OLTL Update Tuesday 6/15/04

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/15/04

By Kathy
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At La Boulaie, David continues to try to reach Dorian. He finally reaches, her but they have a bad connection, and he loses her. Later, he reaches her again, and she admits to taking off the ankle bracelet, leaving David to wonder how she knew he placed the GPS on it.

At the Diner, Todd and Blair look out the window and watch as Starr says goodbye to Travis. Blair calms Todd, saying that Travis’s counselor is with them, as Todd once again acts like the father of a teenage girl – very protective. Todd gets a little defensive when Blair refers to Travis as Starr’s boyfriend (LOL…too cute watching Todd be so protective!) Todd says he’d like to find the “guy” that started the fire, as Rex listens, hiding behind a menu. Rex sneaks out, and Blair suggests they take their daughter home.

They get Starr home to La Boulai, and Blair asks Todd if he’d like to go upstairs to say goodnight to his children. Todd runs upstairs, much to David’s displeasure. After Todd comes back down stairs, his cheek is bleeding a little, and Blair takes him into the living room to tend to his wounds. Todd asks her why she ran in after him and risked her life. Blair will not admit that she loves him. Todd asks if it’s because she didn’t want to see her husband die, but Blair reminds him they are not married. Blair asks “where it hurts,” and Todd points to his chest. Blair gently kisses his chest. Then Todd claims his temple also hurts, which Blair kisses, then claims his lips hurt, and she kisses him. As their kiss intensifies, Blair tells Todd she can’t, so Todd decides to go home – back to “their” home, and says she can join him if she wants. Blair tells Todd she can’t make any promises.

Jessica tells Antonio everything is OK with them, but admits all those nights he was working late, she had too much time to think. Jessica also admits she is afraid of becoming a cop’s widow. Antonio warns her that he is a cop, and has no plans of altering his career choice. Jessica jokingly asks Antonio to keep his clothes on during any future undercover police operations, and then does a little strip show for Antonio. Later, they talk about Carlotta and her family, and Antonio reveals Santi had another son – Tico – but no one knows his whereabouts. Antonio talks about his grandfather, who was a metalsmith, and made jewelry.

At Natalie’s house, Paul tells her that Kathryn was a dirty agent, and asks her again to run away with him. Natalie says he’ll have to go without her, as someone knocks on the door. It’s Viki, and Natalie hides Paul while she answers the door. Viki walks in, looking around, sure she heard a man’s voice. Natalie quickly covers by saying it was just the radio. Natalie chastises Viki for walking over to her house, but Viki explains that walking is very good exercise for her now. Viki senses things are not quite right with Natalie, and tells her if she is in trouble, maybe she can help. Natalie tells Viki she is thinking about renting out her house, since Roxy has moved in with Nigel. Viki invites her to move back to Llanfair, but Natalie declines the offer. Natalie talks about Cristian, and Viki reminds Natalie that she shouldn’t be alone forever. Natalie makes reference to waiting for “some cop” to make up his mind, and Viki’s best advice to her is to follow her heart. Viki gets up to leave, but Natalie wants to drive her home. Viki refuses, saying the walk will do her good. They exchange “I love you’s,” and Viki promises to call when she gets home. Natalie looks for Paul, but only finds a note, saying he’ll be at a motel until dawn, if she wants to meet him.

At Evangeline’s office, John identifies the dead woman as Kathryn, and tells Evangeline that any client-attorney privilege has just gone out the window, and Evangeline must come clean with anything she knows. John tells Evangeline that this case is personal, as he and Kathryn worked together at the Bureau. Evangeline says her client was a bookkeeper for the Hook Up, knew something dirty was going on, but was not a killer. Evangeline tells John about Antonio doing undercover work until it became a police matter. Evangeline suggests that maybe Kathryn was working both sides, and she had no business being in her office. She asks John if he thinks Paul could be the killer.

River tells Adriana that after his radio show, he and a few guys are going to check out a band. Adriana asks if Shannon will be there, and River admits she might be. Adriana gets upset, but River throws her Rex back at her. They argue back and forth, and River storms out. David walks in, and tells Adriana he’s not very good at “Father Knows Best,” but asks if there is anything he can do to help. Adriana tells him no, and goes upstairs.

Rex runs into Natalie, and Natalie tells him that wanting to set fire to Foxy Roxy’s was a sick idea. Rex tries to weasels out of it, by saying it was all Roxy’s idea. Natalie talks about sacrifices other people have made out of love, and mentions Antonio and Jessica, Kelly and Kevin, and Viki and Ben. Natalie then tells Rex she may not be there after tonight, but won’t give Rex any more information.

John goes to the Hook Up, and questions Sara. He shows her a picture of Kathryn, and Sara has a flash back to seeing her there with Paul, but tells John she’s never seen the woman before. John then shows a picture of Paul, but Sara also denies ever having seen him. The phone rings, and Sara answers it. It’s Paul, claiming he’s done a lot of deliveries, and should get a bonus – John grabs the phone from Sara, and hears Paul’s voice, and warns Paul that when he finds him, he’s going down. Sara takes the phone back, hangs up, and tells John he just screwed up her beer order. John tries to put a scare into Sara, telling her things will get heated up, and hopes she’s not the face staring up at him in the river. As John is leaving, Natalie comes in. John asks if she’s seen Paul, and Natalie claims the last time she saw him was when Kathryn arrested him. John warns her to call him right away if she sees him again.

Evangeline goes to the diner and calls RJ, asking him to call her right away, that she needs to see him. Adriana shows up at the diner, and asks Carlotta for her cross back. Carlotta refuses, but Adriana promises never to wear it, to only take it out to pray. Carlotta warns her that if someone sees her wearing it, and recognizes it, she would be in great danger. Carlotta reluctantly gives the cross back. Adriana says she’s going to catch the bus back home, but a cop walks in and tells her that route has been canceled due to the fire. Rex is there, overhears, and offers to drive her back home. Adriana accepts, and when she arrives home, River is there. He’s upset to see her with Rex, so Rex leaves. River accuses her of purposely losing her purse to get a ride from Rex, but Adriana explains that the bus route was canceled. They stop arguing, and kiss. River helps Adriana put the cross around her neck (after she promised she wouldn’t wear it!).

Evangeline returns to her office, and John stops by, saying they have to find her client. Evangeline hasn’t heard from him, and he didn’t show up for his appointment. John gets a call, and later tells Evangeline that her client’s body was found floating.

After Viki walks back home, she makes a call to get the schedule for the transplant support group. She then disinfects the telephone, and sits, talking to Ben. She tells Ben how frightened she is of infection, rejection, the logs and medications. Jessica walks in, thinking she’s talking to herself. Jessica looks at Viki’s logs, and is pleased to see that everything looks normal. Natalie calls Viki, and Viki apologizes for not calling when she got home. Natalie thanks her for their talk earlier, saying she knows what she has to do. Natalie tells Viki she doesn’t know where she’ll be, but not to worry. Natalie then goes to meet Paul.

David pays a visit to Carlotta, asking if she’s had any unexpected visitors with guns. He tells her that someone is looking for Dorian, and they have to protect her. Antonio walks in, so David leaves. Antonio tells Carlotta that it doesn’t do any good to keep secrets, and asks her about the bracelet. Carlotta claims her brother gave it to her after their mother died.


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