lets Jessica know how upset he is with her. Jessica says it’s a good thing she decided to go to Puerto Rico, otherwise, Tico may have been killed. Antonio reveals that he has some doubts about Tico, and will get the answers. Jessica admits how scared she is for Antonio, and Antonio hugs her. His phone rings, and it’s John, announcing the FBI has Sonia in custody, and is rounding up the rest of the organization. He tells Antonio he is officially no longer undercover, to go celebrate, and they’ll meet back in Llanview. Antonio sighs and tells Jessica that it’s over, his undercover work is done, and she’s overjoyed. He wants her on a plane to Llanview ASAP, and he will follow in a day or so, as soon as he wraps up some lose ends with Tico. He goes back in to talk some more with Tico, and Tico talks about how excited he is to meet his aunt and half sister. Antonio leaves, and as he is pulling the door shut, is shocked to see Sonia come around the corner. Sonia demands to know who is in the room, pulls her gun out, and enters the room.

Emilio, Paul and David return to the vault, asking what they were doing there in the first place. David, always thinking on his feet, makes up a lame story that they are “vault enthusiasts,” and he looks forward to documenting his journey to finding this vault. Paul and David try to convince Emilio that they were not looking for any money, that they thought it was just a myth. Paul tells Emilio he wants to call his lawyer, and David and Emilio take a few steps back to allow him to use his cell phone. Instead, Paul calls Natalie, while pretending to be talking to an attorney. He tells Natalie that it will take all her resources to get them out of jail. Natalie understands what Paul is saying, and agrees to do what she can. Emilio gets a phone call, and David and Paul go after each other verbally, each claiming the other is responsible for this mess. She calls the hotel desk, but they will not advance her any money on her credit cards. Natalie then decides to go play some pool to raise cash. She ends up winning (of course), but still doesn’t have enough cash. She then runs into Jessica, and is furious that Jessica sent them on a wild goose chase for the vault. She talks Jessica into giving her what cash she has, and sets off to help Paul and David. Meanwhile, John goes to the vault, and finds Paul and David there. Paul claims he and Natalie were just vacationing and stumbled on the vault. David launches into an explanation about what a small world it is, as he just ran into Paul and Natalie. Meanwhile, Natalie comes down the steps, announcing she got the money. Just as she turns the corner, she sees John. She wants to know what he’s doing there, and John tells them all that the Santi organization is being rounded up as we speak. John orders David, Natalie and Paul back to Llanview, with a “417 order.” That’s all he’ll say, as the three of them keep asking what a 417 is?

Viki and Starr return from their shopping trip, and Starr goes up stairs to show Todd and Blair her new outfit. Blair goes upstairs with Starr, and Todd asks Viki how she’s doing. Viki tells her that Kelly claims Todd is Ace’s father. Todd says it’s a lie, and Viki wonders why he’s not telling everyone he’s not the father. Todd says that when Kevin calms down, a simple DNA test will reveal the truth. Todd also thinks that Kevin is losing it, and that Kelly is going whacko. Starr comes down, asking Todd if they can run out and get a new toner cartridge for her printer. Todd teases her that if she wouldn’t print every message from Travis, she wouldn’t keep running out. The two of them leave, and Viki heads for Kevin’s house. Blair answers a knock at the door, and discovers Margaret holding Jack’s hand. Blair very calmly instructs Jack to go upstairs and pick out some of his favorite books. Once he’s left the room, Blair lights into Margaret. Margaret tells Blair that they had better get used to Todd not being around, as soon he’ll be spending a lot more time with his new baby. Blair orders her out of the house, and threatens to call the police. Margaret wisely leaves, and soon after, Todd and Starr return home. Blair asks Starr to go read to Jack, and she fills Todd in on Margaret’s latest stunt.

Viki arrives at Kevin’s house, just as he is physically leading her to the door. Viki stops Kelly, and tells her she’s talked to Todd, and believes Todd is not Ace’s father. Meanwhile, Margaret uses the stolen key to slip back in to La Boulaie, and takes Ace. She holds him, commenting how much he looks like Todd, and cuddles him, calling him “Todd’s and mine.”


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