OLTL Update Friday 7/9/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/9/04

By Nancy
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Bo and Nora are still quarantined and cranky. They argue over use of the phone. They are obviously on each other’s last nerve. Nora unplugs the phone in the middle of Bo’s conversation.

At Llanfair, everyone is hanging out and relaxing while Jen videotapes. Hudson is angry that Riley is a slob; Shannon has borrowed a shirt from Julie without asking and when Julie wants it back, Shannon removes it in front of everyone. Snarking and sniping ensue, when Roxy comes into the room and announces that there are going to be some changes made in the living situation.

Dorian is back in Llanview and goes to the diner to see Carlotta, who explains that Antonio has taken Adriana to the convent school for her own protection.

John McBain is talking to someone on the phone about the whole Santi situation. Evangeline walks in and wants to know what’s wrong. He says there are 2 more dead bodies in the Santi case. They are both worried about Antonio, although John doesn’t tell her that Antonio is still a cop.

Sonia tries to get Antonio to go after the money right now – again – but Antonio refuses.

Bo is angry at Nora over the phone thing, she is annoyed at him for eating things from the fridge that she wanted to eat. They begin blaming each other for sharing the virus. Things are not going well when Nora begins throwing things out of a closet looking for some Christmas garland to use to divide the house in half. She announces that Bo is to stay out of her side of the house.

Julie is telling Roxy that Shannon is the roommate from hell. Preston is even less impressed with Riley as a roomy. Roxy reassigns roommates. She puts Julie in with Preston, who says he definitely won’t borrow her clothes. Jen and Riley, Shannon and Mark, Marcie and Nick. Shannon is not happy.

Antonio calls someone, identifies himself as a cop, and asks for help.

Vangie and John one of the dead people involved in the Santi case, the guy they think killed Kathryn and Van’s client, and how the information they wanted is gone with them.

Marcie and Nick are dissatisfied with their rooming assignment, so Roxy puts Mark and Nick back together, and Shannon and Marcie together. Mark mentions that he is hungry, and Julie ends up being elected cooking. Roxy talks to Jen about how good an idea this rearranging roomies was and says that she should work for the UN. Jen just smiles. Roxy is obviously trying to get Jen and Riley to hook up!

It seems that John’s dead shooting suspect committed suicide by taking cyanide, out of fear what the Santi organization would do to him if they thought he talked. Van wants to know what’s next, then, and John says how hard it will be to find who ordered the hits without the shooter. Glad that he’s not giving up the investigation, she says she likes having him around, and warns him to be careful.

Emilio responds to Antonio’s call for help, and lets it spill that Jessica is in PR. He also tells about the guy they found in the vault, but he doesn’t know who it is. Tells Antonio that the money was gone when they got to the vault. Emilio explains that Paul and Vickers don’t have the money, either, and that he never saw Natalie. Sonia walks in on the conversation and wants to know what’s going on.

Dorian and Carlotta walk into John’s office and Dorian is angry that the police have done nothing to find Adriana. Carlotta tells him about the convent school and he wants to know if it seems legitimate to her. She says yes. Dorian is not happy that they are leaving without answers, but John says he needs some time to work on the case. He calls Bo and tells him that Carlotta’s story doesn’t go along with what he’s seeing on Jen’s videotape. Bo tells John that he ought to go to San Juan. They discuss Bo’s miserable quarantine situation.

Matthew discovers the “borderline” in the middle of the house and doesn’t understand what’s happening. Bo and Nora neither one are willing to relent on the issue.

Antonio covers with Sonia saying that he was telling Emilio how much he hated being a cop. He lies to her that he knew Emilio from years ago, saw him asking questions at the desk, and decided to handle it. She is still a little suspicious, and when Antonio walks away to get the car, she pulls a gun from her purse.

