OLTL Update Wednesday 6/30/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/30/04

By Janice
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Antonio comes home to his apartment with his arms full of Jamie and groceries. He finds a strange man trying to get into his apartment.

At LaBoulee, David confronts Dorian about her bruises. Dorian admits that she was beaten by someone from the Santi family. As David continues to grill her, Kelly comes into the room and faints. David and Dorian rush to her side.

Todd can’t understand why Kelly thinks that he would be blackmailing her. Blair gets all worked up and is ready to go after Kelly and tell her to back off. Todd asks Blair to leaved Kelly alone because she is falling apart over the question of Ace’s paternity.

At the club, Kevin talks to Asa about another note that he’s gotten stating that Ace is not his son. He tells Asa that he is to meet someone at the dock with $10,000 and they will give him more information.

At the cottage, Natalie comes down the stairs, in a purple silk bathrobe, to overhear Paul changing their tickets to Puerto Rico to first class. As she throws her arms around him, she asks how he is going to pay for the tickets. She goes through the options – Paul hasn’t asked her for money (but everyone thinks that’s what he wants), he hasn’t gotten his hands on the Santi fortune yet, does he have some “piggy bank” that she doesn’t know about? He tells her that he just might as he drinks his coffee.

At La Boulee, Dorian tends to Kelly. She sends David off to get some orange juice, and then proceeds to tell Kelly that people don’t faint without a reason. She tells Kelly that she’s worried about all the stress that she’s been under with the notes Kevin’s been getting from Todd about Ace’s paternity. She tells Kelly that at least she can tell Kevin that he’s the baby’s father, can’t she? Dorian stands up and forcefully states “I knew it! Kevin isn’t the father!”

Outside of Antonio’s apartment, the stranger tells Antonio that he’s sorry; he must be on the wrong floor. Antonio, with full hands, opens the door and goes to the phone. He calls Sonia and tells her that he found someone trying to break into his apartment. He takes the Santi jewelry out of his pocket and plays with it while talking to her. She denies any knowledge of the stranger. She tells him that he can trust her as much as she can trust him. Antonio tells Sonia that he will come to her place later to prove himself to her. After he hangs up, he holds Jamie on his lap and apologizes to her and to Jessica for having to do what he needs to do to put the Santi family out of commission. Emotionally, he tells Jamie that he’ll need to say goodbye to the both of them for a while.

At the club, Viki and Jessica come to eat breakfast. They run into Kevin and Asa; Viki asks Kevin if everything is alright. He tells her that everything is fine. As she and Jessica go to their own table, Viki tells Jessica that she allowed Kevin to cover up whatever is bothering him, but will not allow Jessica to get away with the same thing. Jessica proceeds to tell Viki that Antonio was fired from the police department and is having an affair with the owner of the strip club. Viki looks surprised and then immediately asks Jessica “what’s the real story?”

Asa tells Kevin not to let the notes bother him, that Todd is only playing games with him. Kevin tells Asa that Kelly didn’t deny that Ace is his son. Asa is adamant that Ace is Kevin’s son – that Kelly wouldn’t do that to him. Asa asks if you’re not the father, who is? Kevin tells him that it’s Todd.

At La Boulee, Dorian asks Kelly who the baby’s father is, if it isn’t Kevin. She sits down on the couch next to Kelly and puts her arm around her. She tries to comfort Kelly by telling her that she’ll do anything possible to help her. She gathers Kelly into her arms and asks “so who is the baby’s father?” Dorian pulls away when Kelly answers “I don’t know” and looks disgustedly at her.

At the cottage, Natalie is packing up all her things. She is wistful while finding things that Christian had given her. Paul tells her that she can always change her mind if she wants. As Natalie continues to pack, Paul talks to her abo9ut her pool shark abilities. He thinks she really enjoys hustling people at pool as she had done the previous night. He tries to get her to admit that she misses hustling people. She reminisces about how nice it was to have moved into Llanfair when she got along with her mother and then how happy she was with Christian. Paul looks thoughtful.

