OLTL Update Friday 6/25/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/25/04

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Antonio is going nuts, ranting about the Santi family and their attempt to hurt his mother. John tells him to stay in control or they'll get nowhere. They discuss their need to get all the pieces of jewelry, now that they understand that it is the key to finding the Santi money. All they need is Dorian's brooch, and John points out that they need to get it from her as soon as she returns to Llanview and before she and David figure out about the combination for themselves. John tells Antonio that they need to figure out the liquor heist because he doesn't want any surprises.

David is at the country club looking for Adriana, not realizing that she is in a Cabana making love with River, and is probably less than 20 feet away from him.

Jessica goes to see Kelly to try to find out for Kevin what Kelly is keeping from him.

Todd and Blair are being confronted by Margaret with her falsified photo "evidence" of her and Todd's affair. Margaret claims that she and Todd videotaped themselves having sex and that this is just a "preview" of the whole thing. Todd again apologizes to Margaret for using her and tells Blair that the photo is obviously fake. Kevin shows up and tries to convince Blair that Todd is lying; Todd continues to aver that the photo is a fake.

Marcie is at the country club and finds Shannon, commenting that Shannon looks as if she's been crying and asking if she's all right. Shannon blows offer Marcie's concern, citing the chlorine in the pool as the reason she looks like she's upset. Marcie is still trying to persuade Shannon to help with the community center project, explaining that she can't afford to lose her scholarship which is what will happen if the project falls through due to Shannon's lack of participation.

River and Adriana are in the cabana, having just made love. She says she feels bad about breaking her promise to the nuns about waiting until she was married, but is glad that she and River finally did it. He expresses concern that they didn't use "protection," but she feels that nothing bad could come out of something so good.

John and Antonio are planning the decoy truck and crew for the liquor theft, and John tells Antonio that he doesn't like not knowing the truck's route, since that leaves Antonio without anyone to cover him; he doesn't like risking Antonio's life like that. Antonio allows how it's not his favorite concept, either, but asserts that it has to be done to get Sonia Toledo to trust him, which is what they're after. John makes it clear to Antonio that he needs to not tell Jessica that the firing is a fake. Antonio says: You don't trust her. John replies: "I don't trust her. I don't trust any reporter. And it's a deal breaker. Everybody's got to believe that I fired you -- that's your mother, that's your friends, it's the guys down at the station, and that's Jessica. If you don't like it, the whole deal is off. "

Jessica is busy trying to convince Kelly that Kevin really loves her but Kelly is very bitter over the fact that he has left her and apparently doesn't trust her. Jessica says he probably could if the situation didn't involve Todd, but Kelly says that it is apparent that Kevin is only concerned about Ace, not her, and that sometimes married people do keep secrets to protect each other from being hurt. Jess believes that she and Antonio keep no secrets because they are "partners."

Todd points to the photo and tells Blair that it's obviously a fake-up. He uses the fact that Margaret won't produce the actual video tape as proof that it doesn't exist. Kevin keeps trying to make the situation worse by attempting to convince Blair that Todd used Margaret and is now lying about it. He apologizes again for using her himself, but says she must like it because Kevin is using her way worse than he ever did. When Kevin realizes that nothing is being accomplished, he offers to take Blair home. Before Margaret leaves, she tells Todd she misses him and wants him back. He tells her: "OK, stay the hell away from me and stop being so ridiculously stupid, OK? He's pulling your strings." Kevin tries one more time to make Blair believe the lie, but she won't fall for it, insisting that the photo is a fake and that Todd didn't sleep with Margaret. Todd suggests that Kevin go home and check on his wife, and before he leaves, Kevin promises to get to the bottom of things between Todd and Kelly.
Once Kevin leaves, Blair asks Todd why she shouldn't believe her own eyes when she sees the picture. He points out that the man in the photo has his head, but not his body. He admits he strung her along, bought her drinks, kissed her a couple of times, but never slept with her. Blair finally says she believes him. He is going to head home, but she says she has something to do.

Kelly and Jessica are still talking. Kelly is upset that Kevin sent his little sister over to dig for info, and Jess says she is worried about Kelly. Kel says Jess should try having a new baby and a hubby who's never home. She wonders why Kevin can't just love her and believe in her and know that she would never choose Todd over him. Jess says it looks like Kelly is testing Kevin. All Kelly wants is for Kevin to come home and drop the subject.

Antonio and John are still discussing the fake firing and the plan for "stealing" the liquor. Antonio says that even his Police Benevolent Association representative called to offer help in filing a complaint about the firing, but Antonio said he'd get back with the guy. John: You do that, and I'm going to file a counter-complaint about that haircut. They both remind one another how dangerous this job is for Antonio.

