OLTL Update Wednesday 6/16/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/16/04

By Kathy
Pictures by Boo

Roxy pays Viki a visit, and both are very concerned about Natalie. Roxy has a gut feeling that Natalie has gotten herself into trouble, and Viki feels the same way.

Roxy tells Viki that since she’s got to take care of her new “ticker,” Roxy will carry the “mother load” for both of them. She asks Viki what she could have possibly said to Natalie, and Viki tells her about the conversation she had with Natalie last night. Roxy says she’d make a deal with the devil in order to bring Cristian back, and Viki looks at Roxy and says she’s something else – that she really does love Natalie. Roxy says that although she didn’t “lug” Natalie around for nine months, she loves her, and loves Rex, too.

At Paul’s motel room Natalie asks what their destination is. Paul tells Natalie they are going to Puerto Rico. Natalie becomes very solemn, saying that Cristian had always planned on taking her there. Paul says he’s figured as much, and wanted to take Natalie someplace special. As they kiss, Natalie tells Paul she’s not so sure about getting involved with a fugitive.

Paul says he’s not going to be a sitting duck for the Santis, and he’s told the FBI all he knows. As they are holding each other, Natalie finds a gun on Paul, and is none too pleased. Natalie starts to leave, but Paul stops her, saying he’s got some bad people after him, and he wants to protect Natalie. He puts the gun in his bag, and puts it under the bed, and Natalie decides to stay. She then tells Paul that she’s not sleeping with him, and Paul just grins, saying that a guy can dream, can’t he? The next morning, they have breakfast at the Hook Up, and Paul tells Natalie they need to drive to Florida, and from there, a friend of his will fly them to Puerto Rico. Natalie leaves the table for a minute, and Paul hears on the radio that Kathryn was murdered, and that he is wanted for questioning. After Natalie returns, a cop walks in, and Paul quickly conceals himself by kissing Natalie, then making a quick escape out the door.

At Capricorn, RJ tells Rex that he wants his money, and Rex tells him he’s good for it. RJ reminds him of their deal, and tells him that come morning, Ultra Violet and the new Restaurant will be his. RJ turns and listens to Evangeline’s message, as Lindsay walks in and runs into Rex. Rex informs her that thanks to her, he’s just lost the last thing he cares about. He asks why she won’t help him, but Lindsay says she knows Rex is just using her, and she doesn’t want to end up in another bad relationship.

Lindsay tells Rex she’s sorry, but she simply cannot help him out of this mess. She goes on to say that everyone thinks Rex is using her, and that she’s addicted to him, and if she continues in the relationship, she could lose everything. Rex tells her he cares about her, but Lindsay stands firm, and refuses to loan him the money. Rex asks if she’ll at least try to talk to Rj about giving him an extension, but Lindsay tells Rex she’s sorry, but she can’t trust him, and Rex turns to leave.

Todd is at his penthouse, all cleaned up, sipping a glass of wine. He flashes back to his last conversation with Blair, as he looks out the window. He remembers Blair saying she couldn’t make any promises, and as he turns around, his front door opens, and Blair walks in, looking absolutely gorgeous. (Please note that my words alone cannot do these scenes justice, but I’ll do my best!) Neither say a word – there is just romantic music in the background. They approach each other, and Blair takes Todd’s glass, takes a sip, and leads him upstairs. Todd grabs another glass and the bottle of wine, and follows her upstairs. They make passionate love – very sexy scenes with these two.

Finally, it’s morning, the sun has come up, and they talk about the future. Blair says she has no regrets about spending the night with Todd, but wants to think things over, but Todd tells her not to think, just to go home, pack up the kids, move back, and put their family back together. Blair agrees, and decides to do just that. Both finally get out of bed, as Todd promised to visit Viki, and sends Blair home to pack.

At the Buchanan mansion, Kelly tells Kevin how glad she is that he and Todd called a truce. Kevin questions her as to why she is spending so much time with Todd, but Kelly avoids the question, saying she wants to work things out with Kevin. Kevin responds to her by saying all she does is lie to him, and asks how, of all people, she could go to Todd for help. He then goes on to say that either she had an affair with him, or she would rather that Kevin believed she had an affair – and wonders if she loves him enough to tell him the truth.