At the club, Viki tries to assure Jessica that Antonio must be deeply under cover and is probably doing everything to protect her. Jessica is upset that Antonio doesn’t trust her enough to tell her. She feels she should know if he’s in danger. Jessica is upset and tells Viki that she saw him kissing another woman. Viki tells Jess that she can’t ever forget that Antonio loves her.

Asa tells Kevin that there is “no way in hell that Todd could be Ace’s father”. He suggests that a DNA test be done. Kevin is afraid that that will prove that he really isn’t the father. Asa tells him to meet the blackmailer and find out what’s really going on and then bring Kelly and Ace home.

At La Boulee, Dorian is aghast that Kelly doesn’t know who the father is. “Multiple partners? Sperm bank?” Kelly stops her from asking more questions and emotionally tells her that she lost the baby. Tearfully, Kelly tells Dorian that the baby, Kevin’s baby, was still born and that she can’t have more children. With tears streaming down her face and Dorian close, Kelly tells her that Paul got the baby for her. Dorian questions where the baby came from. Kelly tells her that Paul assured her that the baby wasn’t wanted by his mother and that he wouldn’t be missed. Kelly breaks down as she tells Dorian that Kevin is not the father and I am not the mother. She insists that she can’t lose him; she’s got to get him away from Llanview in order to keep Ace.

Antonio is packing up Jamie’s toys when Jessica comes into the apartment. She gives him a glare and Antonio averts his gaze and tells her that he wishes he could tell her what’s going on. She proceeds to tell him that she knows what’s going on – he’s working under cover, how he’s working to break up the Santi family, that it has something to do with Carlotta being mugged and all of the jewelry that Dorian, Adrianna and Carlotta have. She goes on to say that Sonia from the Hook Up must be part of the whole thing too. And that is why Antonio is trying to get close to her. That Antonio is doing all of this to protect them. She asks him “How’m I doing?” He simply tells her in an emotionless, level voice - “I love you, I want you to know that, that’s why I want you to pack your things and move out – now.” Jessica looks at him with disbelief in her eyes.

At the cottage, Paul tells Natalie that Antonio must know more about the Santi fortune because he is family. He wants Natalie to ask Jessica for the information. She acts indignant that he wants her to use her family for profit. She tells him that he is shameless.

At Todd’s apartment, David bursts in telling Blair that he needs help with the magazine. She refuses to help as long as Kevin is trying to get revenge on Todd. David bats his eyes and gets down on his knees begging for her help. Blair doesn’t even know what to think.

At LaBoulee, Kelly is sitting at the desk looking out the window. Dorian hands her some Kleenex feeling sorry that Kelly had no one to turn to when she lost her baby. Dorian, with fury in her voice, tells Kelly that she should have come to her. Dorian tells her that she would have advised her to have nothing to do with Paul because he is not to be trusted. She realizes that he has been blackmailing Kelly. Kelly tells her that Todd was trying to help, but Kelly believes now that Todd was only helping so that he could destroy Kevin. Kelly tells Dorian that Kevin knows that she’s keeping something from him. She tells Dorian that she would rather lose Kevin than Ace.

At the apartment, Antonio tells her to go home to Llanfair where she’ll be safe. Jessica begs him to tell her the truth. He asks her to promise that she won’t get involved. She tells him that she can’t, she wants to help. He shouts, “Then stay the hell away from me!” He lifts Jamie from the crib and gives her a kiss goodbye. He asks Jess to stay with Jamie until RJ comes. Jess asks Antonio when it’s going to be over. He reaches his hand to her face, and turns and walks out the door.

Viki shows up at the cottage and Paul answers the door. He is nervous when she says she’s glad they have a chance to speak alone. She asks him what his intentions toward Natalie are. He can’t quite look her in the eye.

