OLTL Update Friday 6/11/04

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/11/04

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At Foxy Roxy's, Roxy looks forward to burning down the place; she toasts Cristian's painting of her and remarks that it's a good thing that he's dead so he won't see it burn.  Rex comes in and says he has second thoughts about the fire.  Roxy doesnít understand because she says she needs the insurance money. Rex says itís too dangerous.  Roxy reminds him that he could lose Ultra Violet if he doesnít get the money and he will never open the restaurant, and RJ will foreclose.  He asks where Barry is.  Roxy tells him that Barry hides the stuff (gas cans) down the street, the community center.  Rex thinks itís a bad idea because he says that there is going to be a dance there tonight.  Rex is still nervous about the fire.  He doesnít want to caught.  He tells Roxy what can happen if they caught for arson: 20 years in Statesville.  Roxy is shocked.  Barry says that he hid the gas cans in the storage space in the community center. Rex says that there is a dance going on there with teenagers.  Rex tells Barry to get the stuff out of there.  Barry, Roxy and Rex argue about the arson.  Barry agrees to call off the arson.  When Barry opens the door to leave and looks across the street, he sees that the community center is on fire.  He tells Roxy and Rex.  They come and look.  Roxy and Barry run to look and see whatís going on, while Rex calls 9-1-1.

At the diner, Blair brushes Starrís hair because this is Starrís first dance.  Starr is nervous about going to the dance with Travis.  Outside, Travis happens to bump into Todd.  Todd gives Travis a talking to, like a father talks.  He tells Travis not to smoke, not to drink and no slow dancing.  Todd tells Travis to make sure to tell Starr she looks great and that they never had the conversation.  Blair is so proud of Starr.  When Travis comes in and gives her a flower he says he got from Angel Square,  Blair insists that she get a picture of the two, but Starr says that they are going to be late.  Blair, being the mother, insists that because that it is her first dance that she has to have a picture.  They take the picture and then go ahead while Blair leaves money for their food.  Blair catches up with them and tries to instruct them about how to behave.  She wants to walk them to the door, but Starr says they don't need a chaperone.  Blair is left behind to watch and worry; Todd is in the background.

At the community center, Starr and Travis sit on chairs nervously, listening to the music.  Travis awkwardly asks Starr for their first dance.  Even though Todd warned Travis not to dance any slow dances, he and Starr dance a slow dance.  Only their hands touch and he looks down at his feet nervously.  Meanwhile outside in Angel Square, Todd and Blair are talking.  Blair thought that Todd had some work to do at the Banner-Sun. Todd was on his way.  Nervously, Blair says she should check on Craze.  Then, they talk about Starr and her going to her first dance, and how they made one beautiful girl.  Blair remembers how she used to envision her first dance and how she had a perfect dress, her hair dolled up just right, and the best-looking guy would ask her to dance.  When Blair wants to leave, Todd suddenly extends his hand and asks her to dance.  In the community center, Travis accidentally steps on Starr's feet.  In the storage room, someone smokes a cigarette and then throws it where the gas can and oily rags are, lighting the storage room on fire.  Blair doesnít think itís a good idea to dance with him, but she smiles and dances with him.  Todd and Blair end up kissing; Blair says that they shouldnít be doing this.  At the dance, Travis starts to kiss Starr, but she is nervous about it.  She agrees she wants to kiss him.  They start to kiss but then someone starts yelling  ĒfireĒ and people start running out. Todd and Blair are still kissing when they realize that the community center is on fire.  Bo has arrived on the scene and tries to calm Todd and Blair.  Todd says that Starr is in the community center; Blair screams for Starr.  Todd wants to go in after Starr, but Bo says that if he does that he might have to go in after Todd.  Natalie and Jessica come to see what is happening at the community center.  Just at the same time, Roxy and Rex are there, too.  They look at each other and know that they are the ones responsible.  After Bo says to Todd not to go in after Starr, he still does and Bo screams to an officer to stop him.

