OLTL Update Thursday 6/24/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/24/04

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Rex uses Natalie's name to hang out at the country club. David arrives there with Starr and Travis in tow. While Travis is wondering what to do about the fact that he doesn't have a bathing suit, David's phone rings. It's Dorian, and whatever she says grabs his attention.

Asa is with Kevin, and they discuss whether or not to take the note seriously. Asa wonders if Kelly could be lying about Ace's paternity, but Kevin puts the blame on Todd.

Margaret is not happy when Todd denies ever sleeping with her and Blair believes him. Todd even calls Margaret insane.

Shannon still doesn't want to participate in the community center project, despite John's efforts to convince her otherwise. She says he will not guilt her into it, and he responds that he couldn't do that.

At the country club, Rex sees Adriana and River arrive, and calls Shannon. He invites her to come down, using his name to get in, and promises that it'll be worth her time to get there.

Antonio and John discuss the recent rash of mini-mart robberies, and John tells him to go take some statements, since this seems to be several linked crimes, just as Sara walks in. "So," she says, "the stripper's a cop."

Carlotta is held at gunpoint by a man, Tomas, who wants her bracelet.

John acts stunned to find out that Antonio has been stripping at The Hookup. Sara says she was going to file a harassment complaint against John since he won't leave her alone regarding the homicides, and is glad to have found out that Antonio is a cop, too. She tells him never to come to her bar again. John tells Antonio that this situation could work to their advantage.

On the phone, Dorian tells David that she has realized the letters and numbers on the back of the brooch are part of the combination to finding the Santi money. David says that they need to find the rest of the jewelry.

At the country club, Rex says hello to Adriana, which irritates River, who points out that she is with him. As River and Adriana walk away, Shannon arrives to see Rex. He tells her that River is there with Adriana, but that if she wants to see him, she can wait until he is alone in the changing room.

Travis and Starr emerge from the dressing rooms and head to the pool, having a good time. As they leave, Shannon goes into the men's dressing room to talk to River.

Blair shows up, again, to claim, again, that she and Todd slept together, and Blair sends her packing, again. Todd says that, after all that they've been through, Margaret can't hurt them.

Asa tells Kevin that he "should have had Manning strung up years ago." When Kevin doesn't seem impressed with that sentiment, he points out that "If you want to deal with a piece of scum, you got to get as down and dirty as they are, " Kevin agrees sarcastically, to point out that this isn't his idea of how things work. When Asa wants to know why, Kevin points out that he doesn't want to put his mother back in the hospital, for one thing, but Asa says that anything that happens would be Manning's fault. Kevin says it wouldn't matter whose fault it was if something happened to Viki, and Asa just points out that they can't have Todd going around casting doubt on Ace's paternity. He says that if Kevin doesn't want to "get in the mud with Manning," he's got no problem doing it.

River is shocked and embarrassed that Shannon walks in on him while he's changing. He makes it very clear to her that he is interested only in Adriana, despite her very significant efforts to get his attention.

John is telling Antonio about his idea to fake an argument between them so that Sara will think he's left the force and will let him back into The Hookup so he can continue investigating. As they are talking, Carlotta comes in, distressed, speaking in Spanish, obviously very upset. With patience, John and Antonio get her to tell them what happened with the gunman who wanted her bracelet. She says this is proof that throwing it in the river was right, because whatever her brother touched was tainted with his evil. She also says that her house has been gone through, probably by the same man looking for the same thing. Carlotta goes to the ladies' room to pull herself together while John and Antonio discuss protecting her. Antonio is scared that his mother could have been killed, and John points out that the Santi's also killed Kathryn and who knows who else, and they've got to be cool and figure this out. Antonio agrees, but says that now it's personal.

Asa summons someone to get over to his place immediately.

Todd is amazed that Blair never doubted for a moment that he hadn't slept with Margaret. She laments that he ever got involved with her in the first place, and Todd admits it was a mistake. Blair is still concerned about Craze and Kevin's response to her reuniting with Todd and he tells her "don't take sides against Kevin." A watch alarm goes off, reminding her to go get the kids at the Country Club. After she leaves...

Kevin shows up, demanding to know why Todd would say that Kevin was not Ace's father. Todd plays with him a bit, stating "Maybe you're not."

Shannon is still in the changing room trying to get River to be with her instead of Adriana while Rex is outside chatting up Adriana. He tells her how lucky River is to have her, and she tells him he's smooth. He protests that he's sincere.

River finally has to tell Shannon that he wants absolutely nothing to do with her, and to get out of the changing room and leave him alone. She gets angry, tells him he doesn't know what love is, that he's stuck in Adriana's fantasy idea of what it means, and that when he's ready for real love he should find her.