Adriana and River are still talking about having made love, and how angry Carlotta and Dorian would be if they found out, and agree that it will be their secret.
Marcie and Shannon are still discussing the work study thing, and Shannon isn't interested. Marcie is even reduced to using the specter of hot construction workers as enticement. Shannon insists that she is done with men, and continues to resist the work study. It is obvious that River's rejection of her has hurt her a lot more than she is willing to let on, but Marcie is unaware of exactly what the problem is when David walks up to them and admits that he still can't find Adriana. Shannon suggests he check the cabana, but knock first because they've been in there for a while. David opens the door and catches Adriana and River dressing. Much yelling and recrimination ensues, David being largely worried that Dorian will be angry enough to inflict damage on him if she finds out what happened. Marcie accuses Shannon of getting River and Adriana caught on purpose, but Shannon plays innocent. David becomes concerned that Adriana's cross is missing, but she tells him that she gave it to Antonio.

Antonio tells Jessica that he was fired from the police force for losing his temper with a suspect. He doesn't like lying to her but John has made it clear that no one can know that the firing is just a ruse. Antonio defends John's decision to Jessica, even though she can't believe that her Uncle Bo would allow this to happen; he says that he made more money as a PI anyway. Jessica wants to know why he's lying to her

Blair goes to BE to see Margaret, who is not impressed to have Todd's angry wife in her face, but Blair insists that Margaret is not leaving; she is obviously angry with the woman and realizes that she is lying to help Kevin sabotage Blair and Todd's reconciliation.

Kevin and Kelly are at the Buchanan place discussing the note and arguing about it. Kelly says she can't believe that Kevin is giving it even a second thought, and Kevin asks her to swear on her marriage vows that there is nothing to it.

Shannon, confronted with the fact that River and Adriana have just (obviously) made love, storms off, telling Marcie to hell with the project.

Kelly is upset that Kevin is pushing the issue, and uses feeding Ace as an excuse to leave the room and not deal with the whole mess anymore. Kevin tells Kelly that he wants an answer to his question and will wait her out.

Blair explains to Margaret that she really shouldn't mess with her, and that she believes Todd and that M. needs to just let it go. She points out that she and Todd have "been through hell together" and that he would never throw their relationship away for "little, bitter pencil pusher who can't hold her liquor" Margaret refuses to be dissuaded, telling Blair that she deserves better than she has gotten from Todd, and insisting that she won't be pushed aside, adding "And I will take you down, too, you bitch!" Blair slaps her and threatens that "is just a taste of what you will get if you don't leave Todd alone." Blair then storms out and Margaret goes a little nuts, throwing things from a table onto the floor, and screaming. She swears that she will get even.

Blair arrives back home and tells Todd that she had to be a little tough with Margaret. She tells him that when she has to fight for her man, it kind of turns her on, and they start to kiss.

Kelly packs to leave, and tells Kevin she is not going to wait around for him to show up whenever he wants to accuse her of things. He says he only wants an answer to whether he is Ace's father or not; Kelly tells him it hurts her when he says such things. He insists that he is only trying to love her and help her and understand her, but he can't trust her without knowing the whole truth. Kelly says she is leaving for Dorian's, where, she says, people love her and care about her and trust her, telling Kevin that he can move back in to the Buchanan house and "tell everyone the truth!" He yells back that he doesn't know the truth, that's the problem.

David finally chases River away and makes a deal with Adriana - if she will get the necklace back from Antonio, he won't tell Dorian about her and River's "little game of beach blanket boinko." Adriana is thrilled and heads right over to get the necklace.

Jessica says that Antonio is being way too calm about being fired and wants to know why he isn't reacting more strongly. He says that, basically, what's done is done and he has to deal with it. Jessica offers to go to Bo and see if she can get the decision reversed, but Antonio forbids it. John calls, and Antonio doesn't let on that it's him. After lying to Jess about who was on the phone, he tells her that maybe she should go talk to Bo about things, and she tells him they can fight this.

Marcie goes after Shannon to try to talk to her about the community center one more time. Shannon says she is still not interested, but Marcie points out how desperately she needs the scholarship and that there is no option for her. She tells Shannon that she will do her best to make it fun for her, and Shannon agrees to at least consider the project, although she tells Marcie, "...don't hold your breath."

John knocks on Antonio's door and when Antonio lets him in, he begins discussing the phony liquor heist and how they are going to set it up, when Jessica walks in and asks "What are you doing here? Haven't you hurt Antonio enough?"

Todd and Blair have just had sex on the sofa, and are laying together laughing about Margaret and her doctored photo. Blair comments that "Little Ms. Margaret is just not dangerous enough for you."

Kelly shows up on Dorian's doorstep and tells David that she's moving back in, she can't take it at Asa's anymore and asks him to help her get Ace out of the car seat. He holds her and says it's going to be okay.

Kevin is still contemplating the note and decides that if he's not Ace's father, there is only one man it could be. Todd Manning.

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