OLTL Update Thursday 7/8/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/8/04

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Antonio is told to kill Sonia to prove his loyalty to the Santi family.

Jessica and Emilio rescue the prisoner, Tico Santi, from the vault.

Kevin is on the phone when Viki comes in. Kev explains what has happened to the newspaper and that the stock is falling. He says he will try to fix it. He then tells her that Todd is Ace's father.

Kelly is in Capricorn nursing a drink when RJ approaches and gives her a hard time. She says she can "handle this all on my own," when Blair walks up behind her and says "You're gonna have to deal with me first." Blair is obviously out for blood, here.

Kelly tells her not to go into this in the bar. Blair insists that they will discuss it NOW!! Kelly allows that Blair is upset that Todd is Ace's father, and Kelly is stunned that Todd didn't back her up with the story. Blair lays out that she knows the whole story and points out that there are people besides her andTodd involved here, like her kids and Ace. Kelly accuses Blair of being jealous over her affair with Todd, and says that the story Blair believes is a lie. Blair pushes Kelly up against the all with her forearm against Kelly's throat.

Kevin is ranting about how Todd destroyed his family to Viki when Vangie shows up for a meeting. Kevin announces that he wants to divorce Kelly. Viki is shocked.

Natalie and Paul have discovered that Jessica lied about the map and Nat defends her actions as protective. David comes along and tells them that Dorian left for Llanview because Adrianna's missing. David says he stayed behind to protect his and Dorian's interests in the money.

Emilio and Jessica are setting Tico free from his chains and he tells them he was left there to die. They set out to take the guy to a hospital, then they will go looking for Antonio.

Jaime tells Antonio that he doesn't have to shoot Sonia after all, it was just a test. As he is giving up his gun, Jaime's man makes a move, and Antonio shoots him. Sonia pulls a gun and shoots Jaime, who falls dead. Sonia holds the gun out, aiming at either the body or Antonio...

Viki asks Kevin to rethink his decision, and Evangeline declines the case because she is already representing Todd in the BE matter. Kevin says that everyone is taking Todd's side, and Viki denies it. Kev keeps ranting, and starts going through his Rolodex looking for a new attorney.

Jessica leaves yet another message on Antonio's voice mail. Sonia pulls the gun out of Antonio's face and says that they need to get the heck out of there. Antonio says he still wants to know where Adrianna is, and Sonia finally lets him talk to her on the phone. We are shown that Adrianna is in a church or convent. She thinks that Antonio arranged for her to be taken there for her own protection. Antonio is now satisfied that the girl is okay, but he wants to call Carlotta and let her know that things are fine, but Sonia says they don't have time.

As Blair walks away from Kelly, Kelly attacks her from behind, screaming "You bitch!". Todd arrives at Capricorn, and grabs Blair, while RJ grabs Kelly. As the women are pulled apart, there is much yelling and screaming and name calling.

Nat, Paul, and David are still in the lobby of the hotel discussing Jessica's lie and other things when David walks away to talk to someone at Craze on the phone. Paul continues to complain about Jessica's deception while Nat continues to defend her. Paul points out that Nat's family has money, and it's his turn, basically. Natalie says that money is not worth dying for and he says he is not going to die like Cristian. Natalie points out that they can't know that, and that anything can happen. Paul reassures her that nothing bad will happen to them because he has his lucky dog tags on him, and that they have special powers of protection. they kept him alive through his chopper crash and in the landfill and that proves nothing bad will come to them. THey kiss, and David walks up and reminds them that he still has part of the combination that they don't. They reiterate their agreemtn to split hte money 50/50.

Antonio and Sonia are in the vault and find the money is gone. Antonion notices the chains ont he wall and taks about what his uncle may have actually used the vault for.

Tico is in the hospital and the doctor assures Jess he will be fine. Emilio has to go to the station and file a report and leaves Jessica there alone. She goes back into the room to talk to Tico. She questions him about who he is and he tells her. She is stunned to learn he is a Santi.

Kevin is still ranting and whining about divorcing Kelly and Viki asks him to take things slow. He still blames Todd for the notes, and says that Todd's truce was just a way to blindside him. He vows that Todd will pay, and Viki tells him that he needs to stop this and calm down or it will eat him alive.