Antonio returns to the hookup to try to talk his way back into the stripping gig. Sara says he's fired and calls him a spy. She says he got her into real trouble and to just leave. Another woman arrives. "So, you're the stripper cop." Antonio wants to know who she is. Turns out she is the real owner of The Hookup and has just fired Sara. He tries to talk her into letting him stay at the bar and to make her believe that he wants "in" on the Santi family thing, saying that since Manuel Santi was his uncle, he wants what's his.

David is still on the phone with Dorian and tells her to hurry up and come home so they can figure out where the other Santi family heirloom jewelry is and get the combination they need.

Blair shows up, Travis and Starr are still having fun. She sends them to swim some more, noticing that David isn't really keeping much of an eye on them. Blair: "You have been watching the kids, haven't you?" David: "Yeah, they're out there in that general vicinity somewhere. Hey, starr, be careful! Don't do anything I would do."
Blair tells him that she is leaving Craze because of her falling out with Kevin. David is panic-stricken, begging her not to quit. "No, no, you can't do that. You can't do that. Blair, that magazine is what it is today because of your brilliant decision to hire me. Look, this is the only job I've ever liked. Actually, it's the only job I've ever had, but I like it, and that's because of you."
Blair says that she can't stay there and work with Kevin because of the way he feels about Todd and her reconciling with him. She warns David that she won't be around anyone who wants to tear Todd down.

Kevin is still blaming Todd for the note. Todd insists he didn't do it and suggests that Kevin ask Kelly. Kevin says that he thinks Todd did it out of revenge for having been arrested. Todd replies that he's sworn off revenge because it was making him irritable, and almost cost him the woman he loves. When Kevin begins snarking about Todd and Blair's reconciliation, Todd suggests he fix things at home before he gets into other people's business. He hints that a "problem" in the bedroom may be why there is any doubt about Ace's paternity. Kevin "Blair never complained" Todd "Well, not to you." He tells Kevin to leave and to get Margaret off his back. He tells Kevin that Blair doesn't believe the psycho anyway.

Asa lets Margaret into the house. He tells her he'll help her get back at Todd for using her.

Kevin and Todd are still sniping at each other, Kevin threatens to show the note to Blair, while Todd threatens to tell Viki that Kevin is still harassing him.

David is still begging and pleading with Blair not to leave Craze when Travis and Starr come up, arguing because he called her a "geek." He keeps trying to tell her it's not meant as an insult. David interjects that a lot of people used to call him a geek, but look how tan he turned out! (David had a lot of good lines today!) He explains that she's different from other girls, and that's what makes her cool, and that geek is basically a way of saying that.

Elsewhere at the country club, Adriana has realized that Shannon was in the changing room with River, and is upset. River tries to tell her nothing happened and that he was trying to get rid of her, but Shannon is not helping any, trying to say that things did happen.

He and Adriana go to talk privately, and he convinces her that she is the only one he wants.

Shannon is mad at Rex, blaming him for her feeling like an idiot for the scene with River. She says she knows when a guy isn't interested, and River isn't and he's a jerk anyway.

Travis and Starr are still talking, and he says how impressive it is that she's known by name at the Reptile Roundup. She points out that they've offered her a job as soon as she turns 16. He also tells her how well she did against the guys in the Central Park and says she is amazing. He begins to hem, and haw and stutter and stammer, but he never really gets it out. Starr just says "yes" to him, and then tells her mom that they are going to get lunch. David wants to know if Starr has borrowed any of Adriana's jewelry and she says yes, but never the cross that is so special to her. David leaves to go find Adriana as Kevin shows up and starts talking to Blair. She says that unless he is going to apologize he should just shut up. He wants her back at Craze, but she isn't inclined to go back because of his problems with Todd.

John has pretended to "fire" Antonio after walking in on him talking to the woman at The Hookup. Antonio goes with it, giving his badge to John. After John leaves, Antonio keeps talking, trying to persuade the woman to give him a chance. She tells Antonio he can begin to prove his sincerity in trying to get into the Santi family by stealing a liquor shipment for her. She says if John gets in Antonio's way, he should shoot the cop. She still isn't convinced, she says, but it's a place to start. She tells him her name is Sonia Toledo.

River and Adriana are kissing, and things begin to get out of hand. He tries to stop, but she says she loves him more than ever and wants to be with him "in every way."

Blair and Kevin are still disagreeing about her being back with Todd, and Kevin takes hold of Blair just as Todd walks up. He tells Kevin to take his hands off of her. Kevin's phone rings, and Todd is making sure Blair is unhurt as Margaret shows up again and gives Blair a picture of her and Todd in bed, saying to take a look. "Now do you believe me?"

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