OLTL Update Wednesday 7/7/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/7/04

By Janice
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Nora and Bo are under quarantine at Nora’s house, bickering. Their arguing escalates, with Bo showing signs of being jealous of Daniel. Matthew walks in, hurt that they are arguing, and says he made them a get-well card, but now he doesn’t want to give it to them. Matthew apologizes to Bo for inviting him over when Daniel was there, but Bo says it wasn’t a problem. Matthew finally suggests they play some board games, and Bo and Nora agree. They make a temporary peace and play with Matthew. After the games, both are still cranky, and Nora suggests Matthew go up to bed. Bo is headed upstairs when Daniel calls Nora – he is quarantined at his house. Bo interrupts Nora to ask her to come tuck Matthew in, and Nora grudgingly hangs up the phone, saying she’ll call Daniel later. They once again argue, but agree that Matthew is the most important thing in their lives. Bo and Nora finally fall asleep on the sofa, and Matthew sneaks downstairs with pillows and blankets, and settles in between the two of them.

John questions Carlotta about Adriana, since she didn’t show up for work, and Dorian is out of town. Carlotta is very worried about Adriana, but continues to give John a hard time about firing Antonio. When no leads to Adriana’s whereabouts turn up, John tells Carlotta he is putting out an APB on her, and listing her as a missing person.

At Angel Square, Rex is working on plans for the community center, when Lindsay comes by. She asks why he isn’t at Ultra Violet, as RJ is waiting for him, furious, and ready to fire him. Rex is very nonchalant about the meeting, and Lindsay wonders if Rex is going to continue to try to use Lindsay for her money. John stops by, saying that Rex was one of the last people to see Adriana. Rex dances around the question, but finally admits that Shannon has a thing for River, and made a play for him, upsetting Adriana. Rex was just being supportive of Adriana, while being a friend to Shannon.

In Puerto Rico, Paul and Natalie try to leave their hotel without David and Dorian, but David and Dorian stick to them like glue. Jessica lurks in the background, incognito. Paul says he has to return to the hotel room to get the map, and Dorian insists that she and Natalie will wait in the lobby, while David and Paul go get the map. Dorian reminds Paul that if he tries to double cross them, she’ll be forced to tell Natalie what Paul did to Kelly. She tells Natalie that Paul has sunk to new levels. Dorian then tells Natalie that she is Roxy’s daughter, especially since she doesn’t have any of Viki’s common sense. David and Paul return with the map, and Paul and Natalie explain that Jessica discovered that the map is actually upside down, and they will be hiking up a mountain. David whispers to Dorian that he’s already figured out how to get all of the money, instead of splitting it with Paul. Later, they return, tired and dirty, and went in the wrong direction. Natalie laughs that they ended up at a nun’s cloister.

Jessica calls John, asking if she’s heard from Antonio, but John says he hasn’t. He tells Jessica that John is going through a rough time right now, after losing his job, and to be patient with him. John asks where Jessica is, but she hangs up on him. John then calls Bo, saying he got a call from Jessica, and telling Bo about Adriana. Bo thinks for a minute, realizing that he, too, was at Angel Square on July 4th, and that Jen was taping the event. He tells John to find Jen and have a look at the footage she shot that night for a clue. Bo also tells John that FBI is in place, and Antonio is smart and resourceful. Jessica is then joined by Emilio, who is an officer of the law, and fills him in on what she knows. Emilio is worried that Antonio may be in too deep, as the organization is crumbling, and is afraid Antonio will be killed. Jessica produces her copy of the map, and says she believes that is where Antonio is. The two set off to find it, and when they do, Jessica calls through the door to where she believes Antonio is, telling him she’ll save him. A man answers her. Emilio wonders how they’ll get in, as they don’t have all of the combination. Jessica calls Carlotta, tells her to trust her and give her the numbers that were on Dorian’s broach, in order to save Antonio. Carlotta does, and when Jessica opens the door, she finds an unknown man chained to the wall.

John catches up with Jen and Riley, and explains to Jen that he needs to see the video she shot. Jen says she just put the camera on the tripod, and doesn’t expect to see much, but agrees to let John view the footage. John then calls Dorian, asking if Adriana is with her. When Dorian says no, John explains that Adriana is missing. Dorian promises to be home as soon as possible.

Antonio is led into a room by Sonia, with a blind fold on, and is finally permitted to remove the blind fold. Don Padilla (Jaime) is there, not at all certain that Antonio is on their side, and refers to Antonio as a “detective.” Sonia tries to run interference, trying to convince Jaime that Antonio is on their side. Jaime reminds Antonio that they have Adriana, and as of now, she’s safe, but she is their insurance policy that Antonio won’t do anything stupid. He asks Antonio for the jewelry, and Sonia produces the three pieces, saying the broach was acquired from Santi’s widow, after Dorian had a little “accident.” Antonio continues to try to convince Jaime that he just wants his rightful place in the organization, and to make sure the organization stays intact.

Riley and Jen sit at the diner, contemplating how best to budget the money for the community center, trying to figure out if they can barter any services. Jen asks Riley if he foresees them moving their relationship to the next level, but Riley reminds her that’s what happened with Flash, and he and Flash ended up breaking up and losing a friendship. Riley doesn’t want to lose what they have. The conversation turns to both of their parents having dysfunctional, broken relationships.


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