OLTL Update Monday 7/5/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/5/04

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John and Bo meet Antonio in a back alley. He tells them that he is going to Puerto Rico with Sonia. Bo and John want to arrange backup because they are afraid something will go wrong on this trip.

At the diner, Sonia places an order. She keeps watching Carlotta. The Santi mobster gets a phone call while he sits in a booth at the diner. He takes the call in the back and assures Senor Padilla on the other end that Mary Barnes will be dead by the end of the night.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Nigel is shown a photograph by a policeman of a person who is looking for Mary Barnes. Nigel denies having seen the man. The officer assures him that the man has probably already left town.

Natalie is at a lakeside cabin in the woods when Jessica comes to visit. Jess does not want her to go to Puerto Rico with Paul. She is w3orried that Nat will be hurt by the Santee family.

At La Boulaie, David ushers Paul into the living room at gunpoint. Dorian is sitting at the desk waiting for him. As David puts his gun away, Dorian takes her out and tells Paul that it is loaded. Dorian asks him if he was there the other day to look for her brooch. Paul pretends that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Dorian threatens him with an “accidental” shooting. He then breaks down and admits that he was looking for her pin. He then tells them that he’s got the rest of the information and a map. Paul says if they show him the brooch, he’ll do all the dirty work by tracking down the fortune and give them a 10% cut. Dorian laughs hysterically.

Natalie doesn’t understand why Jess is so worried. Jess admits to missing Antonio. Nat tries to convince Jess that Paul really cares about her. Jess is concerned that Natalie is just using Paul to try to forget about John. Jess spies the map for the Santee treasure on a table.

In the alley, Bo is talking on the phone assuring Matthew that he will be over. John and Antonio discuss the undercover assignment. Bo comes over and tells John to leave. Antonio tells Bo that when he finds out when and when the Santee family will pick up the cash he will alert Bo and then the federal agents can be arranged to be there.

At the station, Van is waiting for John. She wants to talk about the other night. John pretends that he has no clue what she’s talking about. As she gives him a quizzical look, he starts to laugh and asks her if she wants to go for coffee. As they leave, Marcie gets a phone call from Michael. He talks to her about the Mystery Illness at the hospital. He thinks there’s more to it. He’s concerned that a lab tech who had been fired and prosecuted might be behind the illness. He finds out that Nora prosecuted the tech.

Nora is at her home, dressed in a sexy black dress, waiting for Daniel to come over for dinner. She complains of a headache to Matthew. He goes upstairs to get her some aspirin while she sits on the couch rubbing her temples.

In the alleyway, Box is convinced that Antonio is going to go undercover and travel to Puerto Rico whether or not he gets approval. It’s a “family matter” Antonio tells him. Bo tells him to be careful.

Nat tell Jess at the cabin that going to Puerto Rico with Paul has nothing to do with John. She gets up and walks off with the excuse that she needs to get some ice. While Natalie is gone, Jessica reaches across the table for the map and begins to copy some of it down before Nat comes back in the room. Over sodas, Nat tells Jessica that she can be herself with Paul and that there is a lot less stress in her life. Jessica gets up to leave and Natalie tells her that she appreciates her concern. She again tells Jess that she is not trying to get away from John. “I’ve moved on in my life – and so has he.”

At the diner, Carlotta pours coffee for Evangeline, but totally ignores John. John tells Van that Carlotta’s upset with him for firing her son. Van realizes that John chose the diner only so that he can make sure Carlotta is safe. Through the diner window, RJ is watching John and Evangeline. Van and John agree that the other night was because of an “extreme” situation and they got “side-tracked.” She tells John that she doesn’t want to hurt “the man in my life.”

At the hotel, Nigel is questioned by a man who shows him a picture of a woman named, Mary Barnes.

Before Daniel arrives, Nora is visited by Michael who questions her about the lab tech she prosecuted. As they talk Matthew brings down the aspirin for her. Michael asks if she’s feeling alright. She admits to having a headache and being nauseous. She proceeds to tell him that the lab tech had burst into Bo’s office the day before right in the middle of their dinner. Nora agrees to give Michael the leftovers to be tested at the hospital.

After Michael leaves, Daniel arrives at the door with a vase full of flowers. He is amazed at how wonderful she looks. As she starts to pour him a club soda the doorbell rings. Bo is there to help Matthew with a “camp project”. Nora doesn’t know a thing about it. She quickly surmises that Matthew is up to his old tricks again.

At gunpoint, Paul negotiates with David and Dorian about their share of the Santi fortune. They finally agree on a 50% split after a few rounds of bickering. Paul is disturbed that they want to go along on the trip with him and Nat. Paul tries to get Dorian to stay home, first asking “what about Adriana?” She’s at Carlotta’s Dorian assures him. Then he asks about Kelly. Dorian tells him that she believes keeping him away from Kelly is the best thing she can do for her niece. Paul finally agrees and tells them that he will call them later with the flight information.

At the diner, Van and John continue to talk as Antonio comes in to talk to Carlotta. He tells his mom that she shouldn’t be upset with John – he was only doing his job. She insists that John should have stood up for him. Antonio tells her that he’s leaving on a Private Investigating assignment and will be out of town for a little while. He just wants to check in and make sure that she and Adrianna are okay before he leaves. She assures him that she’s fine and that Adrianna is back at Dorian’s and is safe.