Blair tells Kelly that she has to tell Kevin the truth about Ace. Kelly sticks to her lie and leaves, and Todd has to restrain Blair from attacking her again. Todd assures Blair that the truth will come out and things will be fine. Evangeline arrives and says she has been looking for him to warn him: Kevin is out for blood. Todd looks amused, just as he was about Blair and Kelly's fighting.

Viki is at her desk in her office when Kelly arrives. She is surprised to see the girl, and Kelly says it's urgent that they talk.

Evangeline explains what is going on with Kevin and how Kevin blames Todd for all his personal and professional problems. Blair points out the Kev and Kel are screwed and up and she won't let them ruin her life. As she starts to leave, Todd tells her that if she is going to shoot anyone, to be sure not to leave any fingerprints. She says she knows about Ace and he says it's not true. As they are talking, RJ walks up and gives Vangie a drink. "Martini. Dirty. I think you'll like it." Vangie declines, and the oily, nasty RJ comes out, telling her, "Me, McBain the cop, and now Todd ...." and says she is licking the bottom of the barrell when it comes to men. Vangie is noticably distressed, but remains calm. Todd isn't sure what to think...

Sonia and Antonio are still in the vault, when he realizes that blood on the wall near the chains is fresh. Sonia says it was probably Paul Carmer in there and she says they have to stop him before he gets away with the money. Antonion clearly isn't sure about that theory, but they head out of the vault

Jessica clarifies that Tico is Manuel's son. He says he didn't know until recently that his father was El Toro, and asks who Jess is and why she managed to find him. She explains it all, and tells him that her fiance is his cousin. He doesn't realize he has family, and she explains that Carlotta is his father's sister and tells him about the name change. She evades telling him how she found him, but tells him about Dorian and his father and the fact that he has a half sister. He says it's a lot to take in and she agrees. Jess wants to know how Tico ended up int he vault. He tells her that just after his father's death, others thought he might no where the money was hidden. He claimed that he didn't and says they tried to force him to talk. That they locked him in the vault to keep him from taking over the family.

RJ grows more and more obnoxious and Vangie asks him to leave her alone. She says she is only having a professional relationship with Todd. When Todd tries to intervene, RJ warns him to back off or he'll have the bouncers toss him. Vangie takes RJ aside to talk privately. He refuses to listen to what she has to say, while she tries to get him to act like a grown up. He says that his anger is a natural response to her lies and deceit. She says that they once cared for one another and that his anger was one of their problems. She never meant to hurt him. She wishes him well. He is still being sarcastic and accusatory. She asks for his friendship and he says her lying and deceit and betrayal rule that off, so she asks for peace between them instead, but he just wants to keep blaming her and being rude. He asks if she slept with John in her bed or his as a rhetorical question.

Kelly tells Viki that she probably knows what's going on with her and Kevin. Viki says she does and that she is not sure that the Ace story is true. Kelly lies and says that yes, it did happen. Viki asked her how, then, it could have escaped her that the baby might be Todd's. Kelly says she just WANTED it to be Kevin's so much. Viki says she feels bad for Kelly but wants to know what Kelly wants. She asks for Viki's support in trying to get her family back.

Blair arrives at Kevin's office. She tries to tell him that Todd is not the baby's father, but Kevin doesn't want to listen. She says: "Todd isn't Ace's father. And neither are you." Kevin has a dumbfounded look on his face.

Kelly thinks that Viki must hate her and Viki reassures her that's not the case. Kelly tells her how happy she was to find out that she was pregnant and says she couldn't tell Kev the truth about Todd being the baby's father because he was so happy. She begs Viki to help her, but Viki says she doesn't want to have to choose between her son and her brother.

Kevin doesn't want to hear what Blair has to say, and tries to convince her that Kelly's story is true. As they are talking, a lawyer arrives and Kevin tells Blair that he is going to see that Todd is destroyed, and sent to prison. Blair says that Kelly is making a fool of him and Todd and leaves. When she is gone, the attorney gives Kevin divorce filings to sign.

As Paul, Nat, and David arrive at the vault, the FBI is there and arrests Paul and David. They overlook Natalie, who leaves after nodding at Paul.

Tico thanks Jessica for saving his life and says he will never forget it.

Antonio and Sonia are at the hotel, talking. He wants to know what she meant when she shot Jaime Padilla and said that Jaime "would know what that was for."

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