OLTL Update Thursday 7/1/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/1/04

By Nancy
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Sonia and Antonio are still kissing and she basically tells him she wants him and that it will prove his loyalty..

Antonio: I thought you were going to ask me for something hard.

Sonia: I am. (!!!)

Natalie tells Jessica that it is insane that she and Antonio are split up and that maybe something can be done. Jessica says she will never forgive Antonio for being with “that woman form the hookup.” Nat then tries to convince Jessica to come with her and Paul.

Paul goes to LaBoulaie and tries to break into the safe but is caught by Blair.

Todd and Kelly argue about the notes that she still thinks he sent. She tries to convince him to say he is Ace’s father so Kevin will forget about looking into it anymore. Todd says yeah, then he’ll be too busy trying to kill me.

Marcy, Jen, and Riley are still trying to get Shannon to take part in the work/study, “The Love Project”. Several new characters are introduced as part of this : Hudson Preston, a guy who trashes Midnight Logic before he knows who Riley is, a girl who calls the whole thing a “losers convention”; a really good looking guy, Nick Messina, who gets Shannon’s attention, and she his; some guy named Mark.

Kelly points out that she already has Kevin convinced she slept with Todd, and Todd reminds her that it was a lie. She says yeah, but it will still work. Todd thinks that Kevin will figure it out eventually. Kelly says her plan fits the situation perfectly, but Todd continues to resist.

Paul is angry at Blair for startling him. He says he was looking for Dorian and since he found the door open thought the house had been burglarized which is why he was looking at the safe. Blair asks for his key, but he says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Blair calls Dorian and leaves a message about changing the locks on the house.

Natalie and Jessica continue discussing the missing money, and Jessica gives Natalie the numbers she has from the jewelry.

Antonio gives Sonia the other jewelry instead of making love to her, which is obviously what she wants. She is happy to have the numbers, though.

Marcie and the others are still waiting for Viki, when she walks in and announces that they will all be living in Llanfair until the Love Project is finished.

Natalie is very grateful for the combination numbers. Paul arrives and says he doesn’t trust Jess because her boyfriend is a cop. She says no, he’s a Santi now and that is the way he chooses to go, he even slept with a woman from the Hookup. She says again how she hopes that Nat and Paul find the money before Antonio.

Sonia and Antonio are talking about the combination and he explains how his mother came to have the jewelry. He states that his giving her the numbers proves he is serious about getting in with his family. Sonia says she can’t get him the introduction he wants.

Starr and Travis are swimming at LaBoulaie and come into the house to get something to eat. Travis kisses her.

Todd points out to Kelly that he would lose Blair if he agreed to say that he’s Ace’s father. Kelly asks how he thinks Blair will like it if she finds out he’s involved in another stolen baby mess. He says he will not help her. She insists she is going to tell Kevin that Todd is the baby’s father, and she thinks it will also be the perfect revenge for Todd, as well. He refuses to change his position on the matter.

Viki tells the students that they will be perfectly fine living at Llanfair despite their arguments about sports, their other homes, whatever they want to use as an excuse for not doing things her way. Jen says that she doesn’t like any of the people involved in this and Riley agrees. (Hudson is a particular problem for all of them, as he has a superior air, and refers to Riley as a “wasted rocker”, among other things he has done and said to alienate everyone.) Viki says this is not just a project, it’s basically a learning experience for them, and there are rules. The rules are:

Everyone has to agree to participate

Everyone lives at her house

The grade will be used to replace any grades they missed last semester.

hey are expected to do a lot of different things during the project, that will require that they behave like adults, compromise, be creative, etc...

The building has to be complete by the start of fall semester, pass its inspections, and then a team of experts will decide their grade.

No one is allowed to quit. If one person quits, the whole deal is off.

Jessica is still telling Paul and Natalie that she wants them to find the money, but is stunned to learn that they have a map to the vault that she didn’t know about.

Kevin is talking to someone on the phone, nagging them for information. Kelly walks in and Kevin says he is surprised to see her. She says he deserves the truth., but it will hurt him and she wants him to hear it form her. She says that Todd is Ace’s father. Kevin is visibly upset, but not shocked.

