OLTL Update Monday 6/14/04

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/14/04

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At the Palace Hotel: David is on the phone, trying to get the GPS chip he placed on Dorian to work. He’s not getting very far with the person on the other end of the phone, when a man, Tomas, walks over to David, asking where he can find Dorian. David isn’t giving any information, so Tomas casually pools back his jacket to reveal a gun. David informs Tomas that over half the police force is here, trying to intimidate Tomas. David asks what he wants with Dorian, and Tomas says she was married to Santi, and might have a clue as to where the money is. David wants to know who Tomas is working for, but Tomas claims he’s just a “worker bee.” Tomas tells David that several people hold a clue as to where the money is hidden, and if all those people put their clues together, they can find the money. Tomas hints that if they all work together, they can all share in the money. David appears to buy the story, and says that Dorian went to Mendora.

Tomas leaves, and Kelly joins David, asking who that man was. David says it’s his “financial advisor.” Kelly and David grab a table, and Kelly tells David how happy she is that Todd and Kevin decided to call a truce, even if they did it for Viki’s sake. David still feels something is wrong, but Kelly says she’s just worried Kevin won’t be able to get past all the lies she’s told. David tells her that he will eventually get past it. Kelly casually mentions that she needs to stop by La Boulaie, as she thinks she may have left her wallet there. She is worried that Dorian may have inadvertently packed it when she left for Mendora. David is shocked, as he thought he was sending Tomas on a wild goose chase to Mendora. He jumps up, claiming he has to go feed the koi fish, as he promised Dorian he would, and leaves.

David desperately tries to reach Dorian, leaving her numerous messages. He finally tells her that if a man named Tomas comes looking for her, to run the other way, and to keep her gun close by.

John and Evangeline walk into the bar area from the awards ceremony, and Evangeline congratulates John for the citation. John asks a little embarrassed, saying many people helped to capture Dr. Hafer, and he doesn’t like to be singled out. Evangeline invites John to stay for a drink, and John agrees, as she has some time to kill before meeting RJ. She tells John that RJ doesn’t like cops, and John says he has already talked to Bo about RJ. Evangeline tells John RJ is on the straight-and-narrow now, but still gets a little jumpy around cops. As they enjoy their drinks, they talk about their career choices and their parents. John asks Evangeline if she’d like another. The two joke back and forth, as Evangeline claims John can only answer a question with a question, and John claims Evangeline never really “cuts lose.” Evangeline decides to be daring, and calls for a double. After she drinks it, she is feeling the effects, and John says that is not necessarily a bad thing. Evangeline claims she’s not so uptight, and asks John to come a little closer. John scoots over, thinking she’s going to whisper in his ear, but she pulls him into a kiss. A stunned John is at a loss for words. They both must leave, and John thanks Evangeline for the drink, and the “other thing.” He stops by to ask Kelly how she’s doing, and to tell her she did the right thing by calling him about Paul. Kathryn walks in, and asks them about Paul. Kelly says she hasn’t seen him, and neither has John. John pulls Kathryn aside, and wants to know why she didn’t tell him about the change in plans. John tells Kathryn he knows they were going to Puerto Rico. Kathryn hides behind her FBI “orders,” and claims John is trying to ruin her investigation. John tells Kathryn that if she is in over her head, to be honest with him, and he’ll help her, but she just leaves.

At the Diner: Natalie and Jessica are talking about the fire. Kathryn stops by, looking for Paul. Natalie is impressed that Paul was able to escape once more, and doesn’t miss an opportunity to take a jab at Kathryn. Kathryn informs Natalie that the only reason she wasn’t charged the last time she helped Paul hide was because John has a “soft spot” for her. Kathryn goes on to say that Natalie should beware, as John is not about to let anybody in. Kathryn warns both Natalie and Jessica to call her if they see Paul. After Kathryn leaves, Jessica warns Natalie to stay away from Paul. Jessica has a revelation, and asks Natalie if she likes Paul so much because he’s a “bad boy.” Natalie doesn’t answer the question.

Antonio stops in, and Jessica is very cold to him, still hurt from seeing him strip. He says he has to get back to the Community Center, but wants to come back to the diner so they can talk.

Natalie leaves to go check on Roxy, and Jessica says she’s leaving to go check on Viki. Jessica asks Natalie that if she sees Antonio, to tell him they’ll talk in the morning.

As Jessica is leaving, Antonio comes in, and forces Jessica to talk about the situation. Jessica tells Antonio she wishes he had said he had to work undercover as a stripper, and Antonio admits he didn’t handle the situation as well as he could have. Antonio goes on to say the investigation involves the Santis, which are a part of his family, and he just wanted to protect her. Jessica understands, but needs some more time to digest everything. They kiss, and Jessica softens, and even jokes that Viki saw more of Antonio than any of the women at the Hook Up did.

At the Community Center: Kathryn uses her FBI ID to get into the scene and look for Paul. Paul is dressed in fire fighting gear, and avoids being discovered. Starr and Travis get out of the fire, while Todd is still trapped.

Kathryn sees Antonio, and asks how many men he can spare to help find Paul. Antonio practically laughs at her, telling her he’s got his hands full with the fire, and two people still in the blaze.

Blair rushes in, calling Todd’s name. He’s unconscious, under a fallen-down wall. Blair finally finds him, and begs him to wake up. Finally, he regains consciousness, and Blair tries to lift the wall. With Todd’s help, she is finally able to free him. Meanwhile, outside, Travis waits with Starr, who is frantic that both her parents are still inside. Blair and Todd finally emerge from the building, and Starr rushes to hug them. She turns to Travis, and says that when her parents are together, they can accomplish anything. Starr admits to Blair and Todd how frightened she was, and Blair and Todd just hold each other, while Travis takes Starr’s hand.

At Foxy Roxy’s: Roxy is so upset about the fire, and the guilt is eating away at her. She finally calls Barry so they can get their stories straight. Barry evidently blows her off, so Roxy threatens to tell everything. Nigel walks in, overhearing the conversation. Nigel demands answers, when Rex comes in, warning Roxy not to say another word. Rex tries to be cute, and tells Nigel that the guy he saw Roxy with was with the CIA, but Roxy tells Rex to stop, that she has to tell Nigel the truth. Natalie walks in, and hears that Roxy hired an arsonist to burn down Foxy Roxy’s for the insurance money, because Rex is in some serious debt. Natalie is furious, and leaves, as Bo comes in with some questions. Roxy leaves the room, saying she has to “hurl.”

At Jessica and Antonio’s Loft: Jessica and Antonio have kissed and made up, and Jessica looks for and finds Antonio’s g-string, and asks for her own private show, but Antonio refuses.

At Natalie’s House: Paul sneaks in through a window. He makes a call, claiming he has to get to Puerto Rico, and hopes he has a traveling companion. He waits in the dark for Natalie, and when she arrives home, she is shocked to see him there. Natalie informs him that Kathryn is looking for him, and Paul is going to get them both in trouble, and if they both land in jail, it won’t be good for either one of them. Paul tells Natalie he needs to get away and start a new life, but he wants to do it with Natalie.

At Llanview Police Station: Bo informs John that the fire most likely was arson. Bo leaves, and John gets a phone call. Evangeline is calling, asking John to get over to her office as quickly as possible, because there is a dead woman on her floor.


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