OLTL Update Friday 7/2/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/2/04

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Carlotta, River, and Adrianna are setting up for a 4th of July event outside the diner. River has to leave for a while to go to Llanfair regarding his part in the Love Project. Carlotta tells Adrianna that something seems different about her.

Jen gets a letter declining to run her Midnight Logic documentary . Riley reads the rest of it to her, and the station offers to look at her future documentaries, saying they like her work. They hug, and Rex sees them, obviously irritated by it.

At the diner, Viki and Nora and Daniel tell Roxy they want her to be the Love Projects house mother as part of her community service from the fire at the community center.

Rex walks in and tells Riley and Jen that he, too, is going to be working on the Love project as part of his community service. The other college students walk in and Riley asks Shannon and Hudson what their decision is. They are still reluctant to participate, but the others keep harping on them. Rex points out that work beats school any day. Everyone kind of gangs up on Hudson and he relents. Shannon says she would prefer clubbing to working until she finds out that River will be involved in the project, then she capitulates, too.

Roxy doesn’t want to be the housemother, but Daniel and Nora threaten her by saying her community service can be served putting make-up on inmates at Statesville prison. Violent murderers. All of a sudden the house-mothering gig sounds good.

Bo and Matthew arrive at the diner and Matthew sees his mother with Daniel and he and Bo go over to talk to them.

Jen thinks everyone should get to know each other, and brings out her camera to record all the information. Nick alludes to making a porn video with Jen, and Riley shuts him down.

Adrianna and Carlotta are still talking. Adrianna is trying to convince her aunt/godmother that nothing about her has changed, but Carlotta says Adrianna seems more like a woman and that means she can’t protect the girl anymore.

Marcy thanks Hudson for participating in the project but Hudson is still obnoxious and rude to her, and snubs her efforts to be friendly. Viki introduces Roxy to the project participants. Roxy and Viki set forth more rules. Roxy says rule number one is no drinking or partying all night. Rex tells his mom to come on, and she says well, unless she is invited. Everyone chuckles.

Matthew makes sure that Nora still intends to go camping with him and Bo. Bo has to go check on the community center site and Matthew opts to hang out with his mom. Carlotta approaches Bo on his way out the door to find out why Antonio was fired. Bo defends John’s action. Adrianna tells Carlotta that she gave her cross to Antonio, which concerns Carlotta. Adrianna says she doesn’t care if Antonio keeps it, that she wants nothing to do with her father or his business.

Back at Llanfair, Viki tells the students that they must submit a progress report every week, but that they can do it on video if they want. Also, the project will be documented on tape also so that any problems will be evident. Roxy starts to assign rooms and house chores but never finishes; Nick wants to know who he gets to sleep with and Roxy flirts with him. Rex is grossed out. Ron Walsh, Marcie’s brother, arrives to work on the project as the contractor. One of the girls, Julie, starts flirting with him. Hudson refuses to help Riley carry bags of groceries into the house, saying basically that because he’s black, he won’t carry bags.

River comes back to the café and finds Adrianna and says they can be alone together at the rectory while his father is busy with the fireworks. She doesn’t want to sneak around and lie to be together, but River pressures her a bit, saying he wants to be with her again. Adrianna says she knew this would happen and River wants to know if she is sorry they had sex.

Bo and Viki are checking out he construction site and talking about how great the center will be. Bo advises her to relax and not worry, but she says that is her nature. She says being involved in the project will distract her from all her other worries, the real worries, and Bo wants to know what those are.

Riley tells Hudson that this is not an issue of race and that he needs to be more laid back about it. Everyone is involved in the argument about who is going to do what and who is most special because of race or circumstance. Julie points out that she is first generation American (she is obviously of Asian descent) and sarcastically points out: “I’m special too!” Michael calls and Marcie leaves the room to talk to him. Nick rudely asks “She has a boyfriend?” and Shannon tells him it’s her cousin, a doctor. Nick asks if the guy is real nerdy, and Shannon says that he’ll see when Michael stops by to see Marcie. Roxy shows up and assigns room mates: Marcie and Jen in one room, Shannon and Julie in another, Riley and Hudson together, Nick and Mark in the attic. Nick continues hitting on Jen, talking about a night he saw her at Ultra Violet dancing, nearly stripped, when Riley tells him to back off. Nick doesn’t shut up, so Riley decks him. (Jen is getting the whole thing on tape as she is planning to make the experience a documentary and submit it to the network that turned down the Midnight Logic video.)

