OLTL Update Thursday 6/17/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/17/04

By Linda
Proofread by Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

At the café, Jessica asks Carlotta about the bracelet that was sent to the jewelers to be fixed. Jessica wants to see it because Antonio said that it had a great design on it. Carlotta accuses Jessica of trying to get his hands on the bracelet and gets upset and she says to stop asking about it. Antonio tells his mother that Jessica wasn’t trying to upset her. Antonio tells Jessica about the bracelet and she gets curious. Carlotta says that it is just a bracelet; there is nothing to see. Antonio points out that it is not an everyday bracelet. She wore it to Manuel Santi’s funeral. Carlotta gets upset and tells Antonio that he was her brother and that’s why she was wore it. She wants him to let it go. She’s so upset; Antonio asks if Dorian is involved. Carlotta doesn’t respond, so Antonio says that it is not worth covering for Dorian. He doesn’t want her to get into trouble because of Dorian.

Antonio says that Dorian will sell Carlotta out quickly. Carlotta insists that Manuel gave her the bracelet. She says that “Manny” is her brother; she has a lot of bad feelings about the past. She says that what he did to the family was unforgivable. Still upset, she says that she can’t talk anymore and that she has a lot of errands to run. She asks Antonio to watch the counter. When she leaves, Jessica is curious if she had hurt Carlotta’s feelings. Antonio tells her that it wasn’t her, but he has a feeling that something isn’t right. Antonio wants to know what it is, so they both follow her.

On the other side of the café, Michael and Marcie are talking about the book, “The Killing Cop” that she just finished. Marcie asks what he thinks about it. Michael says that he adds a couple of notes to the book. For example, Michael says that the first clue to the killer is way too soon and way too obvious. Also, he criticizes the way she describes how the characters in the book drive to the beach house.

He thinks that it should be in one paragraph. Michael still criticizes her book in Chapter 4 when he says that she repeats herself. She gets offended. She says that he should just rewrite it instead of picking it apart. She leaves angrily. Michael calls her answering machine and is begging to talk to her. However, she comes back. She admits that she hates him. He apologizes for being overly critical. He wants to help her to make it better. He asks her for her forgiveness. She says that she lost all her self-confidence. He says that he is proud of her and that he is jealous of her for being a better writer. She points out that he saves lives. He says that she means the world to him, so her being upset with him is the only thing that matters. He says that she is his life. He stills asks for her forgiveness. She forgives him, she says. She still doesn’t like him, but she loves him, she adds.

Bo and Matthew go to the café for lunch. Bo tells Matthew that now that he has said something nice to the girl, paid her a compliment, that now it’s time to give her something. Matthew says that he doesn’t have anything. Bo assures him that he will. Matthew thinks that Starr never pays attention. Bo tells him that he shouldn’t give her something big, but something special so it’s a “Wow, Matthew got this just for me!”

At the police station, Bo comes out of his office to find that Roxy is waiting for him. Bo tells her that she can go in because Rex has already admitted that he was the one that set the community center fire and that she had nothing to do with it. She quickly says that Rex had nothing to do with it. Roxy was the one that called Barry to set the Foxy Roxy for the insurance money. Rex gets upset and tells her to be quiet. Roxy asks Rex why he told Bo that he did it. Roxy insists that it was her. Rex says that he didn’t say anything.

When she realizes that he didn’t say anything, she faints. In the office, Colson is in there with Bo, and Rex is trying to protect Roxy by saying that he doesn’t want her to do this. Roxy says that she can go to jail because she can make a lot of friends there and do their hair. She says Rex doesn’t have the skills. He is going to be alone and miserable. He insists that Roxy had nothing to do with the fire. Also, she says that Rex had nothing to do with this. Bo wants both of them to be quiet. Bo says that he and the D.A can separate the both of them and get the truth that way, they can tell the truth in front of him. He wants the both of them to decide. Bo gets a phone call. In the meantime, Colson talks to Roxy and Rex. Rex tells Colson that they told Barry to get the gas out of the community center. She said she wasn’t planning on burning down the community center. When Bo gets off the phone, he has the name of the other accomplice, Barry Charles Briscoe. He has a rap sheet, and the police picked him up in Philadelphia because he was about to torch another place. Barry admitted that Roxy and Rex hired him to burn down Roxy’s building. However, he got a call and said that the deal was off, so the fire was an accident. Roxy asks if they are innocent. Colson and Bo go out of the office to discuss this.

Roxy is hoping that Barry puts them in the clear, but Rex thinks that Colson won’t let them off. Colson is thinking of conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to commit arson, reckless endangerment, (21 counts) and lying to a police officer. Bo wants to know how much time. Colson says he is thinking about it and will get back to Bo.

