OLTL Update Friday 6/18/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/18/04

By Linda
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At Llanfair, Jessica talks to her mother about the service for Ben. She asks Viki if she is up to it, and she says that she is. She knows that it is all set and everyone is coming.

Jessica says that it is all right if she can't handle it, and maybe she can wait for Natalie to come back. Mom says she doesn't know when that will be. Jessica doesn't understand why Natalie went away with Paul Cramer when he is accused of killing an FBI agent. Viki, trying to protect Natalie, says that maybe she isn't with Paul; she suggests that she may have needed to get away to say her final good-bye to Christian, the way Mom needs to say her final good-bye to Ben. Mom puts a pair of red dice around her wedding picture.

Kelly arrives at Llanfair. Vicki thanks her for coming and asks if Kevin is there; she is curious to know if they have resolved anything. Kelly tells her that they love each other and will work things out. Vicki says that Ace needs both parents. Kevin comes out to talk to Kelly and asks how Ace is doing; she says that he misses his daddy. Then Roxy shows up, and says that even though Vicki lost her guy, at least she kept his heart, and it's great that Vicki is hanging in there. She tells Vicki that if something were to happen to Nigel she would stick her head in the oven, and then, just before walking away, jokingly says she doesn't have gas. Vicki doesn't believe that Roxy and Nigel are together. Renee arrives and asks Vicki how she's doing. She tells Vicki that Asa doesn't want to be there, and that he will join everyone at the cemetery so he can have some time alone.

Later she talks to Kevin and tries to convince him to come home, saying it would mean a lot not only to Kelly and the baby, but to Asa as well.  In the living room, Kevin talks to Kelly about Ace rolling over for the first time that morning. Kevin says with a smile that he will be walking soon. Kelly says she knows that he misses Ace; he says that he misses both of them, but he can't come home until Kelly tells him the truth about what is going on. He tells her that once she can do that, he will be home to stay. She points out that Todd and Blair are together, and are working out their problems. At that moment Reverend Andrew Carpenter comes to Kevin and says that he has heard about his and Todd's truce, and that it's the best news the two of them can give Viki. Kevin is forced to smile and shake hands with Todd.

Nora arrives at Llanfair and talks to Kevin for a little bit about the case. He asks how the search is going; she says it's going, but there's nothing yet on Todd. Nora asks Kevin if he is sure he wants to press charges. He says that Todd smeared him and Buchanan Enterprises. She wants him to realize what it will do to Vicki, but he says it's just business. He tells her that Todd gave away his own son and told Blair that he was dead, and he isn't taking any chances with his family.

At the buffet table at Vicki's, Kelly asks Todd if he told Blair about Ace. She says that Blair seems to be fine with it, but Kevin doesn't. Kevin enters the room and walks in between them, saying that just because they have something going on doesn't mean they have to do it there. Blair looks on throughout the conversation. Rev. Carpenter tells everyone that the memorial is going to begin, and they will head over to St. James so Vicki can put Ben's ashes to rest.

Everyone holds a lighted candle. Vicki thanks everyone for coming to say good-bye to Ben. She says that it seems strange; they have been saying good-bye for a long time, but it feels final now. She says that before, she had really believed he would come back. She knows that the life he had at the hospital was not the life he wanted, but that he was hanging on until he had a good reason to die. His final act as a doctor and a husband was to save his own life. She says when she first met Ben, he gave his heart without reservation, and now she has his heart forever. She believes that he is there with everyone. As the group departs for St. James, Nora receives a phone call. Bo stays behind with her. She says the caller is the detective, who has found the papers in Todd's office. Nora instructs the detective to issue an arrest warrant, but to give him a few hours.

Later, back at Llanfair, Vicki thanks Todd and Blair for coming, and says she's happy that they are together. Todd says that nothing is going to stop them. Blair thanks Vicki, and the couple leaves. Kevin tries to tell Mom something, but she interrupts, saying she is proud of Kevin for accepting Todd's truce. She says that it got her through tonight, and it is helping her recovery go faster. Talking to Jessica, Mom says she can't accept that Ben is gone. She really believes that he will come back to her, even though it is unrealistic. Everyone thinks he will come back, but this is the one idea that keeps Vicki going. It is a secret that she keeps with her everywhere she goes. When she's sad, she thinks of Ben and how he will get better. She makes plans for the both of them, imagining trips they'd take. She feels like the Tin Man in "The Wizard of Oz," because her heart is breaking. She remembers that Ben loves that movie, but he doesn't like the flying monkeys because he's afraid of them. The phone rings, and it's Natalie. Jessica wants to know where she is and if she's okay. Viki takes the phone and asks Natalie why she won't tell her where she is. Viki asks if Natalie is with Paul, and tells her that he is wanted by the FBI. She begs Natalie to come home. She says she misses Natalie, and that she loves her. Once she's off the phone, she tells Jessica that Natalie says she isn't with Paul, but she doesn't quite believe her. Jessica says it doesn't matter, she just wants Natalie to be all right. Jessica says that Natalie is thinking of Viki and Ben tonight.

