OLTL Update Thursday 6/10/04

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/10/04

By Linda
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At Angel Square, Travis, Starr and Blair are having fun roller blading when Blair is unstable and accidentally bumps into Todd and has her hands around him.  After having some fun, Starr, Travis, Blair and Todd only have fifteen minutes more to go around the square. Now, that roller blading is over, Todd and Blair are talking how Blair doesn’t exist anymore now that Travis is in Starr’s life.  But, Todd mentions that he made a truce with Kevin.  Blair, Starr and Travis decide to go into the café.  Starr and Travis find, on the bulletin board, a party at the community center.  They try to convince Blair that nothing will happen to them at the community center.  She agrees to pick Travis up at 9:30 pm and drive him back to camp.  So, she tells him to go call the camp counselor.  Then, Natalie and Jessica come into Angel Square and talk about Antonio.  Jessica is worried and wishes that Antonio would tell her where her is or what he is doing, but Natalie says that he is just working a case, plain and simple.  Natalie convinces Jessica that Antonio is a big boy and that he can take care of himself, but if he has secrets that Jessica should have secrets of her own like just because Antonio tells her not to go to “The Hook Up” to go to “The Hook Up” and not tell him. Still at Angel Square, Natalie convinces Jessica to go to “The Hook Up”, but Marcie shows up and strongly convinces them not to go.  She insists that Michael has invited everyone to go to Jen’s house for backgammon.  Michael comes around the corner, nervously, Marcie takes Michael hand and they go off to track Jessica and Natalie who have already left to go to “The Hook Up.”

 In the meantime, at the café, Marcie talks to Michael about her book “The Killing Club” and how it is officially done.  Michael is excited to know where it is and wants to read it.  She refuses and he puts the guilt trip on by saying that if Marcie is keeping things from him then how can they build a relationship together.  Marcie quickly jumps on that subject to Jessica and Antonio and tells Michael that Antonio has a “different job” as a stripper.  Michael doesn’t believe her, but Marcie doesn’t know whether to tell Jessica or not.

 At the station, Antonio tells Kathryn, with John present in his office, that Adrianna hasn’t been in contact with anyone in the Santi family, including her father, which she didn’t know was killed.  Kathryn grills Antonio about why Carlotta went to Puerto Rico for Manuel’s funeral unless she is closer to Manuel than she is leading others to believe.  Then, Kathryn patronizes Antonio by saying that because Antonio is her son of course he’s going to protect her anyway he can.  He strongly tells Kathryn no one tells his mother that she is a liar.  Now, that Kathryn is out of the office, John and Antonio are talking.  John informs Antonio that he is working undercover for the department and to find out everything he can about Fernandez and how it ties into the Santi family.  John asks about the bookkeeper and Antonio says that he’s into money laundering and because he has family, he stopped talking.  John instructs Antonio to find out what is going in and out of “The Hook Up” besides the booze.  Antonio is worried and says that he hopes it is soon because he saw Jessica there with a couple of her friends and he doesn’t want his cover blown.

 After leaving Foxy Roxy, Paul comes into police station and sees John and wants to talk to him in private without his bodyguard.  Paul compliments on judge of character and asks how long has he worked with Agent Fitzgerald.  John says that he has worked with her for a few years and wants to know if he can trust her, since he is putting his life on the line.  When Kathryn comes back in, she looks suspicious.  Paul is worried about this whole thing, but John reassures him that a long as he does what he is told, he should have no problem.  Kathryn says that they should talk before they go off to Puerto Rico.  So, Kathryn and Paul go to Angel Square to talk.  She tells him what to do, like, Paul is suppose to go to see Sara, the owner and manager of “The Hook Up” to get the scoop on the Santi family.  Paul says he doesn’t know if he can do it because every time he goes there he gets shot at.  She says that he knows how to dodge bullets.  All this time, John is looking on.

