OLTL Update Monday 6/21/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/21/04

By Kathy
Pictures by Boo

Viki tells Kevin how happy she is that he and Todd have called a truce to their feud. Kevin eludes to the fact that the feud may not be over, but tells Viki not to worry.

The next morning, Viki reads about Todd’s arrest in the paper, and is furious with Kevin for not telling her the night before. Kevin accuses her of always taking Todd’s side, but Viki says that simply isn’t true. They are interrupted by

Andrew, who wants to talk to Viki about the community center. Viki offers to make a donation, but Andrew has other plans – he’d like for Viki to help with a project to rebuild the community center, and wants her help in raising funds. Viki knows of the perfect person – Arthur Love – and calls him to enlist his help. Viki also has three other people in mind to help – Jen, Marcie and Riley.

Jen and Riley take a walk at the pier, and Jen tells Riley how worried she is about Rex losing Ultra Violet.

Riley spots Lindsay and Rex kissing, and quickly kisses Jen, so she avoids seeing them. Jen is taken by surprise, saying she thought they were just friends. Riley covers by saying they are, and they should just forget about the kiss. Jen turns, and sees a gun on the pier. They call the police, and the gun is taken to the station.

Paul calls Kelly, telling her he needs her help, that she needs to send him money, while Natalie is asleep in the background. John is with Kelly, and knows who she is talking to. He wants her to get Paul’s location, but Paul doesn’t want to tell her anything, as he’s afraid she’ll tell John where he is. Paul continues to plead for Kelly’s help, and eventually threatens to blackmail Kelly with Ace, if she doesn’t cooperate. Paul tells Kelly he had nothing to do with Kathryn’s death, but he’s afraid the murder will be pinned on him.

Paul tells her where he is staying, and also gives her his alias. Kelly tells John that Paul got suspicious, and hung up without telling her anything Paul hangs up the phone, and turns around, as Natalie is pointing the gun at Paul.

Natalie says she heard everything, and wants to know what is going on. Paul assures her he had nothing to do with the murder, and accuses Natalie of still being hung up on John. Natalie finally puts the gun down, and debates returning to Llanview. Paul convinces her to stay, and wants to show her some very special places.

John takes Kelly to the station, and wants to get a warrant to seize her cell phone records. Kelly finally makes up the name of a hotel, hoping to send John off in the wrong direction. Kelly talks privately to Todd, begging him to talk about Ace. Todd assures Kelly that he won’t bring Ace into the situation with Todd. As John is questioning Kelly, Marcie interrupts with the gun Riley and Jen found. Marcie has done her homework, and says it appears to be a military issue gun, and John has it sent for testing.

Later, when the results come back, Marcie tells John it is the same type that was used to kill Kathryn and the accountant. John tells Marcie she should not have been snooping through the police report, and tells her not to do it again.

Todd is arrested and brought to the station.

Nora canceled her date with Daniel, as she wanted to be there when Todd was brought in. Blair calls Evangeline, but cannot find her anywhere. Todd calls Blair, and learns that Evangeline cannot be found, but she’ll keep trying. Todd asks Blair to believe in him. Nora tells Todd he will be spending the night in jail.

After Lindsay and Rex make love on the pier, Lindsay tells Rex that she may be able to help him financially. Later, at Ultra Violet, Riley warns Rex to keep his affair with Lindsay private, so as not to hurt Jen.

Jen stops by, and so does Lindsay. Lindsay is able to avoid being spotted, and Rex comes over to her, and Lindsay hands him an envelop of cash.

Bo and Matthew “camp out” at Asa’s, and Matthew says he’s through with woman, and through with love, just like Bo. Bo tries to assure Matthew he’s not through with love, but Matthew reminds him that tonight, Nora is with Daniel. Bo tells him he’s too young to be done with women, and decide that maybe they should play a video game, instead.

The next morning, Bo and Matthew are at the police station, and Nora comes in to collect Matthew. Nora tells them she canceled her date with Daniel because of Todd’s arrest. Matthew is thrilled.

On the pier, Daniel brings Nora coffee and a cruller, saying it is a “breakfast date.” As they are about to enjoy their breakfast, Lindsay comes by, leaving Rex’s apartment. Lindsay makes some snide comments to them, but they won’t let her comments ruin their morning. Daniel kisses Nora.

Kevin goes to the mansion, and Kelly is surprised to see him. He says he just stopped by to see Ace. Kelly asks if he is responsible for Todd being arrested. Kevin tells Kelly once again that in order to work out their problems, she must stop lying to him. Kevin leaves to check on Ace, and John stops by, telling Kelly she gave him bogus information. Kelly finally gives him the real location, and John calls it in.

Paul and Natalie are waiting for the money, and Natalie suggests they use her credit cards, instead. Paul says they can’t, as he’s sure her cards have been flagged. As they wait, they begin to kiss, and are about to make love, when the police knock on their door.

Todd arrives home in the morning, thanking Blair for posting his bail. Blair is confused, and worried about what to tell the children.

She finally decides to tell them that Todd made a mistake, and is working through it. They are waiting for Evangeline to stop by, and being to kiss, and are in various states of disrobe, when they decide they better stop and get dressed. Someone knocks at the door, and thinking it is Evangeline, answer it, however, it’s Kevin.

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