Blair walks in on Todd and asks if he is okay. He says, no , he’s not, that he has to tell her something that he swore he’d never tell anyone.

Antonio says he doesn’t understand why he gave Sonia what she wanted and now she won’t introduce him to the bosses. She says there are no bosses, only honchos fighting it out. He lets her know that he has some understanding of the situation and she agrees to try. HE leaves, saying she should play with her jewelry and then call him when she has the meeting set up. After he leaves she calls someone who seems to want her to kill Antonio, although she is against the idea.

Jessica wants to see the map. Nat convinces Paul to show it to her, and she studies it carefully, trying to memorize it, while telling Paul and Nat that she is comparing it to the one Antonio showed her (which is a lie). Then she makes up information about the map to send them on the wrong path. As soon as they leave, she writes down the info she saw. (Paul and Natalie have no clue that Jessica is out to sabotage their treasure hunt.)

Starr and Travis are eating and playing in the house. They discuss the fact that they are boyfriend and girlfriend now, after having met on the internet. They play with a laptop looking up different things when Starr uses her dad’s password (ogreatone) to access control of the newspaper’s web site.

Todd tells Blair that Ace is not Kevin’s son, that he helped Kelly pass off someone else’s kid as Kevin’s and hers.

Kevin is freaked out about what Kelly has told him. Kelly tries to apologize and he tells her not to touch him. He freaks even more, yelling and screaming, saying how their ‘family” is a lie, and how much he loves the baby. She desperately tells him that this can work and he, crying, says sarcastically that yeah, he’s gonna raise Todd Manning’s baby. Then he grabs Kelly, and holds her, and begs her to say it’s not true that Ace isn’t his.

Everyone at Llanfair sits around, discussing the situation. They suggest that they need a leader for the group and Hudson offends someone by saying NOT YOU! She says that this is like some lame After School Special, and paints the picture for them. Riley says it’s not that bad of a deal, and better than being trapped in a classroom. Hudson calls everyone else losers and thinks he is in a better position because he only flunked due to having mono instead of just being a poor student. Viki comes into the room and announces that she has a contract, and wanting to know who will be the first to sign it.

Kevin begs Kelly to say it’s all a lie. She just says she’s sorry, that it was when Kevin was seeing Blair and leaving Kelly alone. She claims it was just revenge when she slept with Todd. Kevin yells and screams at her to get out of here! Kelly says that maybe someday he’ll forgive her. Kevin is heart broken and distraught.

Blair is shocked to learn that Kevin isn’t Ace’s father. Todd tells her about Kelly’s losing the baby. Todd tells her the truth about how Kelly got Ace and says how he had nothing to do with the actual idea or baby theft and that he had thought he might use the information against Kevin someday but that it’s getting out of hand. Blair is shocked, and then angry when he tells her what Kelly is planning on telling Kevin. Her response? “Over my dead body!”

Viki tells the students that she will give them until tomorrow to decide whether or not to sign the contract and participate. Marcie signs first, then Jen, Riley, the girl in red (still no name), Mark, Nick, …. Marcie looks at Hudson and Shannon and asks if they are going to sign, or mess it up for everyone else.

Natalie and Paul are saying good by to Jessica, and she admonishes them to be careful. As Jessica is going back to her table, Antonio walks into the diner and speaks to her. He is there, he says, to see his mother, and points out that he really is doing what he thinks he ahs to in order to protect her. She says to herself, after he walks away, that she will do what she has to, to protect him and Natalie, too.

Kelly is holding Ace and talking to him, crying, wondering what will happen now and what she is going to do.

Blair is going off about Kelly and her plan and says she will not allow it to happen. She is not going to let Kelly pin Ace’s paternity on Todd when it’s not true. She is obviously tired of Kelly’s behavior, and how everything is all about Kelly. Kelly has changed since she came back, Blair notes. She says Kelly is a bigger bitch and liar than Blair could ever hope to be. As Todd answers the phone, Blair swears that she will not let Kelly get away with this, and if she has to she will tell Kevin “your little secret”.


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