Kevin then tells Kelly that they need to spend some time apart. Kevin tells Kelly she needs to ask herself why she can be closer to Todd than himself. Kevin tells Kelly he’s going to move into Viki’s for awhile, but Kelly tells him she and Ace need him, too. Kevin once again tells her to just be honest, and Kelly asks him what if the truth makes you hate me? Kevin tells her she’s already losing him, and Kelly tells him she’s already told him the truth, and begs for one more night, even if he stays in one of the guestrooms. Kevin says he was hoping she’d be completely honest, but sees that isn’t going to happen, and goes to pack his bag. When he comes downstairs, Kelly asks how this will affect Ace, and Kevin says he hopes they can reach a resolution.

Kelly is worried about what people will think, and Kevin assures her he’ll tell people that he needs to help take care of Viki for a while. After Kevin leaves, Kelly vows that she will not lose him.

Kelly takes Ace over to see Viki, and tells Viki that she “convinced” Kevin to move into the Carriage House to help her out. Viki is skeptical, and asks what is really going on, but Kelly says Kevin just wants to help Viki – everything is fine. She then tells Viki that she and Todd never had an affair, and Viki says she never thought they did. John stops by, with some questions about Natalie. Viki has few answers for him. John asks why Natalie might be hanging out with Paul, and Viki tells him that she knows for a fact that Natalie’s heart belongs to someone else, and thinks that Paul is just a temporary escape for Natalie. John asks Kelly if she’s seen or heard from Paul, and Kelly says she hasn’t, but if she does, she’ll let him know.

John says that Paul is a suspect, and the FBI is going hard after him, and he doesn’t want Natalie to get caught in the crossfire. He promises Viki he will find her. Todd stops by, and as soon as Viki answers the door, announces that he and Blair are back together.

He sees Kelly standing there, and Kelly tells Todd she’s happy for him, and announces that Kevin is moving in with Viki to help her out for a few days. Viki leaves the room, and Kelly tells Todd she is not going to lose Kevin

Evangeline is still shaken by the murder in her office, and in her office, tells John she’ll help find out who did this. She’s feeling guilty that she did something wrong to cause the death of two people. John assures her she did nothing wrong, and tells Evangeline that Kathryn was more than a co-worker, that she was Caitlyn’s sister. Evangeline hugs John, as RJ walks in.

RJ says he came as soon as he got her message, but obviously, she doesn’t need him any more, and leaves.

Margaret meets with Kevin at Capricorn, telling Kevin she made a mistake – that Todd led her on to gain information. Kevin assures her he will not press charges against her, but needs to know exactly what she said to and gave to Todd. Margaret starts to explain what she gave him access to, and Kevin blows up, asking how she could be so stupid? Kevin regains his composure, and asks for her help in nailing Todd. He asks her to testify, and again assures her he won’t be pressing any charges against her, and says he’s determined to see Todd go back to prison.

RJ tries to have a victory toast with Lindsay, but she’s not in the mood to celebrate.

Roxy storms in, and pours a drink on both of them. RJ calls her a “runt,” and tells her to get out.

He goes around the bar, and physically picks her up to carry her out, when Rex intervenes. Roxy is determined to protect her son, and tells RJ to “bring it on!” She then looks at Lindsay and asks if she cares about Rex – but Lindsay tells her that Rex was only using her. Rex takes Roxy away, and RJ tries to clean the drink off of Lindsay, as Evangeline walks in and witnesses this.

She tells RJ she’s sorry to interrupt, but wants to explain to RJ about what he saw at her office with John. Rex and Roxy are leaving, when a policeman stops them, telling Roxy she’s wanted for questioning regarding the Community Center fire.

Kevin stops by Todd’s penthouse, and is shocked when Blair answers the door. Blair tells Kevin she’s moving back in, but Kevin tries to convince her that Todd is only manipulating her. Blair tells Kevin that she and Todd belong together, but Kevin tells her the only place Todd belongs is in prison.

John finds Paul and Natalie’s motel room, and stops by to look for clues, only to find one of Natalie’s earrings on the bed.


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