After Colson leaves, Matthew comes in, and Bo talks to him about his soccer game. He asks if Matthew won.  Matthew says that he scored the last goal, so  Bo congratulates him. Bo apologizes that he wasn’t there but asks if Nora was there; she was. Bo asks if Starr was. Matthew says that she was off with her boyfriend, Travis.

When Nora comes into the station, she is very happy that Matthew scores the winning goal and that Bo knows. Nora asks Bo if he has seen Colson. He says no, but Nora finds him. With Bo in the background, she tells him that she got a break on the Harry MacKenzie case. She says that there is some evidence against Todd. Colson says that he got a break with Rex and Roxanne Balsom. Daniel explains to Nora about how Rex and Roxanne were involved in the arson.  Nora asks how many years he is looking at for both of them. He says that he might ask for a hefty fine and lots of community service. Bo considers that lenient. Colson asks Nora to lunch, but Nora checks with Matthew first. Bo takes Matthew to lunch. So, Nora and Colson go to lunch, and Matthew and Bo go to lunch. Bo deals with Matthew by saying instead of him getting Bo and Nora back together, Bo will help Matthew with Starr. Matthew is surprised that Bo would do that for him. Bo brags about knowing a thing or two about how to trick women into paying attention to men.

When Nora and Colson get back to the station to meet up with Bo and Matthew, Nora tells Bo that they ran into Jen and Riley and that they are going to be going to Ultra Violet later to listen to them. Nora asks about the father-son lunch. Bo says that he gave Matthew a few pointers about the opposite sex. Colson asks Nora about the dress code for tonight, whether he should get out of the suit that he is in. With a smile, Nora says that he should get out of that suit as often as possible. Bo hears that and smiles, too.

At the penthouse, Todd is in good spirits with Jack in the house and tells Starr that she can go out with Travis for a soda but has to come straight home. Travis can’t believe that was Todd because Todd was nice to them. Starr smiles because she says that her mom is staying over tonight and that they are getting back together. Travis is surprised and says that that is what Starr has always wanted, ever since Travis and Starr met. Todd tells Jack that he is excited that they are going to be a family again. Jack is happy about that. Todd is on top of the world because someone else is taking care of the Harry MacKenzie problem. Then, Margaret shows up at his doorstep. She’s upset.

She says that she shouldn’t be there and that there are a lot of things going on inside of her. She says she misses him. She hopes that things are not over between them. She says that Todd is the first man to show her how wonderful it is to love someone. She insists that they can’t stop seeing each other; they are perfect for each other. She says that he feels it, too. She says that she can love his children. She says that she understands that he is divorced and that can be hard and painful, but she wants to make it better for him. She wants him to give her a chance. Todd explains that Blair and he are back together and that they are a family again. He says that it is going to stay that way. Getting upset, Margaret says that Todd was using her. Todd says that Margaret is a terrific person. Margaret wants Todd to tell her that he was just using her. Todd can’t say that, but Margaret insists that Todd say it.

Todd says it and Margaret cries and storms out of the penthouse. Todd comments to Jack after she leaves that his life is so good right now that it is scary. Starr and Travis come back to the penthouse. Starr invites him into the penthouse, but he says that he has to register in the camp. He suggests that they go back to the bridge where Starr stopped the van. He says it may be good for bungee-jumping. Travis gives her a quick kiss and she goes in. Matthew sees it and gets upset. 

He says that it was their bridge and takes off after leaving the present in a plant. Todd talks to Mrs. Bigelow on the phone about Harry Mackenzie and says that he will back off.

At the pier, Starr takes Travis to the same place where she almost drowned when she was roller blading. She tells Travis that if it hadn’t been for her dad jumping into the water, taking her up and giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, she would be history.

Travis says that he would have done the same thing. Travis and Starr are sharing fries and sodas when he admires her for taking risks. Travis says that he likes taking risks, too. He says that he has thought about bungee- jumping off of a bridge. They try to kiss, but they hear a noise and Starr suggests that they go somewhere else.

The noise that they hear is Carlotta coming. She is upset. She has the bracelet in her hands and apologizes to her dad that all his good work is contaminated with evil. Just when Antonio and Jessica get there, Carlotta throws the bracelet into the river. He tries to understand it and asks his mom why she threw it in the river after her father made it for her. Carlotta says to leave it be. She says when Manny had it, it became cursed. Carlotta says that no one has to worry about ever again. She leaves, but Antonio takes off his shirt and insists on going in after the bracelet. Antonio gets the bracelet, but Jessica says that she was ready to call the police if he hadn’t. Jessica tells him how dangerous what he did was, but he thinks it's nothing. Antonio is scared as to why his mom threw it in the river.