At The Hookup, Jessica sees Antonio.  She starts to leave, upset, but he gets off the stage and runs after her, yelling at her to stop, that he can explain.  His boss Sara is behind him and wants to know what explanation he means.  Antonio pretends to get upset with Jessica and tells her that his job keeps him out late at night.   He says that he doesnít want her coming around his work and to wait for him at home.  He says they will talk later.   Sara is annoyed that he got off the stage; she tells him that it shouldnít happen again.  Sara says to Antonio to keep his personal life out.  She is surprised that Paul shows up here.  She says that her bookkeeper lawyered up. Paul says he needs help, leverage for the cops.  He says he needs a name, something that the cops donít know to save his life.   Sara says that they are looking for Tico.  Sara spots Katheryn lurking nearby and wonders who she is, but Paul says he doesnít recognize her.  He says that he will stay in touch with her, but she doesnít want him to.  When Antonio asks how she knows Paul, Sara tells Antonio to mind his business and to do his job.  Sara has an angry conversation with someone on the phone while Antonio listens surreptitiously.  She tells someone that she said she'd take care of "them".

At the diner, Natalie and Jessica order coffee and talk about the undercover assignment that Antonio is involved with.  Natalie thinks itís funny, but obviously Jessica does not.    Natalie says she thought that undercover meant sitting in your car and drinking coffee, but Jessica tells her that's a stake-out.  Jessica's still upset and canít believe he is a stripper.  He could be anything else, like a bouncer or a bartender.   Jessica wonders why he didn't tell her about it.

At Johnís office, Bo asks about Kathryn and Paul.  John tells Bo that the conversation he saw between Kathryn and Paul makes him think that Paul may be telling the truth and that she may not be.  Changing the subject, Bo asks if John is going to the award ceremonies.  He is not interested, but Bo has to because he is the commissioner.   Bo bought a table for their group.  John just happens to ask if Nora is going.  Bo tells John that Nora is going with Daniel Daniel.  Bo says that he was with her in the diner and that Daniel had asked her in the diner in front of Bo, and she said no, but Matthew said that Nora is going with Daniel.  Nora never mentioned it to him.  Bo tells John that Nora and he are hands off as far as who dates who and when.  Bo canít admit that he is still protective of Nora.  John points it out to Bo.  Bo explains that whatever he and Nora had is no longer there.  John observes that Bo seemed irked that Daniel asked Nora out in front of Bo.  He tells Bo that Nora seemed interested in whether Bo was dating his mother before she left town.

John is looking at a picture of Kathryn in her file when she happens to walk in to his office and announce that she is going to talk a leave of absence after she drops off Paul in San Diego.  Outside Johnís office, Paul receives a call from Kelly and says that he will get immunity from the FBI.  Kelly is asking if he has seen his wallet, and he lies saying, that he hasnít, when he has it in his hand.  He says that he forgives her for handing him over to the police and that he loves her.

Daniel arrives at Nora's place in a tuxedo.  She answers the door in her sweats and a mud mask on.  He wonders if he is early for his date for the awards dinner.  Nora reminds him that she said no when they were at the diner because she was working on the Pruitt case.  Daniel says that Nora had called his secretary, changed her mind and said that she was going.  She denies making the call.  Daniel wonders who did it.  Nora apologizes for the mix up but compliments him on his tux.  Matthew comes downstairs and tries to convince his mom to go with Daniel to the awards dinner.  Matthew says he can go over to his friends Stevieís place, so Nora doesnít have to find a baby-sitter.  Nora asks Daniel if he rented or owns the tux.  Daniel, with a coy smile, says that if he said that if he rented it, would Nora go out with him?  Nora changes her mind and says she will go.  She goes upstairs to change and asks Matthew to call Stevie. Matthew lets slip to Daniel that Bo will be jealous when he sees them together.  Nora comes downstairs all dressed up, and Daniel is impressed.  They get talking and Daniel starts looking through the files of the Pruitt case, so they get involved with that.  He asks her if she really wants to go, when they could accomplish a lot of things there.  Daniel jokes he is addicted to his work, and so Nora says they should just order pizza.  Daniel checks the case to see how many motions they filed.  Matthew goes outside and calls Bo.  He tells Bo that the babysitter is dead. They work some more.  Daniel, with this jacket and tie off, gives Nora a compliment, and Nora gives Daniel a compliment.  He says that he likes her very much, and then he kisses her.  Matthew is disgusted by it.  As they are kissing, Bo barges in.  He is embarrassed and says that the baby sitter must not not dead.  When Nora finds out about this, she is mad.  She gets Matthew from upstairs and sits him down on the sofa.  Bo is called away because of the fire.  Nora asks Matthew why he got Bo over there.  Matthew tells Nora that he wanted Bo to see Nora and Daniel together so Bo would get jealous and want to get back together again with Nora.  Nora found that it was Matthew that called Danielís secretary and changed Noraís mind for her.  She apologizes for all the misunderstandings, but Daniel says he enjoyed the kiss.


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