 At Foxy Roxy’s,  Roxy is fixing  Natalie’s hair  and Jessica is there, too, when she just happens to look up and finds Paul at the door.  Roxy screams because she thinks she has seen a ghost.  Natalie smiles and assures Roxy that she hadn’t seen a ghost.  Paul says, with a smile, that a lot of people thought that he was dead, but then Roxy says that how come she wasn’t informed about this.  Natalie thought that Paul was in FBI custody.  Paul and his bodyguard came to say goodbye and that he’s leaving town.  Natalie is worried about the charges against him, so Paul asks the bodyguard if he can have a minute with Natalie.   While Natalie and Paul are talking, Roxy tells Jessica how sexy danger can be.  Then, Jessica asks in a coy way how dangerous Nigel can be.  Roxy evades the question.  Anyway, Natalie  ha a conversation with Paul and asks him if he’s going to San Diego and all of a sudden he has a flash back to a conversation that he has with him and Kathryn, where she is talking about taking him to Puerto Rico to recover the stash.  Natalie is still asking him if he’s still going to testify against the people that tried to kill him and  Paul says that the FBI are going to keep an eye on him.  She asks him what he is going to do when this all over and he says that he is coming back to get Natalie and he wants to take off with her.  She honestly tells him that he won’t live long enough for them to go anywhere.  In the meantime, Jessica asks Roxy if she has ever been to “The Hook Up”.  Roxy says she has been there a few times.  Jessica says that she went there with Jen and Marcie, but didn’t stay for the show.  When she told Antonio about going to “The Hook Up”, Roxy should of seen the expression on Antonio’s face.  All Antonio could say was that the area was a dangerous area.  Back to Natalie and Paul’s conversation, Natalie irritated with Paul reminds him that he almost got both of them killed and that she almost went to prison for killing him.  He asks if he still has a chance with her after he gets out of the FBI.  Before she could respond, his bodyguard said that his time was up.  He wanted her to think about it and says goodbye to her.  He gives her a kiss and tells Roxy and Jessica goodbye.   When Natalie comes back to where Roxy and Jessica are, Natalie notices that there are cans of gas on the floor and asks if they are filled with gas.  Roxy, being nervous, says that she is stocking up.  Jessica says that it is dangerous and Natalie tells her that Foxy Roxy is Roxy’s dream and that she doesn’t want to see Roxy’s dream go up in flames.  All of a sudden, Asa comes in and proposes marriage to Roxy.  Nigel comes in and asks what is going on.  Nigel explains that Asa has been married three times.  Now that Roxy is all alone, she gets nervous about the cans of gasoline, she calls Barry to come and pick up the cans of gasoline tonight.

Evangeline is at Asa’s house talking to Asa about the case against him that’s going to trial.  Evangeline wants to review the statement that he gave to the police about Asa threatening to shoot him twice, once at the house and, then, at Buchanan Enterprises.  Asa strongly says that he denies every saying that because he hasn’t used a gun in years.  If Evangeline needed proof, she could go and talk to his son.  Evangeline said that she talked to the commission, Bo, already.  But, Asa, in his confusion, said that Clint was upstairs and that he could confirm Asa’s story.  Evangeline confused says that Clint is already in London and asks Asa if he’s ok.  Asa denies that anything is wrong with him.  Then, Renee comes and tells Asa that earlier Nigel came in and dropped a copy off of the ownership agreement.  In Asa sarcasm, he asks Renee if it’s another divorce decree and she says she just doesn’t have the time today.  She tells him that Nigel signed over half of the hotel and that Asa knew about it, that is he is suppose to know about it, but he is confused and doesn’t know.  He rips the contract and asks Renee why he gave Nigel the money, again.  Renee says it is because of Roxy.  Asa says that Nigel will never be able to tame her and in his craziness he says that he will marry her.  So, he says to Renee that he will find her and propose to her.

At the Hook Up, Antonio, shows up early for his shift takes a beer and walks over to his friend, Carlos, to talk with him.  He cautions Antonio that if he asks too many questions that the boss may fire him.  When Jessica and Natalie get to “The Hook Up”, Michael is already there looking for them and Marcie is there looking for Antonio to warn him about Jessica and Natalie.  In her efforts to find Antonio, she gets caught up with one of the hookers.  Antonio is dancing at “The Hook Up”, when Jessica comes in and spots him.  Natalie, all this time is smiling from ear to ear.  All the women are putting money into his g-string and howling at him as he is taking his clothes off.  Jessica is disgusted with this and says she is going to leave, but Antonio and Jessica make eye contact.

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