OLTL Update Monday 6/28/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/28/04

By Kathy
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John pays a visit to Antonio, and Jessica demands answers. Antonio blows up at John, calling him scum, and storms out. Antonio goes to the Hookup to see Sonia, and she greets him by putting a gun to his back. Antonio produces a copy of her file from LPD, but Sonia says she needs more than the file to trust her. Antonio pretends to kiss Sonia, and easily gets the gun away from her. Antonio and Sonia share a drink, as he tries to get Sonia to work with him to find the money. Sonia is still skeptical, but Antonio threatens to kill her if she dares to go against him.

Paul visits Natalie, and shows her open-ended tickets to San Juan. He invites her to go away with him, saying he’s been cleared of killing Kathryn. He then tells her about Antonio having turned “dirty.” They talk about the map to the treasure, and Paul says once they get to the destination, there will probably be a vault of some kind, and then the next hurdle – they’ll need a combination of some sort. Paul suggests that Carlotta may know the combination, and wants Natalie to ask her mother-in-law for some help. When Natalie refuses to go to Carlotta for help, he suggests she pay Antonio a visit, and snoop around a bit. Natalie also refuses to snoop through Antonio’s things. Natalie reminds Paul that she has a little money, but Paul tells her that it is Buchanan money that comes with rules Viki has placed on the money. He wants her to break free and have money that comes without any rules and regulations. Paul continues to try to convince Natalie to help him, and as they kiss and begin to undress, they are interrupted by the doorbell.

After John leaves Antonio and Jessica’s, Jessica follows him to Rodi’s, again demanding some answers. Jessica will not believe Antonio was fired, and feels there is more to the story than either John or Antonio is telling her. John tells her to leave this one alone, and Jessica leaves and calls Antonio, leaving a message that she knows he’s not telling her the whole truth. Evangeline stops by, and tells John that Arthur Loomis’s girlfriend has contacted her, and may have some information. She’s been in hiding since Loomis’s murder, hiding in her parents empty house’s basement. Her name is Mary Barnes, and she wants to talk. John thinks it could lead to more information on the murders, but doesn’t want Evangeline to go alone, and agrees to accompany her. Mary is really scared, as she’s been getting threats on her cell phone. They leave to go meet Mary, and find that the front door is wide open. They go to the basement, and see evidence that someone has been living there. While they are down stairs, someone locks them in the basement. John is unable to find a way out, and Evangeline finds some wine, and drinks to help pass the time. The more Evangeline drinks, the more she talks, and John begins to share the wine, as well. Evangeline talks about her drive for perfection stemming from her father, who pushed her to be the best, saying it is more difficult for a black woman. Evangeline tells John her father lived just long enough to see her win her first case. Evangeline tells John they very much alike, both wrapped up in their careers, so they won’t have to deal with the painful things in their life. John begins to look through some of the things in the basement, and finds newspaper articles about the killings, and comes across a payroll book from the Hookup. As John is looking through the book, he comes across the name of Nelly Bearsford, and the amount paid of $75,000 – the same name as a childhood friend of Caitlyn’s. Evangeline wonders of perhaps Kathryn was on the take, and using that name. As they continue to drink and talk, John jokes that he made a huge mistake when they got locked in the basement. Evangeline jokes that she won’t tell, and they “pinky swear.” John begins to kiss Evangeline.

Jessica interrupts Paul and Natalie when she stops by to talk to Natalie. She realizes she has interrupted them, but says she needs to talk to them about something important. Natalie thinks Jessica is there to spy on her for Viki, and gets defensive. Jessica tells her to stop thinking only of herself, and tells Natalie that Antonio was fired. Jessica wonders if Antonio is keeping secrets, and is somehow involved in the Santi affair, or is working undercover. Jessica returns home, only to find an empty apartment.

Antonio leaves the Hookup, and goes to Angel Square. Sonia follows him there, and suggests they do work together. Antonio wants to be introduced to the person that is running the Santi organization. Sonia wants “more” from Antonio, and he kisses her. Antonio reminds Sonia not only does she have to trust him, but he has to trust her. Jessica walks up, seeing them kissing, and introduces herself as his fiancé. Antonio is furious, and Jessica is terrible hurt, and slaps Sonia. Sonia laughs, telling her she doesn’t know who she’s messing with. She tells Antonio to get rid of his little “puppy dog” and come see her. After she walks away, (still spying on them from a distance) Jessica tells Antonio how her heart is breaking, but Antonio keeps telling her to leave it alone. Jessica keeps asking him if this is all an undercover operation, but Antonio won’t give her an answer.

Paul and Natalie go to Rodi’s, and see a pool hustler. Paul asks Natalie to play him, so they can get some money for their trip. Natalie coyly goes over to the hustler, says she still has a lot to learn, but plays pool halfway decent. They begin to play pool, as Paul watches.

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