OLTL Update Tuesday 6/29/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/29/04

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At Angel Square, Jessica continues to demand answers from Antonio, as Sonia watches from a distance. Antonio “confesses” that he’s been cheating on her, but Jessica isn’t buying it, saying that he would never cheat. Sonia comes out of hiding, puts her arms around Antonio, and tells Jessica she’s won. A hurt and confused Jessica leaves, and Sonia tells Antonio he’s not completely right – he hasn’t cheated – yet. They return to the Hookup, and Sonia gives Antonio her home address, telling him to be there after midnight, to see just how closely they can work together.

Jessica goes to the police station to get some answers from Bo. She waits in his office, and we see Antonio watching Jessica through the side door of Bo’s office. Bo returns, and Bo claims not to know anything more that what Antonio has told her. After Jessica leaves, Antonio talks to Bo. Bo tells him that he’s never been this deep undercover, and may have some difficult decisions to make, and warns him to be careful and use his best judgement to decide how far to cross the line.

Evangeline and John make love in the basement of Mary’s house. They fall asleep, and someone comes down the steps. John awakes, grabs his gun, and points it at Mary. Mary is shocked to find the two asleep. She explains that she left the house to get some groceries, and was afraid she was being followed, so didn’t return home. She also explained that the fire door to the basement must have blown shut, and apologizes for the two being caught down there. In a very awkward moment, John and Evangeline get dressed, apologize for drinking her wine and promise to replace it. Once they have themselves together, John explains that they went through some of her things in an attempt to gain some clues. Mary tells them about Arthur having been in a fight with someone shortly before he was murdered, and can identify him. John promises to get her into a safe house, and have her work with a police sketch artist. Mary agrees to help them. Mary leaves John and Evangeline alone to go pack a few things. John tells Evangeline he has no regrets, and she says she doesn’t either.

Todd and Blair devise a plan to bring down Margaret, after Blair gets another call where no one is on the other end, and Todd gets a fax from Margaret, saying she will not be ignored. Todd calls Margaret, invites her over to talk. Blair leaves the penthouse, and Margaret arrives. She and Todd share a drink, and Todd once again apologizes for the way he treated her. Todd goes so far as to offer her some money for a “vacation,” but Margaret refuses to be chased out of town. As they are talking, Blair barges in, points a gun at Margaret, and demands answers. Margaret immediately confesses that she and Todd never slept together, and that she planted the files in Todd’s office, and runs out of the penthouse.

Kevin goes to La Boulaie to talk to Kelly, and David tries to intervene, but Kelly insists on talking to Kevin. Kevin received another note, and wants to know the truth. He promises forgiveness, but needs to know if he is Ace’s father. They are interrupted when Dorian returns home. Her hand is bandaged, and she says she has sprained her wrist after falling down a couple of steps after her heel got caught on the carpet at the hotel she was staying at. Kevin leaves, and Dorian and Kelly talk privately. Dorian advises Kelly that sometimes you have to lay all your cards on the table, and if she wants to save her marriage, she may have to tell Kevin about whatever secret she is keeping. Dorian also tells her that on the other hand, she will do whatever she has to in order to help Kelly keep her secret, if that is what she chooses to do. Kelly leaves to go check on Ace, and David comes in, as Dorian very slowly and painfully gets out of her chair. David goes to Dorian, asking why she is in so much pain. Dorian claims she is stiff from sitting on a plane, but David doesn’t believe her. He asks about the scarf around her neck, as she never wears scarves, and he removes the scarf to reveal a very ugly bruise on her neck. David guesses that her entire body is covered with bruises, and wants to know who did this to her, and with a tear in his eye, threatens to kill anyone who hurts her.

A very frustrated Kevin returns home, pours a drink, and ends up smashing the glass against the wall. Margaret arrives, and tells him she has made a terrible mistake, and admits she planted the files in Todd’s office, and had doctored photos of her and Todd. She tells Kevin that Asa helped her. She tells Kevin that she has confessed everything to Todd and Blair, and Kevin tells her to get a good attorney and fires her on the spot.

After Bo and Antonio talk, John fills Antonio in on Mary, and shows him the police sketch of a man who fought with Arthur before he was murdered. Antonio remembers seeing him at the Hookup. The same man is with Sonia, talking on the phone to someone from the Santi organization, telling him he better take care of Mary before she talks to the police.

Blair and Todd are toasting their victory, when Kelly calls Todd, saying they need to talk, and accuses him of sending the anonymous notes to Kevin.


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