Antonio finds something tiny etched on the back of the bracelet that he needs a magnifying glass to see.

At the mansion, Nora comes to visit Kevin. Nora asks if the FCC is still checking the books about the account transfers. Kevin says that they are cooperating fully. Nora reminds him that there was another incident where she was bribed into not checking the books. He asks about the Harry Mackenzie tape. Nora wants Kevin to guess who was talked by Evangeline into coming back into town to talk to the D.A.'s office. It was MacKenzie, she says.  She relates that none of what he said was true and that he was paid to make the false accusation. Kevin is so hoping that it is Todd Manning. Kevin can’t believe that Harry Mackenzie walked into the D.A.’s office with Evangeline Williamson. Nora confirms that Harry MacKenzie named Todd Manning as the man that paid him the bribe. However, Nora strongly says that proving it in court is another thing altogether.

Nora insists that in order for this to stick, she needs corroborating evidence. Kevin is intent to get it, so he can put Todd in jail. Nora says, in order to do that, she needs solid evidence. Kevin says that he will get the evidence. Nora is afraid, but Kevin tells her that one of her employees, Margaret Cochran, was seduced by Todd. Kevin is confident that Margaret will give her everything on Todd. Kevin will put her in touch with Nora right away. She is ok about it, so she changes the subject to the other FCC investigation of the $64,000 that was transferred into his personal account. He tells Nora that it was an error and that it is no big deal. Nora says that she has known him for so long and that he doesn’t make mistakes like that. She says that he is not like that and that he is covering for someone. She wants to whom. Kevin is flattered that Nora thinks that he doesn’t make mistakes. Kevin says that he made a mistake by making a salary adjustment and instead of putting into payroll, he transferred it into his personal account.

Nora looks over and sees a suitcase and asks him if he is going on a trip. Kevin says that he is going to spend a couple of days at Llanfair to help with his mom. He says he is picking up a few more things. Kevin says that tonight is Ben’s memorial service and that it is going to be stressful for his mother. He asks if Nora is going. She says she is going. She wonders if Kelly is going to join Kevin at Llanfair later. Kevin says that because Ace caught an ear infection and because mom’s immune system is not strong enough, Kelly won’t be joining him. When Nora leaves the mansion, Kevin places a call to Margaret. Kevin talks to Margaret about her helping with the case against Todd. Margaret, upset, says that she can’t do this at the moment. Then, Kevin is in the foyer talking on the phone with Duke. He finds out that Todd Manning called Duke right after he got out of prison. Kevin apologizes to Duke and explains that Todd is just trying to turn Duke against Kevin. Kevin is angry and is more determined now to take him down. Then, Margaret shows up at his door, upset, and says that she is sorry. Margaret says to Kevin that Todd Manning used her and that she meant nothing to him. She wants revenge; she wants to make him pay. He wants him to be very sorry. Kevin is on the phone talking to his mom. He says that he will be at Llanfair soon. He just has a slight delay. Margaret says that she is sorry that she let Todd Manning talk her into things that hurt Buchanan Enterprises. Kevin says that he understands. With a shaky voice, she says that she will testify against him in court. Kevin appreciates that, but he says that it will be her word against his. He says that he needs proof and that Margaret says that she will get the proof. She says that she will get all the proof that Kevin needs because it is time that Todd suffers.

At Capricorn, RJ is talking on the phone with Lindsay. He says that Rex got exactly what he deserved. He mentions that Ultra Violet is under new ownership management, RJ and Lindsay. On the other side of Capricorn, Jen and Riley are talking about how they are going to be in summer school because of how Riley bought a paper and she flunked some classes.

Nora and Colson come in for lunch and stop by Jen and Riley’s table. Colson invites both of them to their table for lunch. At the table, Jen tells Nora and Colson that Riley and Jen have to take summer school. Colson says that he wants to see his son at Ultra Violet in “Midnight Rock”. Nora says she will get a sitter.

At Capricorn, Rex strongly urges Roxy not to tell Jen that he lost Ultra Violet. She tells Rex that “mom” will make it right for him, so that he will not lose Ultra Violet.

So, she uses her feminine wiles to convince RJ to loan her the money. RJ says that Lindsay and he have already foreclosed, but Rex is more than welcome to apply for the manager’s position.

At Capricorn, Jen and Riley bump into Rex and say that Riley is going to be playing at Ultra Violet. The D. A, Colson, is coming, not to shut him down, but to come and see him sing. RJ rubs it in Rex's face and says that Jen doesn’t know that Rex doesn’t own Ultra Violet anymore. RJ is just aching to tell her.

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