At the police station, Nora says that she has a few things to wrap up, and then she will meet Bo at Vicki's for the service. Nora then receives a phone call from Daniel to confirm their date at Ultra Violet. Kevin catches up to Nora and tells her that Todd is stealing papers from Buchanan Enterprises. He's adamant in proving it, and says he wants to press charges. Nora says that if Margaret Cochran testifies against Todd, it will be a step in the right direction.

Kevin says that she can't file charges against her, and Nora says that they can arrange a plea agreement; however, if she is going to testify that Todd has papers belonging to Buchanan Enterprises, they need proof. Kevin says that they should search Todd's apartment. Nora says that they need a search warrant. Kevin asks how long that will take, and she says she will have someone talk to a judge. Nora points out that it will upset Vicki, but Kevin rationalizes that he can't ignore reality. He reminds Nora that Todd came at him first; he broke the law, and Kevin wants him arrested.

In his office, Bo receives a check from Asa that covers both Roxy's and Rex's fines. Then John comes in to discuss Kathryn's forensics results. Bo tells John that there is no connection between Paul and Kathryn. He emphasizes that motive and opportunity are not enough; they need evidence. John starts to check flight manifests, bus and train lists, and rental car companies, but neither Paul's nor Natalie's name turns up. Bo questions whether they are together. John says that they stayed together in a motel outside Philadelphia the night before last. Bo asks if Vicki knows, and John says that he told her. He says that he feels bad telling her, what with everything else going on, but he feels like he has to keep her informed. Bo says he will ask her how she is doing when he sees her tonight. John asks where he is going tonight; Bo says that he is burying his brother, and John apologizes.

Later, as Bo and John are eating dinner, John receives a phone call from Jessica. She tells John that they heard from Natalie. John asks if she is okay, and Jessica assures him that she is. John wants to know where she is; Jessica says that Natalie didn't say, but that she did tell them that she isn't with Paul Cramer. She tells him it sounded on the phone as if Natalie may have been at an airport. John thanks her and says he'll get right on it.

Off the phone, John talks to Bo about the new information, and they try to think of a way to find what name Paul and Natalie are traveling under. Bo notices that there is a K.C. Buchanan that rented a car outside of
Philadelphia. Bo theorizes that if Kelly is using Cramer as a middle name, then Paul might be using her credit card. Bo says that he got a call from Kelly, who said that she lost her wallet and that someone is making charges on her credit card in Florida. In the meantime, John is looking at a security tape from a casino at Atlantic City where Natalie tried to pick up the blackmail money. Bo knows that Paul is blackmailing Kelly because she tried to kill him. John questions why she was fighting with Paul in the first place. Bo says that if Todd is involved, it must be his fault. John says that he will find out, but he wants Bo to go to the funeral, so he will take care of this tonight. Bo leaves for the service.

On the way out Bo is stopped by Nora, who is on the phone with the detective. She wants to talk about Kevin being on the war path over Todd Manning. Nora tells Bo that Kevin has found someone to testify against Todd, and that a detective is over at Todd's office looking for stolen papers. Bo doesn't understand what the problem is; she says she is uneasy about putting Todd away.

Bo tells her to wait and see what the search turns up. He also tells her that she and Kevin have to ask themselves if they are doing it for the right reason. They change the subject to Ben and the funeral. Bo asks if Nora is okay; she says she doesn't know and returns the question, and Bo says no. She says it's hard to say good-bye to somebody. Bo says he thought that Ben would get better, and everyone else did, too, especially Asa. Nora asks if maybe that's why Asa is acting the way he is. Bo says no, Asa was already acting that way before Ben's death; the loss has only exacerbated it. Bo says that he had to bury his brother, and he feels like he is losing his father, too.

At the mansion, Kelly leaves a phone message for Kevin. She says she wants him to call her as soon as he gets it, because even though they are not together at this point, she really wants to be there for him tonight. David comes in and asks if Kelly and Kevin have separated.

Kelly tells him that Kevin is just staying at Llanfair while his mother recovers. With a sarcastic tone, he says that Kevin has dumped her. She says that they will work it out, but he quickly retorts, "Like how Todd and Blair worked it out?" Kelly is jealous, because they are together and she and Kevin are not. David doesn't think they are the best example; he is sure that Todd is a train wreck waiting to happen.

Kelly, back on the phone, is explaining to the credit card company that she's certain she didn't make any charges in Florida. She asks them to cancel the card. Frustrated, she hangs up and says she is going to the memorial. David points out that Kevin doesn't want her there, but her mind is made up. David asks if Dorian has figured out why Paul is blackmailing Kelly. Kelly asks David what he knows. He says that Dorian thinks David may be Ace's real father. Kelly wants to know where she would get an idea like that. David says that Dorian doesn't think it's Kevin, and it's not him; he wonders if it's Todd.

