OLTL Update Wednesday 6/23/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/23/04

By Nancy
Pictures by Boo

Blair tells Todd that Margaret came to see her and said that Todd and she had slept together. Blair wants to know why she should believe Todd's assertion that it didn't happen.

Paul is upset with Kelly for telling John where he was. She says she only did it to protect him from the Santi family, and that she heard he turned himself in to the PR police. He says he did it to get Natalie off the hook after she was arrested and sent back to Llanview.

Todd and Blair discuss how, when they are not together, Todd does things that, once Blair takes him back, come back to haunt him. He says they are "stupid" things. She asks about the secret with Kelly, but he just says that it has nothing to do with her and she should trust him about it.

Riley, Jen, Marcie, and Shannon are in Viki's office where they are told that, instead of classes, their "summer school" will be spent helping to raise funds for and build the new community center. None of them is crazy about the idea of physical labor! Others will be helping them, and everyone involved in the project will get the same grade. The project is going to be in place of any term papers or final exams they might have missed or failed, and that all of them need to do it, or no one can. Shannon doesn't want to participate, and feels it's unfair to put everyone else's opportunity on her shoulders.

Kelly tells Kevin that she will finally tell him the "truth" but that she is afraid she will lose Ace if she does. Kevin assures her that no one will take Ace from them, and she tearfully begins telling him that it all started when she went out of town right before Ace was born...

Evangeline and Nora are having lunch and discussing her kiss with John, when John arrives and Nora leaves. They talk about how Paul Cramer won't confess to anything. Natalie sits at the bar watching John and Vangie talk, when Paul comes up to her. He has been released from custody, and they decide to go off together. They decide to go after the Santi money again, and she leaves to go pack. Paul bribes the bartender to use one of his employees to deliver something for him.

Kelly tells Kevin that she didn't go where she said she was going when she left town. She is trying to tell Kevin about the miscarriage when Todd calls and pressures her to get Kevin to drop the charges against him. He blackmails her with the big secret, and tells her to get him to back off or he'll tell Kevin that Ace isn't their baby. Kevin gets angry when Kelly confirms that it is Todd she is arguing with on the phone.

John and Evangeline discuss the possible reasons that Kathryn was killed, including that she was dirty. John doesn't know where to look now that Paul doesn't appear to be involved.

Natalie goes to see Viki and tells her the truth about where she has been. Viki warns her that Paul might be trouble and to be careful, but Natalie says that Paul really cares about her and that they are going to take a trip together. Viki tells her not to do that.

Kevin gets a note delivered to the Buchanan mansion that asks if he really thinks he is Ace's father. It is not signed, so he doesn't know where it came from.

Todd and Blair are kissing when Margaret shows up, ringing the bell and shouting that she'd like to apologize. Blair convinces Todd to open the door and Margaret gives Blair a gift bag which contains a piece of lingerie. She says it's a piece offering, and Blair is confused. Todd is standing by, but says nothing. Margaret has a nasty little smile on her face!

Back at the police station, Marcie and Riley and Jen drag Shannon in to talk to John and get him to convince her to participate in Viki's project. While Shannon and John are in John's office, RJ shows up to see Nora. He wants to know what's going on between "Evangeline and this.. Lieutenant McBain." She says she doesn't know anything, but he mentions that she is not surprised he asked. She tells him to ask Evangeline, but he says that is all the answer he needs.

John is trying to convince Shannon to take the opportunity that Viki has offered. He says it could be good for her, teach her how to ask for health, and maybe grow her up a bit. She tells him to go back to hiding behind his job and ignoring everything going on around him.

Viki points out that Nat has so much invested in John, that running off with Paul seems impulsive. Natalie says it's a way to see things. Viki essentially says that Natalie needs to deal with the real issues and not run off to avoid them. She brings up Mitch and it makes Natalie angry. She says that everyone is out for themselves, John only wants his evidence, etc... and then says that she won't screw things up in Llanview for anyone because she won't be around, then storms out.

Kevin shows Kelly the note. She says she doesn't know who would do a sick thing like this, but Kevin is furious and says that "Todd Manning would do a sick thing like this!"

Margaret tells Blair that, if she wears the lingerie, it might turn Todd on as much as when she wore it, but then, she says, probably not. Todd and Blair stare at her in stunned silence.

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