At the docks, Kevin shouts “I’m here Manning – come on out – tell me you’re Ace’s father!” He flashes back to all the times that Todd has mentioned something about Ace’s father and a few moments when he’s found Todd and Kelly together.

Kelly tells Dorian how much she loves Ace and how much she wanted a baby. She’s afraid that Kevin will take Ace away from her if he finds out the truth. Dorian questions where Paul got the baby. Dorian is fuming when she tells Kelly “he was in the body parts selling business, now he’s graduated to whole babies! It’s a no-brainer. He stole that baby.” Kelly argues that the mother really didn’t want him. Dorian asks if the baby has been legally adopted. Kelly is frantic that she can’t lose the baby. She asks for Dorian’s advice, and Dorian tells her that she needs to stick to the story that she and Todd slept together and it’s Todd’s baby. Kelly doesn’t understand how she can possibly go along with that story.

Natalie goes to Antonio’s loft to see Jessica. She tells her that she wants to apologize for last night before she and Paul go to Puerto Rico. Jessica wonders why they are going to Puerto Rico.

At the cottage, Paul tries to persuade Viki that he really cares about Natalie. Viki tells him that Natalie is not as tough as she looks. She looks at him with disbelief as he tells Viki that he thinks he’s falling in love with Natalie.

At the loft, Jessica tells Natalie that she might be able to help them find the money. She tells Nat about the jewelry with the engravings. Natalie is surprised that Jess is giving her any information. Jess says that she’d rather have Nat and Paul get the money than Antonio and his new girlfriend.

At Sonia’s apartment, Antonio shows us with a bottle of liqueur. They toast to “mucho dinero”. Antonio tells her that he wants to create a bigger and stronger Santi empire. Sonia tells Antonio that she’s got Dorian’s brooch with the combination on the back.

At Todd’s, Blair has given in and helped David. He wants her to come back because it’s no fun without her. Todd comes in the room and suggests that there might be a way.

At the dock, Kevin gives up and leaves when no one shows. Paul goes over to where the money was supposed to be left and finds it empty.

At La Boulee, Dorian is still trying to convince Kelly to use Todd as Ace’s father. Kelly tells her that she doesn’t feel right when Todd and Blair are now getting back together Dorian is aghast and races to the door and slams them three times to get out her aggression. Dorian feels that this will help to break them up and Blair will be better off.

Dorian kisses a picture of all of her Cramer girls when David comes home. David is worried that the Santi family got information out of Dorian. She tells him that they did get the brooch, but that she was able to memorize the numbers. Dorian tells David that Carlotta admitted that there was a connection between all three pieces of jewelry. They decide that they are going to move forward on trying to find the money.

At Sonia’s apartment, she shows Antonio the pin. Sonia asks Antonio to get the other two pieces from his mother. He tells her that first he wants an introduction to the Santi family. She tells him that he needs to prove to her that he can be trusted. She pulls him into a passionate kiss.

At the loft, Jessica tells Jamie how much she will miss her. She admits that she sent Natalie and Paul in the wrong direction so that they won’t get hurt and so that they will also stay out of Antonio’s way.

At the cottage, Natalie finds a picture of Christian as she continues to pack her things. She stares sadly at the picture and quickly puts it in the box when Paul comes in. Paul looks upset as he tells Nat that the cash didn’t pan out. Nat tells him that Jessica told her about the jewelry and the engravings on the back. Paul tells her to go to Antonio to get the combination from him and he’ll go see Dorian. He also tells Nat that he plans to make a trip to see his sister.

Kevin comes back to the club and meets Asa. Kevin tells Asa that it makes sense that Todd could be Ace’s father. Kevin vows to find something on Todd to put him away.

Todd answers the door to Kelly. She tells him that she knows he’s been sending the notes to Kevin. He denies knowing about the notes. She tells him she has no choice but to tell everyone that he is Ace’s father.


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