Roxy breaks up the fight and sends everyone out of the room. Jen thanks Riley for sticking up for her and says he didn’t need to but he states that no one picks on someone he cares about, and he cares about her.

Viki tells Bo that she worries about her kids, Natalie off with Paul, Jessica and Antonio and the firing, Kevin and Kelly and the baby, Joey being overseas trying to get over his failed marriage, and of course she misses Ben. She asks Bo if he’s worried about the man in Nora’s life, and he says that he really doesn’t think Daniel is a big threat. He admits he realizes that whoever Nora does get involved with will wind up being important to Matthew and Viki wants to know if he is worried that “someone” or Daniel will be important to Matthew or to Nora.

Nora invites Daniel to dinner while Matthew is at the counter with Carlotta. He watches his mom and Daniel talk and smile and laugh and arrives to hear Daniel accept Nora’s invitation.

Adrianna tells River that she feels bad about breaking her promise, and says that she needs to go to confession. River supports the need for confession but says they shouldn’t feel bad because they are in love. Adrianna worries that she could be pregnant and River says he will marry her if that’s the case since it was their plan anyway. Adrianna can’t handle his countering all her concerns and fears by justifying everything with “love”; she is irritated with him and says there won’t be another time of making love. It’s obvious that she is bothered by her guilt and remorse, as well as her concerns.

At Llanfair, Marcie is doing a stand-up for Jen’s camera and expresses her reservations about the whole thing and the people involved. They go upstairs, and Shannon comes into the room and talks to Jen’s camera, talking about all the guys in the group, especially River. She says that all guys cheat and River will, too. She talks about how her dad cheated on her mom while her mom was dying. Suddenly she realizes that the camera might actually have been on and tries to figure it out. Rex walks in, asks if she’s okay, and Shannon runs from the room. Next, Roxy is on camera and sings some song she is making up as she goes. Marcie comes back in the room, and Roxy calls everyone into the room to tell them she doesn’t cook or clean. She also tries to sell her hair products and offers them all 10% off their first haircut at Foxy Roxy’s.

Rex and Shannon are outside and he tells her that his father was never in his life and he understands her feelings. He says they get their security from other places. She says his security is money and he counters that hers appears to be River Carpenter.

River wants to know what Adrianna means, and she says what they did was wrong. He disagrees. She is guilt-ridden for not waiting until they were married. He says he supported that decision, but doesn’t think they can go back to the way things were before. She thinks he is saying he will break up with her if she doesn’t have sex with him again.

Matthew runs off to play or something and Nora tells Daniel that she thinks Matt is just worried about her having another man in her life. Meanwhile, the kid invites Bo over for the same time that he knows Daniel will be there.

Viki has dragged everyone down to the construction site to let them see what they will be working with. It turns into some sort of ceremony, with everyone taking turns shoveling dirt into a wheelbarrow. Viki tells Ron that she hopes a lot more than a community center develops out of this project.

River reassures Adrianna that they aren’t breaking up, he just doesn’t understand how she feels. He says that he keeps remembering how she felt to him and he doesn’t know what they’re supposed to do. Adiranna says she doesn’t know and that she needs to be alone and think for while. River says he will think too, and that they can talk tomorrow, but she puts him off about that.

Nora and Daniel are getting ready to watch fireworks with Matthew and Bo nearby. Jen and Riley show up there and Jen kisses him and says she wants to be more than just friends. Rex walks up on Adrianna standing just outside the gates and wants to know if she is okay. She asks him to leave her alone. She sees River standing across the way from her, also watching fireworks. As everyone looks up in the sky, one of the Santi henchmen grabs Adrianna and carries her away.

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