Van tells John how shocked she was that Antonio was fired. She tries to get the real story out of him. When she fails she tells John that that’s one of the things she likes about him – that he’s “discrete.” They decide that what happened between them was completely out of character and only because they were stranded together and “what are the chances of getting stuck like that again?”

Nigel denies knowing the woman in the picture. Below the desk Nigel is clutching the wanted poster of the man in front of him. The man pulls a gun on Nigel and quickly Nigel tells the man that he forgot all about that woman. He is told to call the woman and have her come downstairs to the lobby for a delivery. Instead, Nigel places a call to John and pretends to be talking to Mary Barnes. John catches on and tells Nigel he’ll be there in 2 minutes. Nigel then tells the gunman that the woman was just getting out of the shower, but that she’d be down in just a few minutes. From the front door of the hotel, John watches the gunman with Nigel and then he slowly opens the front door, pulls out his gun, and walks inside.

At Nora’s, Matthew is questioned about why he didn’t tell his mother that Bo was coming over. “It’s my house too.” He responds. From now on Nora tells him that he has to let her know when he’s having company. Bo and Matthew go into the next room. Nora apologizes to Daniel. He insists it’s really okay.

Antonio runs into Jess as he leaves the diner. Strained, he tells Jess that he’s going to Atlanta for a while. He coldly tells her that he’ll be fine as she tells him to be careful.

RJ comes and sits down in John’s seat in the diner across from Van. He asks her if she’s had “fun with her cop John McBain.” He tells her that he knows there’s something going on because she’s been avoiding his calls. He doesn’t believe that her caseload is the only thing coming between them. She tells him that John is only trying to keep her client safe.

At the hotel, the gunman is impatient. He is behind Nigel with the gun on his back and asks what room she’s in. As Nigel gives him the room number and they start up the stairs, John comes up behind him and tells him to freeze and drop the gun. He grabs the gun from the mobster without a fight.

Michael calls Marcie from the hospital looking for Bo. He tells her that he’s sending antibiotics over for her to start on as a precaution in case she’s been exposed. Inside the office while sitting on the desk, John is questioning the man about who he’s working for. He shows him a picture of Kathryn – “the same one that hired you to kill her?” The man declines to talk without his lawyer. John looks over in disgust at the other policeman in the room.

Sonia answers the door to Antonio asking where he’s been. He flashes the tickets to Puerto Rico at her and follows her into the apartment. She’s not happy to be kept waiting. She tells him that the meeting with the “big boss” cannot be changed. He tells her that they should leave for the airport. She tells him that they’ve got some time and goes over and begins to kiss him.

At the diner, RJ and Van are still talking when she gets a phone call from John. She is ecstatic to find that the man after Mary Barnes has been captured. She thanks him profusely. As she hangs up the phone and begins to explain to RJ, he won’t listen. He is upset that John personally made the phone call. He asks her if she and John are having an affair.

David pours Dorian a drink. They sit on the couch and talk about how difficult it will be going against the Santi family. They both decide to go through with it taking as many precautions as possible. Dorian admits to wanting to shoot Paul for the way he treated Kelly. They decide they’ll find a way to keep the Santi money away from Paul. After all Dorian says “he’s probably figuring out a way to cheat us out of our half” as David kisses her on the back of her neck.

Daniel and Nora sit on the couch talking and laughing about a court case. Bo sits in a nearby chair looking bored. Nora asks if anyone wants more coffee. As an obvious hint to Bo, Daniel gets up and says he should leave because Nora has an early court case. Instead, Bo remains seated and says he’ll have another cup. Daniel is a little perturbed with Bo as Nora walks him to the door. He says he had hoped to have her all to himself. He gives her a short good night kiss and says “another time” and leaves. Nora sits on the couch across from Bo. He begins to tell her all the reasons that Daniel is wrong for her. Nora gets up and tells him that she doesn’t want to hear any more about it. The doorbell rings and Nora is surprised to find Dr. Kingsley there. As Bo tries to leave, the doctor tells him he’ll need to stay for a while. The chicken was contaminated and they fear an outbreak. He’s brought them both antibiotics. Because both Bo and Nora have symptoms both are highly contagious and by order of the health department, they are under quarantine.

At the diner, Van is incensed that RJ is even asking her about an affair. RJ says just answer the questions. He points his finger in her face and says “I got my answer.” He heads to the door. She flashes back to that night with John and says to herself “it was not an affair.” Outside the diner, RJ places a call and tells someone to follow Evangeline. He wants to know everyone she sees.

As they prepare to leave the cabin, Paul and Natalie run face to face into Dorian and David. “Hope you’re not planning to leave without us!”

At the police station, John comes back into his office as the gunman puts down the phone. John tells him that killing a federal agent will get him the death penalty. In the outer office, Jess comes in and talks with Marcie. She asks if she can use Antonio’s computer to check her email. Instead, she finds that Antonio’s destination is Puerto Rico, not Atlanta.

At Sonia’s, Antonio breaks away from the kill and tells her that he needs to concentrate on meeting the big boss. Tomorrow we can celebrate all night. Sonia tells Antonio that she has had Adrianna kidnapped. Antonio glares at Sonja as she tells him, “She’ll be fine as long as you are who and what you say you are.”


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