OLTL Update Tuesday 6/22/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/22/04

By Soap Struck
Pictures by Boo

Blair, Kevin and Todd discuss the charges against Todd. Todd says he’s innocent and Blair believes him. Todd kisses Blair pointedly in front of Kevin. Blair asks Kevin if he wants justice or revenge. Kevin asks to talk to Blair privately and then urges her not to believe him. She points out Kelly has a few secrets of her own.

Margaret meets with Nora to discuss the charges against Todd. She tells Nora he did not bribe her to steal documents. When Nora asks for more details, Margaret goes off on a rant about Todd’s misdeeds against her. Nora looks at her like she might be a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

Later, as Margaret continues to drink gimlets at Rodi’s, she meets with Todd who asks her what she’s up to and Kevin who thanks her and noticing that she’s getting drunk, offers transportation home. At the end of the episode, she shows up at the penthouse to tell Blair that she and Todd were lovers.

Paul and Natalie are interrupted in bed by police in Puerto Rico. Paul hides in the air duct. Natalie will go with the police but asks for time to address in private. Paul springs out of the air duct and thanks Natalie for supporting him. He gives her a map with coordinates to the Santi fortune on it and says if anything happens to him for her to use it.

Back in Llanview, John and Natalie tangle over her refusal to help him find Paul. Finally, John has her booked for being an accessory to murder. Paul shows up and asks that Natalie be released. John has Paul put under arrest.

Michael has been searching the internet looking for an agent for Marcie’s book-he feels guilty about the excessive critiquing he did on her book.

She is over it and wants him to review her latest changes and says she will not get as upset this time. Later they are at Rodi’s and he tells her about a hospital virus he’s been investigating. Remembering what happened to Al, she is upset. He reassures her.

Antonio tells Jessica he’s found the numbers on Carlotta’s bracelet but can’t make anything out of them. Later, Adriana shows up to baby-sit for Jamie and he notices her necklace and asks to borrow it. He notices there are markings on the necklace too.

Later Carlotta shows up and tells him the numbers are the combination to the safe and the last set of numbers are on a broach owned by Dorian.

Kelly shares scenes with John and Jessica. She feels the walls closing in on her deceptions.

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