Nora carefully slides a “kitchen schedule” across the border to Bo. They argue about each other’s cooking skills. Matthew has to interrupt their argument to get one of them to answer the incessantly ringing doorbell. It’s Evangeline, dropping off Todd’s plea bargain paperwork. Bo sends her to Nora’s office door because the front door is on his side of the house. Matthew watches his parents act like children and says that he thought kids were weird.

Jen is taping as Julie cooks and Preston watches, making fun of her vegan food. River comes in the house and Shannon goes to greet him. She flirts with him and they talk about a kiss they shared, and he explains that he loves Adriana and that’s that. Shannon does her best to be understanding of Adriana’s need to be alone and her not calling River back yet, but it’s not sincere; she is just looking for a way to make herself look good. She speculates to River that maybe Adriana isn’t ready for “a man like you.”

Antonio starts to kiss Sofia to keep her from seeing John in the hotel lobby.

Nora explains to Vangie about the division of the house and they commiserate about how unhappy Nora is being stuck in the house. When Nora returns to the living room, she goes back to digging at each other about their married life. They come to agree that neither one of them can cook, and settle on frozen pretzels. The doorbell rings as Nora goes to cook the pretzels, and Bo gets the door. It’s the health department doctor who has come to check them out. He says that if they are showing no symptoms he will lift the quarantine. He is puzzled by the border down the middle of the house.

River tries to reach Adriana and is frustrated that he can’t get her on the phone. Shannon gets River to come help her move rooms to take his mind off Adriana. Marcie takes the video camera and interviews Jen, who is uncomfortable on the other side of the camera. Marcie asks how Jen and Riley will like being room mates and they both say that since they are good friends, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The doctor lifts the quarantine, and everyone is thrilled. Bo makes plans to take Matthew fishing the next day. The doctor wants to know what was going on in the house, and Nora says he should just be glad they didn’t turn into the Donner party. After Bo leaves, Nora and Matt order pizza and get ready to watch a video. He wants to know why Nora and Bo fought while they were stuck in the house. She explains about “cabin fever”. She also tells him that no matter how much they care about each other, she and Bo will never get back together.

Dorian and Carlotta are at the café still talking about Adriana and they decide she is probably safe. Dorian is worried about David being there with no one to protect him, and Carlotta is afraid for Antonio, worried that he will be hurt because the people he is involved with are so bad. She still can’t believe he’s been fired from the LPD.

Antonio waits until John is out of Sonia’s line of sight, then sends her to the bar to wait for him. He sneaks off to talk to John. John asks about the situation with the Santi family, and Antonio tells him about the killing of Padilla and the other guy. John wants to stop the undercover but Antonio is against it. He thinks he can use Sonia to get what he needs on the Santi crew, since she seems to trust him. They continue discussing it, and Sonia sees them together.

Matthew and Nora are eating their pizza when Bo shows up at the door. He says he left his cell phone in Nora’s desk and Matthew runs off to get it for him. Matt invites Bo to stay and watch the Dirty Dozen with him and Nora, and she says it’s okay, so he agrees. They talk about how it’s different to be together when they aren’t forced to be there. The phone rings and it’s Daniel. Matthew answers it and lies to Daniel that Bo and Nora are still quarantined and says that the doctor says it could take a while.

Nick announces that he is going to Ultra Violet and invites Jen to come along. She agrees, and Marcie wants to go too. No one else wants to go, and Riley seems unhappy that Jen is going, but he tells her to go have fun. Nick doesn’t want Marcie to come, but Jen is insistent. Mark tells Riley that he is crazy for not going because if he wants to win Jen, he’s gotta put out the effort. Riley insists that he and Jen are just friends, but Mark smirks and says that Riley shouldn’t try to kid himself, it’s obvious he wants Jen.

Carlotta and Dorian discuss the bad things in their pasts – with Manuel - and the danger that is out there now. They are obviously worried about the whole Santi thing.

John realizes that Sonia can see him and Antonio, so he pulls his gun and makes a loud show of “arresting” Antonio to keep Sonia from figuring out that Antonio is undercover.

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