John visits Kelly at the mansion and asks about her missing wallet. She asks what the big deal is, and he says he wants more clarification about it being lost and not stolen. He points out that there have been a lot of charges on the credit card since her wallet disappeared. Kelly says that she knows that, and it's why she canceled the card. He asks why it took her so long to report it; she says that she hoped it would turn up. Not believing her, he says that maybe she gave it to Paul when he left the country. Kelly defensively says she didn't give him anything, and asks why he thinks that. John says that Paul was blackmailing her, and wants to know what Paul has on her. Kelly denies that her brother is blackmailing her. John mentions the security tape of the casino as good evidence, as well as her having tried to kill Paul. John says that the Santis will kill him before he gets any money from them. He says that if she knows where Paul is, now is the time to tell him. Before she can reply, the phone rings; it's Paul. Kelly asks if he is okay.

Asa holds a glass of wine and mourns the loss of his son. He says that he is one heck of a son and he misses him, but knows he will see him again someday.

At the pier, Blair is looking for Todd and finds lit candles on top of some boxes. Todd is there waiting for her; he plays her favorite song, one that she sang when he came back from Ireland a long time ago. Blair is so in love that she wants the moment to last forever. Todd asks why they should care about Kelly's situation. Blair says it matters because Kelly is her cousin. They start to talk about trusting one another; he says that either she does or she doesn't. She says she wants to, but every time she does things go wrong. He tries to convince her that he is a changed man, and promises that nothing is going to ruin it for her.

At Ultra Violet, Lindsay is looking for R.J.; she doesn't find him, but talks to Rex instead. Lindsay finds out that Rex took R.J. up on his offer to make him Ultra Violet's manager because he has a $10,000 fine for attempted arson to pay off. Rex says he misses her, and she says she misses him.

He tells Lindsay to promise not to tell Jen that he lost the club to R.J. because he can't handle the thought of her feeling sorry for him. Jen comes over and, not having a clue, asks how he managed to keep his club. He lies and says that he found some investors. Jen says that she didn't believe the article about him and Roxy and the arson. Jen sees her mom and wants to know what she's doing there, now that she has broken up with Rex.

Rex says that Lindsay is just looking for R.J. He tries to convince Jen that she needs her mom, but she says that she managed to get where she is without her. Rex says that when things fall apart, the only one who cares is her mom.

When Jen leaves, David is on the phone with Dorian, who is in Cannes. She asks about Kelly, and he tells her that Kevin hasn't figured out what she is hiding. Dorian tells him she has to go and that she is leaving for Porto Fino. David wants to join Dorian for some beautiful music, but Dorian says no.

Jen heads over to where Lindsay is sitting. She says that she has just come from Ben's funeral; she seems not to fit in, and doesn't know where she belongs. Lindsay asks if she belongs with her.

On the other side of the club, Roxy tells Rex that Asa is paying her fines. Rex thinks that she hit him up for it, but Roxy says that it was Nigel.

A little drunk, Roxy tells Jen that Rex doesn't own Ultra Violet anymore. Jen doesn't believe it. Roxy says that she was going to find out sooner or later that Rex went belly-up. Jen wants to go and see him, but Roxy doesn't think it's a good idea, since the dock is dark and cold. She says that Rex doesn't want anyone to feel sorry for him. Jen says she doesn't, she only wants to see if he's okay, and she leaves to find him.

Lindsay finds Rex at the dock, and they kiss passionately. She asks him to take her back to his place, but he says no; instead, they make love there.

Roxy shows up at Asa's house and tells him she knows he wants to slam the door in her face. She says she's there to talk to Nigel, who she knows is there for Ben's funeral. Asa says that it's not a good time. She says she's sorry for his loss, but she knows that Nigel feels bad, too, and she wants to be there to see him through this, even if he's angry at her. Asa tells her that, in honor of his son, he is going to pay her fine for Nigel. However, he'll have to work the debt off. Nigel says that that is okay with him and Roxy. Roxy wants to know when she gets the money. Asa says that he sent the money to Bo so she can't lose it on a horse at the race track.

At the penthouse, Todd leads a blindfolded Blair inside.

When she removes the blindfold gold balloons float down from the ceiling, a remembrance of their wedding. Blair says that Todd's sister, Vicki, is right about not wasting time, because they never know what is going to happen. Todd assures her that nothing bad is going to happen, now or ever, and they embrace. All of a sudden there is a knock on the door. Both of them want whoever it is to go away, but the knocking continues. Todd opens the door to find the police, who arrest him. Blair stands alone, her face filled with sadness and disappointment.

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