OLTL Update Wednesday 6/9/04

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/9/04

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At the diner, Rex finds Adriana’s purse. As Rex is going through the purse, Shannon catches him, and when she learns it belongs to Adriana, she cannot resist taking a peek, herself. Shannon also shows off her new ID, telling Rex that now she can go to Ultra Violet. Rex says he isn’t falling for the ID, but perhaps the “new” owner will. They both leave to go meet Adriana at Angel Square. Adriana and River show up, and Rex gives her the purse. Shannon spots a street performer, and wants to go check it out. Adriana says no, as she is always selected to participate and finds it so embarrassing, but encourages River to go with Shannon. Alone, Rex tells Adriana how beautiful she is, and they joke about the “large reward” for returning her purse. Rex flirts a little bit with Adriana, then Shannon and River return. Adriana and River leave, and Shannon comments on Adriana being such a young virgin. Rex reminds her that if Adriana is out of the way, that would leave River wide open.

At La Boulaie, Adriana and River are going for a swim. As they kiss, David and Dorian interrupt them. Dorian tells Adriana she has some bad news, and wants to share it with her privately. River tells Dorian that anything she has to say, she can say it in front of both of them, and Adriana agrees. Dorian launches into a long explanation of investing funds, and tells Adriana that the majority of her $30 million is gone due to Aunt Bessie’s poor investing. Adriana seems not to care at all about the money, but River asks if this means that Adriana is no longer Dorian’s daughter. A very offended Dorian explains that Adriana is, and always will be, her daughter. River laughs at the fact that Dorian and David did so much “kissing up” to Aunt Bessie, and now it appears to have been for nothing. Adriana gets a call, and it is Rex, asking to meet her to return her purse. She and River leave for Angel Square. Alone, David jokingly calls Dorian the “Wise Widow Santi,” and the two agree that they are unable to keep secrets from each other, and vow to always be 100% honest. David suggests they both hold off on spending any more money, and put the plans to continue renovations of La Boulaie on hold. Dorian asks if that means their wedding is also on hold. David dodges the question, and suggests she put her “spa” vacation on hold, as well. David asks her if she is really going to a spa, or going to look for Santi’s $100 million. Kelly interrupts them, needing to talk to Dorian privately.

Jessica brings Viki home, and she is worried about Viki’s health. Jessica thinks it is too soon to be returning home, but Viki reassures her she’s more than ready to be home. Viki sees a picture of Ben, and is so happy that she can still “feel her feelings.” As she looks at Ben’s picture, she says “their” heart is breaking. Jessica leaves the room, and returns to find Viki on the phone, asking for some work to be messengered over to her. Jessica isn’t happy about it, but Viki explains that she will not overdo it, and wants to keep her mind active. Viki even shows off her new medical alert bracelet, and assures Jessica she has all the emergency numbers close at hand. She then tells Jessica that some counseling might be in order for both her and Natalie to help deal with the changes Viki is facing. Jessica finally agrees to seek some help. Viki also tells Jessica that she and Natalie must get on with their own lives. Renee stops by with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. As Renee spots the picture of Ben, she and Viki spend a few minutes reminiscing, and agree that soon they will need to plan a memorial service.

At the mansion, Kelly and Kevin argue about Todd, and Kevin still doesn’t believe her story. As Kelly tries to explain one more time, Todd barges in and tells Kevin to ask HIM what happened. Kevin whips out Todd’s letter, and asks Kelly to explain it. Todd interrupts, saying the letter was addressed to Kelly. Kelly tells Todd she told Kevin everything about the night Paul disappeared. Todd tells Kevin he wants to settle this feud once and for all. Kevin sends Kelly away, and Kelly goes to talk to Dorian about her problems. She tells Dorian that some secrets simply cannot get out, but she refuses to tell Dorian what those secrets are. Dorian wants to help, but can’t if Kelly won’t reveal everything to her. Dorian jokes that she could potentially be celebrating two divorces – Kevin and Kelly, and Blair and Todd.

After Kelly leaves, Todd tells Kevin that Kelly gave him the greatest gift by not involving him in making Paul’s body disappear. He asks that they move on, for the sake of Kelly, Blair, and most of all, for Viki. The doorbell rings, and it is Margaret. She spots Todd in the background, and says hi to “Mr. Manning.” Todd says, “hi Betty.” Margaret drops off some files and leaves. They resume their conversation, and Todd points out that Kevin has it all – mansion, money, Kelly, and a new baby. Kevin finally relents, and he and Todd shake hands. As Todd is leaving, Margaret is waiting outside for him. She says it was wise of Todd to call her by the wrong name. Clearly, this woman is crazy about Todd, and asks why he hasn’t called lately. Todd blows her off, and she tells him she can’t forget about him.

Kelly decides to take a dip in Dorian’s pool, as David claims to be working on an article for “Craze.” He shows Kelly a tiny chip, a GPS tracking device. Kelly comments the device would have worked wonders if it had been placed on Starr before she was kidnapped, and only half jokes about putting one on Ace. While Kelly goes to change into her swimsuit, David puts the chip on an ankle bracelet. When Dorian returns home to finish packing, David presents her with the ankle bracelet. Dorian is touched, and vows not to take it off.

Dorian pays Viki a visit, and is so grateful Viki is doing so well. She assures Viki there is nothing wrong with going to the hospital if she feels there is the slightest chance her recovery is not going as expected. They chat for a few minutes about Kelly and Kevin, as Viki knows something is not right with them, but isn’t sure what is going on. Dorian admits their problems involve Paul, and regrets that Paul is a part of her family. Kevin stops by with Ace, and Dorian immediately takes him, cooing and playing with him, while Kevin and Viki have a private talk. Outside the room, Dorian makes a call, ensuring that Adriana’s inheritance has been moved to the Cayman Islands, and leaves strict instructions that no one, except Dorian, is to touch the money. Dorian returns with Ace, announces she is leaving for a “Spa Vacation.” Kevin tells Viki that he and Todd have reached a truce, and Viki is thrilled. Kevin is interrupted by a phone call from Margaret, who needs to see him right away. They agree to meet back at the mansion.

Margaret is sobbing, admitting she has been giving Todd information, including Kelly taking funds from B.E., and some other documents. Kevin assures her he is not going to fire her, and asks that if Todd contacts her again, she should not let Todd know that Kevin is on to them, and she is to contact Kevin immediately. Margaret leaves, and Kevin goes a little ballistic, throwing some papers around. He declares war on Todd.

Kelly and Todd meet at the diner, and Todd explained that he and Kevin reached a truce. He also assured her that if Paul hasn’t yet mentioned Ace, he won’t, and he’ll be needing Kelly’s help – probably money. Kelly tells Todd she’ll never forget all he’s done for her, but Todd simply says to put the past in the past, and get on with their lives.

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