OLTL Update Tuesday 7/6/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/6/04

By Kathy
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Todd arrives home to find Blair waiting for him, with dinner and champagne. She kisses him, giving him a taste of “dessert.” They discuss Ace and Kelly, and Blair worries that if Todd goes along with Kelly’s plan, it will have a detrimental effect on Starr and Jack. Blair says things are getting out of control, and doesn’t want Todd to risk losing everything he’s worked so hard for. Blair vows that she will not allow Kelly to hurt their family. Later, Blair wakes up from a nightmare – Kelly has her children, and she can’t quite get to them. Todd comforts her, and Blair tells Todd she’s happy he told her the truth.

At the diner, John tells Evangeline they have caught the person threatening Mary Barnes. They leave, and are walking through Angel Square, when John has the sense that they are being followed. They discuss what happened, and both agree they had too much wine and were confined together. John finally tells Evangeline he thinks someone is following them, so Evangeline kisses John, saying she is pretty sure she knows who is following them. Suddenly, RJ appears, on cue, and Evangeline comments on his timing. He asks to talk to Evangeline in private, so John leaves, telling RJ to “play nice.” Evangeline decides not to see RJ anymore. Later, she meets John back at the diner, and invites John to dinner, after telling him that she and RJ have broken up. John tells her she doesn’t owe him anything, but Evangeline insists she enjoys his company. RJ walks into the diner, wanting to talk to Evangeline, but she leaves. John warns him to leave her alone, that she is an independent woman and can’t be controlled. They argue, as John eludes to the fact that RJ is verging on stalking Evangeline, and RJ feels John is using his position as lieutenant to keep him away from Evangeline. RJ leaves, but later makes a phone call, plotting his next move with John. John talks to Carlotta, casually asking if she’s seen Adriana lately. Carlotta, clearly still very upset with John, says she hasn’t, and assumes she’s at work, and tells John where she works. Carlotta then leaves a message for Adriana, asking her to call. Later, Evangeline finds John, and he tells her that he can’t have dinner with her tonight – but they both promise to reschedule.

The “Love Crew” returns to the house, tired and dirty. Nick and Rex get into an argument, as Nick accuses Rex of being lazy. Roxy breaks up the fight before it begins, and pulls Rex aside, telling him they are in enough trouble, and he needs to behave. Julie is furious when she discovers someone has eaten her salad, as she is a vegetarian. Shannon proudly announces she’s eaten the salad, and there is much arguing going on among the Love Crew. Shannon finally decides she’s had enough, and informs the rest of the crew she’s quitting. Later, at Angel Square, Shannon finds Rex working on some designs for the community center, and tells Rex that River has blown her off once again, but Rex reminds her that persistence pays off. The next morning, Shannon reconsiders, as the rest of the Crew are bummed out that with Shannon gone, the project is off. Shannon comes in, saying she’s back, and going to stick it out. They get to work, as Nick makes snide remarks to Marcie about her weight. Rex shows up with a boom box, and Roxy shows up with a cooler, saying that Viki told her to make sure the Crew stays hydrated. Julie, of course, wants something without preservatives, and Marcie asks for something diet, but Roxy only brought beer. When they return to the house, Jen asks Marcie if she wants some pizza, but Marcie says she’s going on a diet. Jen tells her that’s ridiculous – Marcie looks great, and Michael loves her just the way she is. Marcie senses something’s wrong with Jen, and Jen tells her that Riley only wants to be friends. Marcie tells Jen that’s a great start for a relationship, and reminds Jen that in the beginning, she hated Michael. Jen leaves to go shower, and Marcie grabs an issue of “Craze,” with a diet featured on the cover. River leaves a message for Adriana, asking that if she doesn’t want to see him, to at least tell him in person. Shannon comes in, asking if he’s heard from Adriana, and River sadly says he hasn’t. River turns to Shannon, and they begin to kiss passionately.

Jen asks Riley for an answer to her question about being more than friends. Riley is silent, and Jen takes that as a “no.” Hurt, Jen says she must have misinterpreted the kiss on the dock, but Riley says he saw Rex, and wanted to protect her from being harassed by Rex. Riley goes on to say that if he and Flash had remained friends, instead of taking their relationship to the next level, they would still be friends, and he doesn’t want to lose a good friend. He tells Jen she is amazing, and wants to keep their friendship. Both agree they have a long summer ahead of them, and decide to remain friends.

Margaret is sitting at Kevin’s desk, determined to ruin him for firing her after she tried to help him with Todd. Margaret is holding a picture of Ace, Kelly and Kevin, while she decides what to do. She gets into the computer and wreaks havoc, laughing that when the stock market opens, Kevin will be finished. She then takes out a cuff link belonging to Todd, and drops it on the floor. Meanwhile, Kelly slips a letter under the door for Kevin. Margaret intercepts the letter, just as Kevin comes down the hall to his office. Margaret hides behind a chair, as Kevin comes in. Kevin receives a call about Todd’s blood type, and has a flash-back to when he learned Ace’s blood type, and thought it must be a mistake. Kevin becomes furious and knocks over a chair and throws some files around. After Kevin leaves, Margaret comes out from behind the chair, and reads the note Kelly slipped under the door (Margaret has no idea where the note came from). The note says, “You’re not Ace’s Father – Todd Manning is.” This only adds fuel to Margaret’s plan to bring down both Kevin and Todd.

The next morning at Buchanan Enterprises, Asa wants to know what is happening. Kevin assures Asa everything is under control, and explains that someone evidently broke into B.E.’s computer. He then finds Todd’s cuff link on the floor, jumping to the conclusion Todd created this mess. Asa tries to do damage control, as Blair pays Kevin a visit. Asa bashes Blair for going back to Todd. Kevin asks Asa to leave, and Blair tells Kevin she knows he thinks Todd is the father of Ace, but eludes to the fact that all is not as it seems. Asa busts back into the room, as troubles for B.E. continue, declaring that Todd will pay for the trouble he’s caused.

Kelly visits Todd, and informs him that she’s already told Kevin that Todd is really Ace’s father. Todd says he doesn’t want to go along with the plan, and he’ll tell everyone that he’s not the father. Kelly says she’ll convince Kevin. Todd and Kelly go to Angel Square with Ace, as Todd warns her she needs to come clean because she is digging herself deeper and deeper, and Kevin will discover the truth. Kelly says as long as Kevin thinks she is the mother, he won’t try to take Ace from her, and she can’t stand the thought of losing Ace. Margaret walks by, and sees Kelly and Todd together. She witnesses Todd holding Ace as Kelly gets his bottle ready, asking Todd if he wants to feed Ace. Margaret gets an idea for the next step of her plan – “get baby, get Todd,” and keeps repeating this phrase to herself.


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